Chapter 1117 - Harassing Bai Ruochen

MGA: Chapter 1117 - Harassing Bai Ruochen

Bai Ruochen did not directly respond to Chu Feng. Instead, she first took a glance at their surroundings and, upon finding that there was no one near them, said. “Your eyes are very special. It is even more powerful than my investigation methods. As long as you decided to search for it wholeheartedly, and did not possess too much bad luck, then this year’s Commander Flag is most definitely going to be yours.”

“Eh…” At this moment, Chu Feng was speechless. Although his Heaven’s Eyes were very sharp, he had trained it to a state where others would find it very difficult to detect it. Yet, Bai Ruochen had managed to detect it. This was rather surprising to Chu Feng.

“Let’s go. I will not fight over your Commander Flag. However, if possible, I wish that after you find the Commander Flag, you could help me find a General Flag.” Suddenly, Bai Ruochen asked with a requesting tone.

“Yoh, you actually want my help? This is truly a rare occasion.” At this moment, the surprised expression on Chu Feng’s face became even more pronounced.

“I am standing at the same starting line as you right now. I also wish to be able to get a head-start compared to others. Although that hundred achievement points might not amount to much, rather than to allow another to obtain it, it is better for me to obtain it myself. Therefore, I am determined to obtain a General Flag. As the subsidiary powers we are from are in an alliance, you should naturally be helping me.” Bai Ruochen looked to Chu Feng with a very serious expression, using her beautiful pair of eyes.

“Alliance? You’re actually using that as a justification?” Chu Feng displayed a face of helplessness. He felt that he had been defeated by Bai Ruochen. With how serious her expression and words were, he truly had no grounds to refuse her.

However, a thought appeared in his mind. Chu Feng mischievously laughed and said. “I have two conditions. As long as you can agree to one of them, I will help you.”

“What conditions?” asked Bai Ruochen.

Chu Feng did not answer her. Instead, he displayed a shameless smile, and said with a very vulgar tone. “Let me kiss your little lips.”

“You… shameless!” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen’s cheeks immediately turned red. At the same time, anger filled her eyes. Without saying another word, she waved her sleeve and proceeded to leave.

If it was anyone other than Chu Feng that had said these words to her, she would’ve already given that person two large slaps to the face. Even if she did not kill that person, she would make that person a cripple. To a woman like Bai Ruochen, what she could not stand the most was this sort of harassment.

“Haha…” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng started to laugh.

Actually, Chu Feng knew beforehand that Bai Ruochen would refuse him. After interacting with her for the previous months, Chu Feng found out that not only was Bai Ruochen’s temperament very icy cold, she was also a girl determined to keep herself pure. A demand like the one that he had made, would most definitely be rejected by Bai Ruochen. Furthermore, it would also make her angry.

However, although he had already anticipated the result, he still found it to be very enjoyable to watch Bai Ruochen’s intense reactions. After all, this was only a demand from him, and he did not actually do anything. Yet, it made Bai Ruochen this angry. This meant that Bai Ruochen was truly a very pure girl.

However, why was it that even though he knew this was going to happen, Chu Feng still decided to do it? Actually, this was all a trap laid down by Chu Feng so that Bai Ruochen would agree to his second demand.

Therefore, Chu Feng hurriedly caught up to Bai Ruochen and said. “It’s fine for you to refuse that demand; I still have my second demand.”

“Scram, I do not wish to speak with you.” Bai Ruochen was truly angry. At this moment, the redness of her face began to recede. However, the angry expression was still not lowered in the slightest.

“In that case, do you not wish to obtain a General Flag and get a headstart at the starting point?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“There’s no need. Even without you, I am still able to obtain a General Flag. Who knows, perhaps I might even be able to obtain the Commander Flag,” said Bai Ruochen while gnashing her teeth in anger.

“Yoh, how come you’ve suddenly become this confident? Did you really think that you’ll be able to find them? From where I stand, it seemed that those three disciples from the Three Cyanwood Forests, and that Yuan Qing from the Orion Monastery, are not that easy to deal with,” said Chu Feng.

As Wang Yan and the others had inspected Chu Feng, it was only natural for Chu Feng and those with him to have inspected Wang Yan and the others. They knew about Wang Yan and the others’ identities and strength. Actually, the reason why Bai Ruochen asked for Chu Feng’s help was because of them.

After all, as this forest of stones was so enormous, strength would only play a part of the role in finding the flags. As for the other portion, it would be luck. If one did not possess absolute strength and heavenly luck, they might really miss out on the good opportunity, and have the flags obtained by others.

However, Bai Ruochen continued to ignore Chu Feng and proceeded to continue onward. One could tell that she was truly angered by Chu Feng. However, to Chu Feng, the appearance of Bai Ruochen being angry was rather rare and interesting. After all, no matter how one looked at a beauty, she would still be a beauty.

Thus, Chu Feng did not give up, and took out his shameless spirit that he would only use on beauties. He caught up to Bai Ruochen again and said. “My second demand is much more simple. You merely need to tell me your mother’s name.”

“What?” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen was surprised. She stopped her footsteps and looked to Chu Feng with a confused expression. “Why do you want to know that?”

“No one knows about your mother’s name, making it a mystery. As it is so mysterious, I have also become curious about it.”

“However, if you really cannot tell me, then you can pretend that I have not mentioned these two demands of mine. With our relationship, I will actually help you without any conditions. Those words I spoke earlier, you can just think that I was joking around,” said Chu Feng while smiling.

“My mother’s name is Bai Suyan. Do not tell others about it. Also, do not tell anyone that it is me who told you her name. Even if my mother asked about it, you cannot tell her.” Bai Ruochen said these words to Chu Feng through voice transmission. After she finished saying them, she proceeded to continue forward.

“She’s also surnamed Bai? Could it be that Bai Ruochen is following her mother’s surname?” At this moment, Chu Feng began to ponder. The reason why he asked Bai Ruochen about her mother’s name was because he had sensed that Bai Ruochen and her mother were extraordinary people, and therefore wanted to know a bit more about this mother and daughter.

However, he only pondered for a moment before catching up to Bai Ruochen. With a very serious expression, he said to Bai Ruochen. “There is something that I must tell you.”

“What is it?” Seeing this, Bai Ruochen hurriedly asked.

“Your mother’s name sounds better than yours.” Chu Feng opened his mouth and spoke with mischievous laughter.

“There’s something wrong with your head.” Bai Ruochen stared at Chu Feng. The expression of displeasure that was originally gone from her face emerged onto her face once again. She knew that she was played a fool by Chu Feng.

“In that case, let me tell you another thing,” said Chu Feng.

“Not going to listen.” Bai Ruochen increased her speed.

As for Chu Feng, he chased after her and said. “However, you’re prettier than your mother.”

Bai Ruochen took a glance at Chu Feng; she did not respond to him and continued onward. However, her expression became a bit better.

Seeing that, Chu Feng continued to pursue her. WIth a beaming smile, he said. “Truly, even during the time when your mother’s beauty is at her greatest, she would definitely be inferior to the current you.”

“Senseless.” Bai Ruochen gave Chu Feng a side eye. However, the annoyed and displeased expression on her face was completely gone now. It was so much so that her gaze seemed to have become many times gentler.

Women were such creatures. Regardless of whether they were pretty or ugly, they wished that others would praise them. Of course, one must also consider who the person speaking those words was. For some people, their praise would only make a woman be fed up with it. However, for some other people, their praise would make a woman burst with joy. As for Chu Feng, he was obviously the latter.


Right at this moment, the surrounding space suddenly started to violently tremble. A powerful ripple was rapidly charging toward the two of them from behind.

At this moment, both Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen stopped their footsteps and turned their heads behind to look. They discovered four silhouettes flying over with powerful oppressive might. In a blink of an eye, the four people stopped before them.

These four individuals were precisely the hottest candidates for obtaining the Commander Flag in this Commander Contest: Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Huang Juan and Yuan Qing.