Chapter 1216 - A Question

MGA: Chapter 1216 - A Question

“Elder Wei, could it be that Elder Hong Mo has left his closed-door training?” Chu Feng asked with a joyous expression.

Chu Feng had had a long chat with Elder Wei before. Thus, he knew about the situation with the Medicine Concocting Department. There was a total of three management elders in the Medicine Concocting Department. Other than Elder Wei, there was an elder by the name of Zhou Quan. As for that Ye Qing who had provoked Chu Feng, he was invited to the Medicine Concocting Department by Elder Zhou Quan.

Other than the two of them, there was another Elder, Hong Mo. Elder Hong Mo was said to be a medicine concocting genius and had invested great deal of his time in world spirit techniques. If it was to be said that one would be able to obtain extraordinary power when one reached the peak level in either martial cultivation or world spirit techniques, then this Elder Hong Mo would be one who specialized in world spirit techniques, and had obtained extraordinary achievements in it.

Elder Hong Mo was the person in charge of the Medicine Concocting Department. In other words, he was the head of the Medicine Concocting Department. Furthermore, Elder Hong Mo was a Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

“That’s right, Elder Hong Mo has left his closed-door training. However, what I meant by broadening your horizons was not as simple as just bringing you to see Elder Hong Mo.”

“Elder Hong Mo has an old friend. As for this old friend of his, not only is he also a Royal-cloak World Spiritist like Elder Hong Mo, he is also one of the management world spiritists of the World Spiritist Alliance.

“As for this amazing world spiritist, his name is Sima Huolie.”

“Sima Huolie is currently residing in our Cyanwood Domain’s Nine Spirits Paradise. When Elder Hong Mo left his closed-door training, he received Sima Huolie’s invitation asking him to go meet him at the Nine Spirits Paradise.”

“Furthermore, as long as Elder Hong Mo was willing to go, Sima Huolie said that he would share the treasure that he obtained at the Nine Spirits Paradise, the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, with him.”

“The Nine Spirits Divine Diagram is a very amazing thing. According to legend, it is something left behind by the former master of the Nine Spirits Paradise. As for that former master, he was a grand world spiritist whose fame had spread through the entire Holy Land of Martialism.”

“The Nine Spirits Divine Diagram contains a boundless amount of profoundness. If one was to be able to comprehend it, one would gain enormous benefits in world spiritist techniques.”

“Most importantly, Sima Huolie said that if Elder Hong Mo were to go, he could bring the elders and disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain with him.”

“Thus, I decided to bring you along with us so that you could experience the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. Perhaps it might provide quite a bit of assistance to your world spirit techniques.” Elder Wei was extremely excited. With a single breath, he explained all that had happened.

After hearing what Elder Wei said, Chu Feng was naturally joyous. As for Bai Ruochen, traces of envy appeared in her eyes.

Although Bai Ruochen’s world spirit techniques were inferior to Chu Feng’s, her world spirit techniques were, nevertheless, not weak. Furthermore, she did not plan to give up on her pursuit of world spirit techniques. With how profoundly the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram was described by Elder Wei, she naturally would also want to experience it for herself.

As if he had seen through Bai Ruochen’s thoughts, Elder Wei said, “Ruochen, if you wish to come, then you can join Chu Feng tomorrow. After all, this is truly an opportunity to broaden one’s horizons.”

“Elder Wei, is this truly fine? I am, after all, not…” Bai Ruochen said in an awkward manner.

“Not what? Not a member of our Medicine Concocting Department? As long as you’re willing, you can join our Medicine Concocting Department right now,” As Elder Wei spoke, he took out the symbol of the Medicine Concocting Department and handed it over to Bai Ruochen.

“I am willing, Ruochen is most definitely willing. Thank you, Elder Wei,” Bai Ruochen smiled a very brilliant smile, a rare occasion for her. From this, one could tell that she was truly happy.

Just like this, Bai Ruochen also joined the Medicine Concocting Department. Furthermore, in the early morning of the next day, she and Chu Feng arrived at the Medicine Concocting Department.

They were received by Elder Wei and brought to a palace. There was a total of eighty-eight elders in this palace. These eighty-eight elders could be said to be the strongest elders of the Medicine Concocting Department when the three management elders were excluded. Each and every one of them possessed extraordinary cultivation and very high attainments in world spirit techniques.

Other than these eighty-eight elders, there was one disciple. As for this disciple, he was naturally Ye Qing. As usual, Ye Qing was looking at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with hostility. However, when he looked to Bai Ruochen, he displayed a stunned expression. He was likely stunned by Bai Ruochen’s beauty.

However, all of this was not that important. The most important matter was that, at the head seat of the palace hall were two elders. One of them was standing beside the other, whereas the other was sitting in the middle.

The elder standing on the side was not very tall, relatively fat and very dark-skinned. He was Elder Zhou Quan, the management elder that had invited Ye Qing to the Medicine Concocting Department.

As for the elder sitting in the middle, he was naturally the head of the Medicine Concocting Department, Elder Hong Mo.

Elder Hong Mo’s appearance was a bit frightening. Even though his eyes were currently closed, he was still very scary-looking.

As for the reason why, it was because Elder Hong Mo had crimson colored skin.[1. Hong Mo literally means Red Devil.] It was as if his flesh was dyed in blood. Furthermore, he had a head of white hair. From a glance, he appeared like a monstrous beast. It was truly frightening.

As for the reason why Elder Hong Mo’s appearance was like this, there was a reason for it. It was said that it was caused by medicine concocting. However, regardless of what sort of appearance he had, Elder Hong Mo was most definitely an amazing world spiritist. This was because Elder Wei spoke of him with a tone of reverence. From that, one could tell that Elder Hong Mo possessed a great amount of strength.

“Disciple Chu Feng.”

“Disciple Bai Ruochen.”

“Pay their respects to the elders.”

After they entered the palace hall following Elder Wei, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen courteously saluted and greeted the elders.

“Old Wei, what sort of meaning is this? It’s one thing for you to bring Chu Feng with you, but why did you bring this little girl Bai Ruochen over too? Could it be that you do not know what day today is and what we are going to do today?” Elder Zhou Quan frowned. His tone was very sly.

“Old Zhou, could it be that you did not see the symbol on Ruochen? Ruochen is already a member of our Medicine Concocting Department. She has come here to join our journey today, is there something wrong with that?” Elder Wei said.

“Joined our Medicine Concocting Department? Humph, if my memory is correct, Bai Ruochen entered the Cyanwood Mountain at the same time as Chu Feng.”

“For you to not invite her to our Medicine Concocting Department at any other time than now, could it be that you are trying to provide her with this rare opportunity we have today? Is that why you decided to deliberately give her such special treatment?”

“Or could it be that you saw that this girl possessed an Imperial Bloodline, and so you thought to flatter the Imperial Clans by inviting her?” Elder Zhou spoke in a very cold manner. His words were filled with aggressiveness toward Elder Wei.

“You…” Being spoken to in such a manner by Zhou Quan, Elder Wei was so enraged that his complexion even turned red and his body started to tremble. Yet, momentarily, he was at a loss as to how to refute Zhou Quan.

That was because he knew very well why he invited Bai Ruochen. It was because he had seen her potential, and thus wanted to pull another disciple with potential to the Medicine Concocting Department, as this would be helpful to its future development.

In other words, if Bai Ruochen had not displayed her Imperial Bloodline, Elder Wei might really not have invited her to the Medicine Concocting Department. Thus, it was as Elder Zhou Quan said. For him to invite her at such a time, it was truly a matter of derision.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen herself was also very vexed. To be spoken of in such a manner by an elder naturally caused her heart to be filled with anger. Yet, even though she was extremely prideful, she was still an individual who thought about the greater situation. In this sort of setting, she did not dare to say anything.

“Elder Zhou Quan, this disciple is untalented and has a question that he wishes to ask you.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke.

“Chu Feng, what question do you have?” Elder Zhou Quan looked to Chu Feng. There was not the slightest trace of kindness in his gaze.

However, Chu Feng simply ignored the vindictive gaze. Instead, with a smile on his face, he calmly said, “What I wish to ask you is do you see Bai Ruochen, me or any of the other elders here as family?”