Chapter 1305 - So It’s A Genius

MGA: Chapter 1305 - So It’s A Genius

There were a total of fourteen people. Each and every one of them were tall and strong in appearance and harbored malicious intentions.

They moved slowly toward Chu Feng. Their powerful auras had already engulfed him.

At this moment, the people who were near Chu Feng were endlessly terrified. One by one, they began to move aside, hiding at a distance a hundred meters away. None of them wished to be implicated along with Chu Feng.

However, there were also many courageous people who moved forward to watch the the beating of trash at a close distance.

At this moment, the vast palace hall where the three lower tier bamboo forests were recruiting their disciples was bustling with noise and excitement. People were rushing all around. Only Chu Feng stood where he was with a light smile on his face.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, quickly leave with me,” Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, that Li Xiang hurriedly pulled Chu Feng and tried to bring him away. He was trying to help Chu Feng.

However, right at this moment, that elder from the Copper Bamboo Forest suddenly slammed his palm onto the table before him and angrily shouted, “Trash from the Discarded Bamboo Forest, what are you doing? He has yet to officially join your Discarded Bamboo Forest as a disciple, how can you possibly be trying to bring him into the Discarded Bamboo Forest? Do you not understand the rules?”

When he heard those words, Li Xiang’s body shivered. When facing an elder of the Copper Bamboo Forest, how could he possibly dare to rebel? Thus, he could only move back to the side in silence.

“Senior brother Li Xiang, I thank you for your kind intentions. However, if I do not teach this bunch of trash with no eyes a lesson, they would not look at you properly,” Chu Feng smiled lightly and then began to walk toward those fourteen men.

Chu Feng firmly believed in one phrase. That was, that one must endure when one did not wish to cause trouble. However, when at the end of one’s patience, there would be no need for one to endure any longer.

Chu Feng dared to attack even people with status, power and background when he needed, so how could he possibly not dare to beat up this bunch of trash?

“Beat him up!”

After Chu Feng approached them, that group of trash began to swarm around Chu Feng, raising their fists and legs. Using their most simple method, they began to attack Chu Feng with their physical bodies.


However, Chu Feng merely snorted in disdain. After that, his body shifted, and he began to move like the wind and counterattack at a lightning speed.

“Pow, pow, pow.”

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast and his attacks were very ruthless and fierce. At the same time he dodged the incoming attacks, his own fists and legs struck the people who had surrounded him to attack. His attacks were so ruthless that each and every strike from him would draw blood from his attackers.


Chu Feng’s speed was truly too quick. By the time the crowd managed to react, all of his attackers were lying down, rolling and wailing on the ground, either covering their heads or their faces as their blood flowed on the ground. Their appearances were truly miserable.

Chu Feng had finished the fight in merely a split second. Not only did he defeat three rank five Martial Lords, two rank six Martial Lords, five rank seven Martial Lords, and three rank eight Martial Lords, he even defeated a rank nine Martial Lord.

Yet, Chu Feng had still only revealed the strength of a rank eight Martial Lord.

However, even though this was the case, his opponents still ended up, regardless of what sort of cultivation they possessed, in the same miserable state of being defeated by a single strike.

However, no one knew that this was still when Chu Feng was being lenient. Else, these people would not only be bloodied, they would already have their bodies shattered and their lives lost in Chu Feng’s hands.

This scene had come too suddenly. As the crowd looked to the people rolling and screaming on the ground, not a single one of them were not stunned. In their eyes were expressions of disbelief.

“Who else wishes to experience this strength of mine? You can come over and give it a try,” Right at this moment, Chu Feng slowly spoke those words. Although his tone was very calm, it was also extremely domineering.

“This…” At this moment, how could there still be anyone daring enough to challenge Chu Feng? Especially for the disciples, their appearances were as if they had seen the king of hell, and they all moved far far away from Chu Feng.

It was only at this moment did they realize what it meant by ‘you can’t judge a person by appearances, just as you can’t measure the sea with a pint pot.’ Chu Feng’s strength had truly surpassed their imagination.

“Clap… clap… clap…”

Suddenly, applause was suddenly heard. It was actually an elder from the Iron Bamboo Forest. He was walking toward Chu Feng with a face filled with smiles. Furthermore, he was also the one clapping.

“Little friend, your name is Chu Feng? You are truly talented. With your talent, you are totally capable of joining our Iron Bamboo Forest. Furthermore, there would be no need for any examination,” That Iron Bamboo Forest’s elder spoke shamelessly. He had completely forgotten about how he had mockingly laughed at Chu Feng earlier.

“That’s right, little friend, I can guarantee you that, with your talent, if you are to join our Iron Bamboo Forest, you will definitely be able to obtain grand achievements,” Immediately afterward, the other elders from the Iron Bamboo Forest also flocked over to Chu Feng with smiles on their faces.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you were able to defeat a rank nine Martial Lord with the cultivation of a rank eight Martial Lord, that means you possess heaven-defying battle power. As little friend Chu Feng possesses heaven-defying battle power, it also means that you are a genius.”

“If a genius like him were to join your Iron Bamboo Forest, it would truly be a waste of a genius,” Right at this moment, the elders from the Copper Bamboo Forest also walked over to Chu Feng.

Upon closer inspection, the elder that spoke was the same elder who had directed those disciples to beat up Chu Feng earlier.

However, the attitude that this elder was displaying toward Chu Feng right now was completely different from before. Right now, his eyes were sparkling with light. His gaze as he looked to Chu Feng was simply not a gaze of looking at a person, instead, it was a gaze of seeing a treasure.

At that moment, he arrived before Chu Feng. With a good-natured appearance and a smile on his face, he said, “Little friend Chu Feng, I sincerely invite you to join our Copper Bamboo Forest. I can guarantee you that as long as you join our Copper Bamboo Forest, your nurture will definitely be emphasized and you will be able to obtain authority that other disciples would not.”

Seeing that the elders from the Copper Bamboo Forest were actually trying to snatch Chu Feng from them, an elder from the Iron Bamboo Forest angrily shouted, “Hey! You people from the Copper Bamboo Forest, don’t you act too excessive. You should know that it is our Iron Bamboo Forest that invited little friend Chu Feng first.”

“This is a fair competition. If you all think that you have the ability to make little friend Chu Feng join your Iron Bamboo Forest, it is totally possible for you all to try to make him join your Iron Bamboo Forest. However, I fear that you all do not have that ability,” Not only did the elders from the Copper Bamboo Forest refuse to concede in the slightest, they even started to mock the Iron Bamboo Forest.

“You…” When they heard those words, the elders from the Iron Bamboo Forest were greatly enraged. However, there was nothing that they could say.

Although the Copper Bamboo Forest, Iron Bamboo Forest and Discarded Bamboo Forest were all of the three lower tier bamboo forests, there was a clear-cut difference in strength between them. It was evident that the Discarded Bamboo Forest was the weakest. As for the Iron Bamboo Forest, it was the second weakest. When compared with the Copper Bamboo Forest, they were indeed much more inferior.

However, even though this was the case, they refused to give up. Instead, they began to continue to add more benefits to their proposal, trying their hardest to invite Chu Feng to join their Iron Bamboo Forest.

Although Chu Feng’s fake cultivation could not be considered to be much, he was able to defeat a rank nine Martial Lord with the cultivation of a rank eight Martial Lord. That meant that he was a genius. Thus, how could their Iron Bamboo Forest possibly let a disciple like that slip away from their hands? If they were to be able to recruit Chu Feng, it would definitely be a great service to their Iron Bamboo Forest.

After they experienced Chu Feng’s talent, the elders from the Iron Bamboo Forest and the Copper Bamboo Forest had a one hundred and eighty degree change in attitude toward Chu Feng. From absolute contempt, they had now became completely enamoured with him. For the sake of Chu Feng, they even began to fight amongst each other.

“Heavens, never would I have imagined that that guy would actually be a genius. Why would a genius like him come here?”

When even the elders were acting this way, the disciples present were all extremely reverent of Chu Feng. After all, to people like themselves, geniuses were existences that they could only watch from afar.

Yet, at the same time, they did not understand why a genius like Chu Feng, someone who was completely capable of joining the three upper tier bamboo forests, would come to the recruitment place for the three lower tier bamboo forests.

“Sigh, sure enough, it would seem that our Discarded Bamboo Forest is not fated to obtain a good sapling like him.”

At the moment when Chu Feng became the crowd’s hot cake, Li Xiang from the Discarded Bamboo Forest shook his head helplessly. At the same time, he turned his body around and prepared to leave.

Seeing the elders from the Copper Bamboo Forest and the Iron Bamboo Forest fighting over Chu Feng, Li Xiang knew that there was no hope for their Discarded Bamboo Forest to recruit a disciple like Chu Feng.

“Senior brother Li Xiang, are we to return to the Discarded Bamboo Forest now?”

However, right at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared beside Li Xiang.

Upon closer inspection, it was actually Chu Feng.