Chapter 1248 - Inverting Right and Wrong

MGA: Chapter 1248 - Inverting Right and Wrong

“What do you think?” That voice asked.

“What do you mean?” Jiang Furong answered with a question.

“Chu Feng, how did he react after being humiliated by Qin Lingyun?” That voice asked.

“Very amazingly. He managed to adjust himself without me having to console him. Even though he possesses a fiery temperament, he is able to endure at crucial moments. He is one who can see the greater situation and determine the severity of a matter.”

“He can bow and submit, and can also stand tall. From this, I believe that is very wise,” Jiang Furong said.

“To be able to obtain such an evaluation from you, this means that this child is indeed extraordinary,” said that voice.

“He truly is a rarely-seen amazing individual. Every aspect of him surpasses myself. When I was his age, I was simply incapable of comparing with him. His surpassing me is only a question of time now,” Jiang Furong said.

“That’s no matter. I helped him not because I fancied his talent. Instead, I have fancied his character,” That voice said.

“Actually, I have a question,” Jiang Furong said.

“What is it?” That voice asked.

“Why didn’t you help him personally? Wouldn’t it be better that way, since it would make it so that he would have a lot fewer enemies?” Jiang Furong asked.

“If I was to act personally, then he would have a smooth journey in the Cyanwood Mountain. That in turn would be detrimental to his growth. That would not be helping him, it would only be harming him.” That voice replied.

“Understood,” Jiang Furong was exceptionally intelligent, and understood that person’s intention.

Chu Feng naturally did not know about Jiang Furong being ordered by someone to help him. That said, he did not care about why Jiang Furong had helped him. All he knew was that Jiang Furong had helped him, and thus he should be grateful toward her.

That was because Jiang Furong had truly lifted a siege for them. Else, not mentioning other things, Bai Ruochen might’ve really lost her life today.

Thus, Chu Feng was truly grateful toward Jiang Furong.

Due to the fact that there had been an extremely large crowd to see the things that had happened, the news of the event soon spread like a wildfire. By the next day, what had happened at Chu Feng’s territory became the topic of everyone’s heated discussions.

However, the news that was being spread was actually very different from what had really happened.

What was being spread like a wildfire was not the actual truth.

Instead… it was that Chu Feng was too arrogant, and that he had been suppressed by the combined forces of the Heaven Inquiring Division, Lingyun’s Division, Jingan’s Division, Yanyu’s Division, the Peach Immortal Division and the Beast King Division.

Originally, the demon-level geniuses took the fact that Chu Feng was a fellow disciple into consideration and decided to not make things too difficult for him. Thus, they only demanded that he apologize to Tao Xiangyu.

However, Chu Feng remained arrogant, and not only did he not apologize, he publicly insulted them.

In this sort of situation, Qin Lingyun was unable to sit by and watch, and thus attacked Chu Feng.

Unable to realize his own standing, Chu Feng actually counterattacked Qin Lingyun. However, he was no match for Qin Lingyun, and was simply akin to a mantis trying to stop a chariot, trying to strike a stone with an egg. Thus, he ended up being utterly defeated by Qin Lingyun and forced to kneel on the ground like a dying dog.

With Qin Lingyun’s strength, he was totally capable of seriously injuring Chu Feng. However, taking into consideration that they were fellow disciples, he decided to not be too excessive, and merely taught Chu Feng a light lesson before leaving.

As for Tao Xiangyu and the others, they too did not wish to bicker with Chu Feng and thus left as well.

Even though they had flattened the territories of all of the other members of the Asura Division, they did not flatten the Asura Division’s headquarters, Chu Feng’s territory, and gave Chu Feng a sufficient amount of face.

When this version of the story began to spread, many disciples that held Chu Feng in adoration were skeptical of it. They had experienced Chu Feng’s character for themselves, and felt that it was impossible for Chu Feng to be that inadequate of a person.

However, due to the fact that the people spreading this version of the events were truly too numerous, more and more people began to gradually come to accept it as the truth.

Not mentioning who was wrong and who was right, at the very least, those people who felt Chu Feng to be invincible now knew that Chu Feng was not as powerful as they had imagined him to be.

In an instant, the Asura Division fell from the sky into the depths of the earth. The grand scenes of countless people coming to the entrance of the Asura Division every day was no more. Even if there were people that would occasionally come to the entrance of the Asura Division, they would only be coming to enjoy watching a bustling scene.

“F*cking bastards! That is simply not the truth at all! They are inverting right and wrong!”

“It’s most definitely Tao Xiangyu and the others who did this. They must’ve bribed the others that came to watch so that they could blab nonsense like this.”

At this moment, Wang Wei and the other few remaining members of the Asura Division were once again gathered in Chu Feng’s territory. After hearing about the news of what was happening, Wang Wei and the others were beating their chests and stamping their feet in anger. That was because it was simply an open defamation toward them.

“There’s no need to be concerned about this. It is the truth that I am inferior to Qin Lingyun. No matter how the course of events happened, the result is that we lost.”

“Even if they do not smear our names, our Asura Division is still destined to decline. Even if there are still people who wish to join our Asura Division, I will not accept them. At least, I will not accept them at this time,” Chu Feng was extremely calm as he said those words. He was not angered by the news.

“But…” Wang Wei and the others were unable to accept this.

“Everyone, I know that your hearts are with our Asura Division, and that you are willing to live and die with it.”

“To have battle companions like yourselves is an honor to me, Chu Feng.”

“However, the current situation is not hopeful. They will most definitely not leave the matter be. While I can endure their beating, I do not wish to for you all to be implicated with me.”

“Therefore, everyone, I think it’s better for you all to withdraw from the Asura Division,” Chu Feng said again.

“No, junior brother Chu Feng, we will not leave you,” Wang Wei firmly refused.

“That’s right. Junior brother Chu Feng, you’ve done enough for us. You’ve shouldered enough.”

“Since the very beginning, it has been you and junior sister Bai who propped up the entire Asura Division. It is the two of you who brought about the emergence of the Asura Division, brought about its honor. We have merely enjoyed the benefits and honors provided by the two of you.”

“While we wish to help, we do not have the ability to help. When our Asura Division was attacked by the enemy, we wanted to help you defend it. Yet, in the end, we could only stand behind the two of you.”

“To enjoy the good fortune together, we managed to do that. To take on the calamities together, we were simply unable to accomplish that at all. Since the very beginning, we have not been able to do that.”

“Please allow us to stay. Consider it as us making up to you,” Fang Tuohai and the others did not wish to leave. In order to make it so that Chu Feng could not force them to leave, they actually kneeled down in front of him and started begging him, “Junior brother Chu Feng, we beg of you, allow us to stay and take on this calamity together with you.”

“Head, we beg of you,” Other than Bai Ruochen, all of the Asura Division members present have knelt down to Chu Feng and began to beg him to let them stay.

Among these people were disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, disciples from the Ascension Division, and other elite disciples that had joined the Asura Division later on.

While their status, strength and origins were all different, they now had common ground. That was, they were all loyal and devoted to Chu Feng.

To see these people determined to take on the calamities with him, Chu Feng was moved and saddened by them.

However, Chu Feng still shook his head. He said, “I am not forcing you all to leave. Instead, I only want you all to leave for the time being. At the time when I need you all again, I will call upon you all to return.”

When they heard what Chu Feng said, Fang Tuohai and the others lowered their heads and did not speak. They still did not want to leave.