Chapter 1257 - A Whole New Level Of Respect

MGA: Chapter 1257 - A Whole New Level Of Respect

“Lord Head, do you think what that Ascension Sect’s madam sectmaster said was true or false?” That management elder asked.

Back then, he had also seen Nangong Longjian massacring the entire monstrous clan with only himself and his sword.

Thus, he also had quite a lot of fear for Nangong Longjian. Even now, after he had became a management elder of the Punishment Department, he still felt a deep veneration and heartfelt fear upon recalling that black-haired man and his golden sword.

“What sort of character do you take Nangong Longjian to be? How could he possibly allow his daughter to wander the world and become a disciple of our Cyanwood Mountain?” Crazed Killer Tuoba said.

“That’s right. Not only would it be impossible for him to allow his daughter to wander the world, it would be impossible for him to allow his woman to remarry. It seems that bitch was deceiving us.”

In fact, this management elder also felt what Bai Suyan said to be false. However, he did not dare to make the determination. After all, Nangong Longjian was simply too powerful. If they were to truly offend him, then not only him, perhaps a calamity would befall the entire Cyanwood Mountain.

However, after he heard what Crazed Killer Tuoba said, he was able to determine that Bai Suyan was deceiving him. In an instant, anger filled his heart, causing him to gnash his teeth.

“That woman is most definitely not Nangong Longjian’s woman. However, with how low-profile Nangong Longjian is, there would not be a lot of people in the entire Holy Land of Martialism who know about him.”

“Even if that woman was trying to deceive you, she should have used the name of a famous individual to do so. Yet, what she used was instead Nangong Longjian’s name. Something is fishy about this,” Crazed Killer Tuoba said thoughtfully.

“Lord Head, you mean?” That management elder asked.

“That woman should know about some things. At the very least, she knew that we know who Nangong Longjian is.”

“Even if they are not Nangong Longjian’s woman and daughter, they are most definitely related to Nangong Longjian. After all, the Imperial Bloodline that Bai Ruochen possesses is genuine and true.”

“Even if Bai Ruochen is not a member of the Nangong Imperial Clan, she is most definitely a member of another Imperial Clan. If they are to have some sort of connection in their Imperial Clan, then I fear that this matter would become truly troublesome,” Crazed Killer Tuoba said.

“In that case, Lord Head, what do we do now? Are we to allow that Bai Ruochen and her mother to act so arrogant and do nothing about it?”

“If Lingyun was to leave the Cyanwood Mountain in the future and was captured by her, what do we do if she decides to kill him?” That management elder asked worriedly.

“Humph, if we are to allow a bitch to act as atrociously as she pleases in our Cyanwood Mountain, then where would the honor and dignity of our Cyanwood Mountain’s Punishment Department be?” As Crazed Killer Tuoba said those words, a flash of coldness shined through his eyes.

“Lord Head, please indicate what must be done,” The management elder asked for instructions as he cupped his fist.

“Cut the weeds and eliminate the roots so as to not leave any future troubles. Kill the dangers before they can germinate,” said Crazed Killer Tuoba in a ruthless manner.

“Understood. I will go do it right away,” That elder once again saluted Crazed Killer Tuoba. Then, as a gale surged forth, he disappeared.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng’s group was on its way out of the Cyanwood Mountain and was flying toward the Ascension Sect. However, due to the Cyanwood Mountain being so enormous, even with a Half Martial Emperor like Bai Suyan leading them, it would still take them a while to get out.

“Mother, why did you inform them of father’s name? Is that really okay?” At this moment, Bai Ruochen asked in a confused manner.

“Foolish Ruochen, if I did not bring your father’s name out, how could they have allowed us to leave safely? No matter what, that is the Cyanwood Mountain, one of the Nine Powers that possesses experts as numerous as the clouds,” Bai Suyan replied with a smile.


“There’s nothing to ‘but’ about. Your mother has already made the arrangements as to what will happen. Now, let’s pick up our pace. There are people waiting for us ahead.”

“Waiting for us? Who?”

“You’ll naturally come to know later on,” Bai Suyan replied with a light smile. After that, she quickened her speed and began to rapidly fly through the air.

Chu Feng and the others did not think too much about what Bai Suyan said. They thought that it would be the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster or others from the Ascension Sect that would be waiting for them.

However, after they left the Cyanwood Mountain, after Bai Suyan stopped her movements, they still did not see anyone. This caused Chu Feng and the others to ponder.

After all, if there really were people waiting for them, then they should’ve already shown up by now. Yet, why was it that there had not been a single person so far?

Right at the moment when Chu Feng and the others were puzzled, Bai Suyan suddenly turned her head around and said, “You’ve followed us for so long, why not show yourself already? Could it be that you planned to follow me all the way to the Ascension Sect?”

“Humph, so you’ve discovered me? It would appear that I have underestimated you, bitch.” Right at this moment, the tranquil empty space behind them actually started to tremble. Soon, an old man appeared. This was that management elder from the Punishment Department that had fought with Bai Suyan in the Cyanwood Mountain earlier.

“It’s him?”

When they saw this management elder, Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying’s expressions all changed. They were both surprised and shocked.

Especially Chu Feng, he was much more shocked than the two girls. That was because he had worried that the Cyanwood Mountain would not let them go so easily and would secretly send people to tail them and attack them.

Thus, Chu Feng had set his spirit power to maximum sensitivity, and had been searching their surroundings the entire time.

Yet, in their entire journey, he had not discovered anything unusual. Thus, he had thought that the Cyanwood Mountain was not as shameless as he imagined them to be, and that they had not sent anyone to secretly chase and kill them.

However, he discovered that he was mistaken. It was not that the Cyanwood Mountain did not send anyone after them, it was merely that his strength was too weak, and thus he did not discover his pursuer.

“What’s with all this rubbish you’re spouting? Come, allow me to see exactly what sorts of abilities an old man like you possess,” As Bai Suyan spoke, she walked in front of Chu Feng and the others and stared disdainfully at the management elder.

“I’ll grant you your deathwish,” Seeing this, that Punishment Department’s management elder did not back down either. With a loud ‘boom,’ he actually took the initiative to attack. Due to the fact that his speed was too quick, Chu Feng and the others were incapable of seeing his movements at all.

However, they were able to see a thousand meter tall wind wall that reached from the ground to the sky charging toward them.

That wind wall was not something to be underestimated. Contained within it were countless wind blades formed by wind power. Furthermore, those wind blades were formed with Emperor-level martial power and contained terrifying might.

Even with a single wind blade would be sufficient enough to slice Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying to bits. Yet now, there were tens of millions of such wind blades in that wind wall.

An attack of this level was one enough to bring about the destruction of the world to Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen and Sima Ying. Not only were they incapable of dodging, they were even more incapable of defending against it. All they could do was to wait for their deaths.


Right at this moment, Bai Suyan lightly waved her lily-white hand, and the space before her began to twist and warp. As that wind wall passed through that twisted and warped space, it also began to twist and warp. In the end, it disappeared.

Bai Suyan used barely any effort to neutralize that wind wall.

“So powerful,” When he saw this scene, even Chu Feng eyes started to involuntarily shine.

A management elder from the Punishment Department was most definitely no ordinary character. At the very least, his cultivation was most definitely not as simple as being only a Half Martial Emperor; his rank was most definitely not low.

At the very least, merely by the attack that he used, Chu Feng was able to tell that his strength was greatly superior to Elder Wei and Elder Zhou Quan.

However, an attack from such a powerful individual was easily neutralized by Bai Suyan. This indirectly displayed how powerful Bai Suyan was.

At this moment, Chu Feng had to admit that Bai Suyan’s strength surpassed his imagination.

He now had a whole new level of respect for this beautiful yet unfathomable woman.