Chapter 1190 - The Exposure

MGA: Chapter 1190 - The Exposure

On the ground, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond seemed as boundless as the sea.

In the sky, however, a boundless sea of people was shuttling through the air.

The sudden arrival of this enormous number of people at the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond caused the disciples and elders who were wholeheartedly training in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond to be completely baffled.

After they found out about what had happened, they were enormously shocked. Regardless of whether they were about to achieve a breakthrough or were currently in states of enlightenment, they all stopped their cultivation and soared into the sky, casting their gazes at a single figure.

As for that figure, it was Chu Feng.

At this moment, practically everyone was thinking about one question - would Chu Feng really be able to succeed?

If Chu Feng failed, he would have to kill himself on the spot today. However, if he succeeded, then it would be an enormously shocking matter.

After all, this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was something that countless geniuses had challenged down through the generations. Yet, they had all returned in failure. Thus, if Chu Feng was truly to succeed today, then he would have done something unprecedented in the Cyanwood Mountain’s history, and accomplish a magnificent feat.

At this moment, Chu Feng removed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings and resumed his original appearance.

He was standing in the air, with his cyan-green gown fluttering in the wind. He appeared very relaxed, yet completely confident. His appearance was like that of an otherwordly expert, an immortal.


Suddenly, Chu Feng moved. Like a meteor that was as fast as lightning, he, before everyone’s gaze, shot straight into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, toward the deepest region.

“Heavens, this Chu Feng actually went in for real.”

At this moment, ordinary disciples were no longer able to clearly see Chu Feng’s movements, nor were they capable of telling where he was. Only elders who possessed spirit power were able to discern Chu Feng’s whereabouts.

“Inconceivable. Even in such ferocious energy, this Chu Feng is actually able to dive downward unhindered. Could it be that he is truly capable of triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, and have the golden lightning of the human race cover the sky above our Cyanwood Mountain?”

When the elders saw Chu Feng’s movement at this moment, all of their expressions changed to one of immense shock. Even the two management elders from the Weaponry Refinement Department and the Medicine Concocting Department were displaying expressions of shock. Expressions of anticipation also grew greater and greater in their eyes.


Right at the moment when the crowd was stunned by Chu Feng’s frightening speed and ability to survive in the ferocious energy, a vortex sudden appeared in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond and pulled Chu Feng into it.

That vortex was truly frightening. In that vortex, Chu Feng was simply incapable of moving at all. All he could do was to follow the rotation of the vortex and allow that powerful energy to attack his meek mortal body.

“What’s going on? How come a vortex suddenly appeared in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond?”

“Could it be that because Chu Feng’s speed was so fast, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s energies took form to stop him?”

“Sigh, that vortex is too frightening. Chu Feng is simply incapable of contending against it at all. As expected, this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle is not that easily triggered. Even though this Chu Feng is extremely heaven-defying, he is still incapable of triggering it.”

Seeing this scene, many elders shook their heads and sighed continuously in disappointment.

They all felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to pass through the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. At the very least, the vortex before them had already trapped Chu Feng within it.

“Heh, little bastard, trying to fight with me? You won’t even know how you’ll die.” At this moment, compared to the other elders, that Half Martial Emperor elder from the Orion Monastery was smiling. A complacent expression filled his eyes. He knew very well how that vortex had come about - it was he who had created it.

“Truly courting death. That little shit from the Orion Monastery is actually secretly attacking Chu Feng.”

At this time, those two management elders were enraged. While the despicable method of that Orion Monastery’s elder could be concealed from the other elders, it could not be hidden from the two of them.

With but a single glance, the two of them were able to tell that someone was using the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond as a screen, and secretly acting to injure Chu Feng. As for the person who was doing that thing, he was the same Orion Monastery’s Half Martial Emperor elder who had been opposing Chu Feng the entire time.

“I’ll teach this shameless person who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth a lesson.” The management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department was enraged. He was planning to attack.


However, to his surprise, at the moment when he was about to attack, a powerful energy ripple actually exploded and directly crushed the vortex created by that Orion Monastery’s elder, freeing Chu Feng at the same time.

It was Elder Wei from the Medicine Concocting Department. He had swept away Chu Feng’s crisis a step ahead of the Weaponry Refinement Department’s management elder. At the same time, he had already removed the conical bamboo hat on his head. With an angry expression on his face, he pointed at the Orion Monastery elder and shouted loudly. “Little shit from the Orion Monastery, remove your little trick right now. If you dare to attack Chu Feng in the dark again, this old man here will cut off your pair of dog claws!”

“Heavens, that’s the Medicine Concocting Department’s management elder, Elder Wei!”

“Even someone as grand as him has come here? Exactly what is happening? What does he mean by those words? That vortex earlier is not something that formed naturally, but rather something that that Elder Huang from the Orion Monastery created?”

“Truly shameless! As an elder, he actually tried to secretly injure a disciple. Is he afraid of losing? Never would I have imagined that Elder Huang was such a shameless person.”

“That’s right. Such an individual is undeserving of the title of elder. He should be punished severely.”

After seeing Elder Wei of the Medicine Concocting Department, the expressions of the crowd all changed. Firstly, they had never imagined that a management elder would actually be present and would also be watching this spectacle. Secondly, they had never imagined that Elder Huang of the Orion Monastery would be this shameless, to try to secretly injure Chu Feng. This was truly too despicable.

However, if it was to be asked whose expression changed the most, it would most definitely be the Orion Monastery’s Elder Huang, who had secretly attacked Chu Feng. He had originally thought that no one would be able to tell what he had done. However, never would he have imagined that there would be a management elder present.

What sort of people were management elders? They were the true experts among the countless elders of the Cyanwood Mountain. For him to secretly try to attack Chu Feng before a management elder was simply equivalent to a person trying to display their slight skill before an expert, akin to bringing about his own destruction.

At this moment, he was truly regretful so much so that his intestines turned green. Without mentioning the curses toward him that filled the sky, just the appearance of Elder Wei allowed him to know that he would be met with a calamity this time around. After all, he had heard that Elder Wei thought very highly of Chu Feng.

In fact, it was not only the Orion Monastery’s elders. Even the nearly hundred elders from the Punishment Department were displaying very pale complexions and twitching lips.

No matter how oppressive they appeared to be, no matter how much they bullied others, they would still be endlessly afraid before a management elder.

If they knew beforehand that there was a management elder protecting Chu Feng in the shadows, then even if they were to be beaten to death, they would not have accepted the benefits given to them by the Orion Monastery’s elders and come over here to push Chu Feng around.

However, no matter how much they regretted, no matter how much they feared now, it was already too late. With the appearance of a management elder, regardless of whether they was disciples, elders or the Punishment Department’s elders, they all would have to kneel down to greet him.

In an instant, everyone knelt in the sky and displayed a grand courteous gesture to Elder Wei.

“Ying Tian, as a member of the Punishment Department, could it be that you’ve not seen his petty maneuver?” questioned Elder Wei as he pointed at the Punishment Department’s Elder Ying.

“Lord Elder, this junior is slow-witted and did not discover it,” replied the Punishment Department’s Elder Ying as he trembled with fear. He was truly frightened.

“Then what about now? Have you discovered it now?” Elder Wei inquired once again. His tone was extremely sharp and overbearing, truly cowing everyone.

“Since Lord Elder says so, it is most definitely the truth. Men, apprehend that Huang Hai.” Elder Ying did not dare to hesitate, and directly gave the order. As for that Huang Hai, he was the Orion Monastery’s elder who had been making things difficult for Chu Feng the entire time.