Chapter 1255 - Bai Suyan

MGA: Chapter 1255 - Bai Suyan

This woman was extremely beautiful. Her skin was fair like jade. Yet, it was also rosy and soft like water. It was as if if one were to squeeze her skin, water would come out.

Furthermore, her outfit was extremely revealing; it was a pink dress. From the top, the upper half of her smooth and round breasts were exposed. From the bottom, her pair of beautiful legs could be seen. She was truly unconstrained in her sexuality.

In such a revealing outfit, her fiery figure was perfectly outlined. Looking at her, men would not be able to resist their lust and their eyes would start to stare.

As for those with weak determination, when they saw this woman, they became unable to contain themselves and started to spray blood out of their noses.

As for this woman, when her sexy and fiery figure was disregarded, even her face was also exceptionally beautiful. Her pair of eyes were simply capable of penetrating into one’s soul; they were extremely charming. Most importantly, this woman had a special sort of mature air to her that caused others to not dare to treat her with disrespect.

Even though she appeared to be a beautiful sexy woman, causing many men to drool endlessly and have the impulse to push her down to the ground, her special airs caused others to not dare to approach her; they would only dare to watch her from afar but not disrespect her up close.

This woman was truly a perfect example of a queen.

When the crowd saw her, they were all startled. However, the people who were most shocked would be Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen.

That was because this woman was none other than Bai Ruochen’s mother, Bai Suyan.


When she saw her mother, Bai Ruochen involuntarily cried out in surprise. Her body moved and she rushed to Bai Suyan and threw herself into her bosom.

Even though Bai Ruochen was a very strong individual, she was nevertheless a girl. When she saw her mother, she removed all of her guards and pretense and began to hug her mother tightly. She placed her own beautiful face into her mother’s bosom and began to cry without any restraint, revealing all of her grievances.

“Daughter, I’ve let you suffer,” Bai Suyan opened her arms wide and tightly hugged Bai Ruochen.

As the two of them were mother and daughter, it was natural for them to embrace one another after not seeing each other for a long period of time.

However, at this moment, the crowd were all stunned with their eyes wide open and their tongues tied by this scene.

Especially for many of the men that were charmed to a drooling state, they were so stunned that their mouths were wide open. With an expression of disbelief, they said, “She, she, she, she… is Bai Ruochen’s mother?”

It was no wonder that the crowd was shocked. Even though Bai Suyan was Bai Ruochen’s mother, Bai Suyan appeared to be extremely young and also extraordinarily beautiful.

Judging from their appearance, her beauty was a clear-cut difference to Bai Ruochen’s. She was fiery, whereas her daughter was cold; the two of them each possessed their own special charm.

In terms of age, Bai Suyan did appear to be older than Bai Ruochen. However, the two of them simply did not appear to be mother and daughter. Instead, they appeared more like sisters.

At this moment, Bai Suyan was not interested in bothering with the shocked expressions of the outsiders. As she looked to her daughter who was crying in her bosom, Bai Suyan felt a deep sense of heartache.

“Good daughter, mother knows that you’ve been wronged. However, rest assured, mother will not allow you to be bullied. In this Cyanwood Domain, no one is allowed to bully my daughter.”

“Come, tell mother which one is Tao Xiangyu and which one is Qin Lingyun,” Bai Suyan asked with a soft voice.

Bai Ruochen was startled to hear those words. Before she could call for her mother and tell her what had happened, her mother had already come. Furthermore, she came with a great amount of anger and immediately asked her who Tao Xiangyu and Qin Lingyun were.

It was clear that her mother had learned about what had happened to Bai Ruochen in the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, her mother rushed over right away.

Bai Ruochen knew of her mother’s character. If she was to tell her who Tao Xiangyu was right now, then, with her mother’s temperament, she would most definitely not leave matters be.

However, after considering it over and over again, Bai Ruochen was unable to contain her grievances and turned her gaze toward Tao Xiangyu.

“Wait for mother here,” After Bai Suyan finished saying these words, she began to slowly walk toward Tao Xiangyu.

Seeing this, that Punishment Department’s management elder asked. “Who are you?”

“Bai Ruochen’s mother, Bai Suyan,” Bai Suyan replied.

“So it’s the Ascension Sect’s Madam Sectmaster. What matters have brought you here?” That Punishment Department’s management elder asked again. Furthermore, his tone was extremely sharp.

As a grand management elder, he did not take a mere branch power organization’s madam sectmaster into consideration.

However, to his surprise, Bai Suyan ignored him completely and arrived before Tao Xiangyu. She stopped and, with a beaming smile on her face, asked, “Yoh, young lady, your appearance is pretty decent. You must be Tao Xiangyu, right?”

“I am, what about it?” Tao Xiangyu frowned. When she knew that Bai Suyan was Bai Ruochen’s mother, she was feeling displeased and started to have an attitude.

“Pow.” Bai Suyan’s smile suddenly turned cold. She raised her arm and actually firmly slapped Tao Xiangyu’s face. Furthermore, she used such a great amount of strength that she nearly slapped Tao Xiangyu all the way to the ground.

This sudden scene stunned everyone. A madam sectmaster of a branch power organization was actually daring enough to slap a Punishment Department’s disciple before a Punishment Department’s management elder. She was simply courting death.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow…”

However, who would’ve thought that this slap was merely the beginning. After the first slap, countless more successive resounding slaps exploded on Tao Xiangyu’s face.

In merely an instant, Bai Suyan slapped Tao Xiangyu nearly a hundred times.

Due to the fact that everything happened so quickly, when it all ended, not only was Tao Xiangyu’s previously beautiful face filled with crimson colored palm marks, blood was also flowing from the corner of her mouth.

Tao Xiangyu began to sway in midair. In the end, her legs grew weak, and she started to fall. If it wasn’t for Bai Yunxiao beside her grabbing onto her right away, Tao Xiangyu would’ve crashed onto the ground. It would appear that she had been knocked out by Bai Suyan’s slaps.

“You dare to slap my junior sister Tao, where do you think this is? What makes you think someone like you can behave so atrociously in such a place?” After Bai Yunxiao grabbed onto Tao Xiangyu, he angrily lashed out against Bai Suyan.

“Pow.” However, to everyone’s surprise, right after Bai Yunxiao said those words, Bai Suyan actually slapped him too.

The slap stunned Bai Yunxiao. He never would’ve imagined that after she finished slapping Tao Xiangyu, she would actually start slapping him.

Furthermore, Bai Suyan did not stop with only a single slap. She was preparing to slap Bai Yunxiao like she did with Tao Xiangyu.

“Insolent!” At this moment, that Punishment Department’s management elder was immediately enraged, and released his Half Martial Emperor-level oppressive might. Without showing any quarter, he bombarded it toward Bai Suyan.

He was planning to use this attack of his to beat Bai Suyan back from Bai Yunxiao and Tao Xiangyu.

“Boom~~~~~~” However, Bai Suyan was no ordinary character either. She suddenly raised her head and, in an instant, her eyes flickered, and an oppressive might as powerful as the one from that management elder was sent forth. It actually managed to cancel out that Punishment Department management elder’s oppressive might.

The energy from the collision of the two oppressive mights turned into a ripple that swept across their surroundings, knocking Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu and even Qi Yanyu and Zhao Jingang away. Even though the energy of the ripple was not very powerful and did not seriously injure them, it still badly battered them and knocked them several miles away before crashing into the crowd.