Chapter 1300 - Elder Miao, Grandpa Miao

MGA: Chapter 1300 - Elder Miao, Grandpa Miao

After the energy ripples gradually disappeared, the appearance of that old man gradually appeared before Chu Feng.

It was an old man with hair like snow-white crane-feathers and a rosy, child-like complexion.[1.] He had a cold expression on his face and emitted a very powerful aura. He was a Half Martial Emperor. However, even Chu Feng was unable to tell what level Half Martial Emperor he was. His cultivation was truly unfathomable.

Furthermore, he was a world spiritist, as he wore a world spiritist royal cloak. However, this was not the important point. The important point was the title plate hanging on his waist.

That was a title plate of the World Spiritist Alliance. However, it was completely different from the title plate that Sima Ying and Dai Shu possessed. His title plate was the same as the title plate that Sima Huolie had possessed. It was not an ordinary disciple’s title plate, it was the management world spiritist's title plate.

“It would seem that the situation is truly bad this time.”

At this moment, even Chu Feng started to frown in fright.

After violently beating up a disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance in their territory, he ended up encountering a World Spiritist Alliance’s management world spiritist. No matter how one looked at it, this would not be good news.


Suddenly, the old man waved his sleeve. In an instant, a gale sprung up everywhere and swept through the sky. The energy ripples that filled the sky were instantly blown away by the violent gale.

“What are the two of you doing?” The old man coldly looked to Chu Feng and Dai Shu and asked with a cold tone.

“Elder Miao, save me, save me!” When he saw that old man, Dai Shu stopped healing himself and hurriedly ran over to that old man, kneeled on the ground and started pleading for help with an expression filled with grievance.

“Dai Shu, what happened to you?” Elder Miao asked Dai Shu.

“He did this, he did all of this.”

“His name is Chu Feng, he’s a friend that junior sister Sima came to know in the Cyanwood Domain. He was brought here by junior sister Sima.”

“Originally, junior sister Sima wanted this Chu Feng to stay here and wait for her. However, he insisted on leaving. We tried to urge him to stay but he refused.”

“As the saying goes, those who have come are guests. Thus, since he insisted on leaving, I decided to be courteous toward our guest and went to send him off. However, never did I imagine that on the way when I was sending him off, he suddenly erupted with killing intent and wanted to kill me because of my good relationship with junior sister Sima.”

“I was caught off guard and received a sneak attack from him. This greatly lowered my battle power and caused me to be unable to contend against him.”

“Fortunately, Elder Miao has arrived at the perfect time. Else, this disciple would’ve lost his life to that Chu Feng,” Dai Shu explained with an expression of grievance.

After hearing what Dai Shu said, Chu Feng was speechless. This Dai Shu was truly shameless. It would be one thing to invert right and wrong, but this Dai Shu actually placed all of his shameless behaviors on Chu Feng. He was simply as shameless as one could be.

“Dai Shu, is what you say the truth?” Elder Miao looked to Dai Shu and asked to confirm.

“Not a single lie. Elder Miao, please help this disciple obtain justice,” Dai Shu kneeled to Elder Miao.

“Mn, you can get up, the people of our World Spiritist Alliance are not people who anyone can touch as they wish,” Elder Miao looked to Chu Feng and said with a cold tone.

“Thank you Elder Miao.” After that, Dai Shu got up from kneeling and began to look to Chu Feng with a cold smile on his face. He wanted to see with his own eyes how Elder Miao will punish Chu Feng.

“Pow.” However, Elder Miao suddenly waved his sleeve and a loud and clear slap landed on Dai Shu’s face.

That slap was so powerful that it knocked Dai Shu flying. Only after rotating over a dozen times did Dai Shu manage to steady himself, he nearly even fell to the ground.

The slap was truly ruthless. It directly deformed one side of Dai Shu’s face. The enormous palm print was not only emerging on Dai Shu’s face, it had even penetrated his bones.

“Elder Miao, why…” At this moment, Dai Shu was stupefied. He held his face that was bleeding non-stop and stood there with a stunned expression.

“If everything is as you’ve said, then Chu Feng naturally should be punished. However, if there are lies within your words, then the person that should be punished is you,” Elder Miao looked to Dai Shu and coldly said.

“Elder Miao, what are you saying? This disciple doesn’t understand what you mean by that, this disciple has truly never lied to you,” Dai Shu explained with an expression of being wronged.

“Humph, you dare continue lying?” Elder Miao coldly snorted. After that, with a wave of his sleeve, the space beside him began to faintly tremble. There was actually a concealing formation in that location.

However, that concealing formation was disappearing. As the concealing formation disappeared, a beautiful woman appeared. It was Sima Ying.

“Junior sister Sima?” When he saw Sima Ying, Dai Shu was extremely surprised and fright filled his eyes. As for Chu Feng, his tensed state of mind was lifted.

Since this matter was related to Sima Ying, it was most likely that this Elder Miao had not come for him. Instead, he must’ve come for Dai Shu instead.

Sure enough, after Sima Ying appeared, she extended her hands and began to slap Dai Shu’s face nonstop. “Pow, pow, pow,” one resounding slap after another.

After the fierce slaps, she began to punch and kick Dai Shu. Dai Shu, who had recovered a lot after healing himself, was once again beaten with cuts and bruises all over by Sima Ying. His appearance was even more miserable than the time when Chu Feng beat him up.

“Junior sister Sima, don’t hit me anymore, don’t hit me, please stop hitting me,” In helplessness, Dai Shu had no choice but to beg for forgiveness.

“Dai Shu, I thought of you as a senior brother, yet you’re actually this shameless. The things that you’ve done to Chu Feng earlier were seen by both Elder Miaos and I. Yet, you dared to continue lying? How shameless can you be?”

However, Sima Ying did not stop her attacks at all. Instead, she began cursing at Dai Shu as she beat him. The more she beat him, the more fierce her beatings became. Her appearance seemed to indicate that she wished that she could beat Dai Shu to death.

After hearing what she said, Dai Shu’s complexion instantly turned ashen. At this time, he did not even dare to beg for forgiveness anymore. He clenched his teeth and silently endured the beatings from Sima Ying.

He had never ever imagined that his crimes had already been exposed. At that moment, he finally realized why both Elder Miao and Sima Ying beat him. After realizing the reason why, there was nothing that he could say. The only thing he could do was accept the punishment in silence.

“Ying’er, it’s enough, you can stop,” Finally, that Elder Miao spoke to tell Sima Ying to stop.

After Elder Miao spoke, Sima Ying ruthlessly hit Dai Shu several more times before finally stopping.

“Dai Shu, you’ve truly disappointed me. Taking your grandfather into consideration, I will not publicly announce your crimes. However, I will inform your grandfather about what you’ve done so that he can punish you. Return, do not continue being a disgrace here,” Elder Miao coldly said.

“Thank you Elder Miao, thank you junior sister Sima,” This time around, Dai Shu did not dare to hesitate. He turned around and immediately started flying toward the World Spiritist Alliance.

Although he had managed to narrowly escape, Dai Shu was unable to rejoice in the slightest. That was because he knew that after today, his future prospects had been ruined. With Elder Miao’s status, if he wished to beat down on Dai Shu, it would be as easy as stepping on an ant.

“Chu Feng, let me introduce you. This is Grandpa Miao. In the World Spiritist Alliance, other than my grandfather, he is the one who loves me the most.”

“Grandpa Miao, he is Chu Feng. If it weren’t for his assistance in the Sima Villa, not only would Ying’er not have been able to keep her grandfather’s remains, Ying’er would likely have lost her life there too,” Sima Ying said.

“Ying’er, you’ve suffered.”

“However, rest assured, our World Spiritist Alliance will definitely avenge your grandfather.”

Elder Miao walked over and gently caressed Sima Ying’s hair in a pained manner. Although his current expression was not as cold as before, it was still very unsightly.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally realized why Elder Miao had that sort of expression. He was not feigning that expression, he was actually feeling that way. It was not because of Chu Feng or Dai Shu, instead, it was because of Sima Huolie’s passing.