Chapter 1171 - Battle of Life and Death

MGA: Chapter 1171 - Battle of Life and Death

“What? The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster’s daughter Bai Ruochen? Could it be that rumored fairy-like beautiful girl who, with her young age, is already a rank five Martial King, that genius girl?”

After hearing what Long Chenyi said, the surrounding crowd was startled once again. However, they finally understood why Long Chenyi would come to watch as the Asura Division challenged the Dragon Tiger Division, as well as why he would muster such a large force to prevent the Orion Division from challenging the Asura Division. It turned out that it was not only the Dragon Tiger Division that possessed the backing of the Orion Division, the Asura Division also possessed the backing of the Ascension Division.

“Long Chenyi, you are truly overly arrogant. Did you truly think that there is no one from our Orion Division that could take care of you, that we are all afraid of you?”

However, who would’ve thought that at this moment, another voice sounded. Turning their gazes toward the voice, the crowd was shocked once again. That was because a figure appeared. Although this person had come alone, he was wearing the Heaven Inquiring Division armband.

Heaven Inquiring Division, that was the strongest branch power organization in the Cyanwood Mountain!!!

Seeing the newcomer, Lei Yao’s expression changed. With a very amiable attitude, he asked, “Junior brother Yuan Qing, why are you here?”

That was because the person that have arrived was Yuan Qing.

“Yuan Qing? He is that genius of the Orion Monastery, Yuan Qing?” Hearing the words spoken by Lei Yao, the surrounding crowd’s expressions all changed greatly. The gazes with which they looked to Yuan Qing were now filled with astonishment.

After all, Yuan Qing’s name had already spread through the entire Cyanwood Mountain. Everyone knew that Yuan Qing was an extremely powerful demon-level character, an existence that might even be able to inherit the position of the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, a super genius with unlimited potential.

“Senior brother Lei, although I, Yuan Qing, have joined the Heaven Inquiring Division, I am still a disciple of the Orion Monastery. For there to be someone who dares to mess with our Orion Monastery, I, Yuan Qing, am naturally unable to sit and watch without doing anything. Today, us fellow martial brothers shall fight side-by-side, and allow everyone to see what sort of consequences they will face if they become the enemy of our Orion Monastery,” said Yuan Qing in a serious manner.

“Haha, very well. Junior brother Yuan QIng is truly a loyal disciple. Since this is the case, today we shall battle to our hearts’ content. This Asura Division is something that I will definitely flatten. If there are gods blocking the way, we shall kill gods. If there are buddhas blocking the way, we shall kill buddhas.”

After hearing the words spoken by Yuan Qing, Lei Yao’s confidence also surged. After all, standing behind Yuan Qing was the Heaven Inquiring Division. If something was to happen to Yuan Qing, the Heaven Inquiring Division would definitely not let the matter stand.

Although the Ascension Division was indeed very strong, Lei Yao knew very well that the Ascension Division would not be able to match up against the Heaven Inquiring Division. After all, the Heaven Inquiring Division was not merely known to be the strongest, it was truly the strongest.

Thus, just by imagining that the Heaven Inquiring Division might be backing them up, Lei Yao was completely filled with confidence.

“Long Chenyi, have you not heard what my senior brother Lei said?”

“Regardless of what sort of relationship your Ascension Division has with the Asura Division, if you dare to block our path, we will not mind battling your Ascension Division. I shall ask you now, are you planning to butt in on this matter or not?”

Yuan Qing looked at Long Chenyi and spoke with a very vile attitude. He whose strength was much inferior to Long Chenyi did not consider Long Chenyi to be in his eyes at all.

“Big brother, what do we do now? That Yuan Qing has come too. He is not only a genius with unlimited potential, he is also someone that the Heaven Inquiring Division thinks highly of. We cannot harm him.” After seeing Yuan Qing’s arrival, Long Chenfu became timid and started to quietly try to urge his older brother to back off on this matter.

“Head, what Chenfu says is reasonable. That Yuan Qing is no ordinary individual. If we are to harm him, then the Heaven Inquiring Division would not sit by and watch without doing anything. We cannot afford to provoke the Heaven Inquiring Division.” At the same time, the Second Head of the Ascension Division, Meng Zhensuo, also urged against it through a voice transmission to Long Chenyi.

“This…” After hearing the words spoken by those two, Long Chenyi entered a dilemma. Momentarily, he did not know how to answer Yuan Qing.

“Humph…” After seeing that Long Chenyi’s complexion had changed from just a single word from him, Yuan Qing snorted coldly and displayed a complacent smile.

“Amazing. As expected of Yuan Qing, a demon-level character who managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and obtain the Commander Flag. Even Long Chenyi is afraid of him. This imposing manner that he displays is truly extraordinary.”

This scene was something that many people present saw. The Ascension Division’s morale fell greatly, whereas the Orion Division’s morale soared greatly. The surrounding crowd began to feel that Yuan Qing possessed extraordinary strength. Otherwise, it would be impossible for even Long Chenyi to hesitate like this.

“Senior brother Long, Chu Feng appreciates your kindness. However, as this matter happened because of me, then please allow me to handle it myself.”

Right at the time when Long Chenyi entered into a dilemma, a voice suddenly sounded from the Asura Division’s palace hall. Following the voice, a figure explosively shot out and arrived in the sky. This person was none other than Chu Feng.

“Rank two Martial King, could it be that he’s the head of the Asura Division, the demon-level character from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, Chu Feng?”

After seeing Chu Feng’s arrival, the crowd all started to make guesses as to his identity. Although Chu Feng’s sudden surge in fame caused some people to feel that he was overly arrogant, it remained that his actions had obtained the admiration of many others.

“You are the head of the Asura Division, Chu Feng?” Lei Yao asked with an expression of anger.

“Ha, if you do not know who I am, you can ask that one beside you. I’m certain he knows who I am.” Chu Feng calmly smiled and looked at Yuan Qing beside Lei Yao. However, the gaze with which he looked at Yuan Qing was one of provocation.

“Chu Feng, you are going to die today.” When he saw Chu Feng, Yuan Qing recalled the scene of himself being criticized by Elder Wei at the Mission Plaza. The anger in his heart immediately erupted like an explosive volcano. He truly wanted to cut Chu Feng to ten thousand pieces to pacify the hatred that he was feeling right now.

“Yoh, definitely going to die? Could it be that you haven’t come here to challenge my Asura Division, but have instead come here to kill me? To kill a fellow disciple for no reason or cause, Yuan Qing, you are truly cocky, and have no regard for the rules. Do the elders know about how cocky and disregarding of the rules you are?” Chu Feng mocked.

“You…” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Yuan Qing was so angry that he started to gnash his teeth. Suddenly, he realized that almost every single time he encountered Chu Feng, he would be placed in a humiliating position and become completely enraged by him.

“Chu Feng, don’t you use your tongue to speak words to your advantage. Although we will not kill you, what you have done is excessively unreasonable. As fellow disciples, you actually wanted to eradicate the Dragon Tiger Division completely. Today, if you do not give us a pleasing response, we will definitely not let this matter go.” Seeing that Yuan Qing was on the losing hand in the battle of words, Lei Yao hurriedly spoke to save him.

“Lei Yao, based on what you have said, you’ve come here today to stick up for the Dragon Tiger Division?” Chu Feng asked.

“So what if I am?” Lei Yao calmly admitted to it with a tone of not placing Chu Feng in his eyes at all.

“Ha.” Chu Feng laughed lightly. He then said, “There’s nothing to it, I merely wanted to tell you that if you want to stand up for someone, you must first have the ability to do so. Do you have this ability, I wonder?”

“If I did not have this ability, I would not have come here. Chu Feng, if you admit your wrongs right now, I can let you off. Otherwise, do not blame me for being ruthless,” Lei Yao said angrily.

“Very well. Since you’re this sincere, and also willing to stand up for the Dragon Tiger Division with no regard for your own life, I shall give you this opportunity. In three days’ time, in the Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, I, Chu Feng, am willing to fight you, Lei Yao, to the death. Do you dare to accept?” asked Chu Feng.

“What? A fight to the death?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, not to mention Lei Yao, the expressions of practically everyone present changed greatly. They were completely shocked by what Chu Feng proposed.