Chapter 1005 - Mysterious Sealing Formation

MGA: Chapter 1005 - Mysterious Sealing Formation

Chu Feng had drifted through the vast and boundless Heavenly Road for a long time. Even he himself was unable to remember exactly how much time had passed.

That was because there was no sun in the sky within the Heavenly Road, the concept of time was indistinct within it. In this place, all Chu Feng could do was allow himself to be pushed adrift by that enormous force, pushing him forward.

It could be said that the current Chu Feng was equivalent to a speck of dust drifting within a hurricane, a leaf in a river. He was incapable of doing anything, all he could do was hope that he’d be able to arrive at his destination, or the shore on the other side, at an earlier time. That was because the shore on the other side was the place he had once yearned for, the Holy Land of Martialism.

Chu Feng had experienced an unforeseen event within the Heavenly Road. The Heavenly Road which he was in was originally not vast, it could only allow for Chu Feng himself to pass through, and would’ve been too much if there was another person.

However, the unforeseen event had caused the narrow Heavenly Road that Chu Feng was traveling on to enter into the vast and boundless Heavenly Road. In other words, the Heavenly Road now resembled more like a “Heavenly Road.”

Although Chu Feng could only drift with the waves, his surroundings was not pitch black darkness. Instead, it was filled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. It was like he was drifting through the boundless starry sky.

That sort of sensation was very unique. It even gave off a sensation of clearing one’s spirit and brightening one’s day; it was extremely comfortable.

Merely, before Chu Feng could enjoy this sort of special sensation, he was forced to leave. That was because a dazzling radiance had already appeared before him.

Following this radiance, Chu Feng saw a brand new world. He knew that place ought to be the place he wished to reach.


Like an arrow leaving a bow, Chu Feng sped through the air. Due to the fact that he had been flying at a high speed for a long time, when he left the Heavenly Road, he grew accustomed to the speed and flew forward with great speed.

Chu Feng stopped his body, he discovered that he had completely left the Heavenly Road and below his foot was a boundless ocean. Turning around to look, the exit of the Heavenly Road was several miles behind him.

The exit of the Heavenly Road was very similar to the entrance of the Heavenly Road, it could even be said that they were exactly the same - it was formed through the condensation of an enormous and majestic formation. However, Chu Feng knew that this place was not the Eastern Sea Region; it was instead the Holy Land of Martialism.

That was because the ocean here was even deeper, it was truly bottomlessly deep. As for the waves, they were even more ferocious. Even the smallest wave was several meters tall. As for the blue sky and the white clouds in this area, it too was higher and further away from the horizon.

However, what assured Chu Feng that this place was the Holy Land of Martialism was neither the deeper sea nor the higher sky. Instead, it was the formless yet visible energy that flew through the world.

Martial Power, the Martial Lord’s powerful origin energy. In this world, this Martial Energy was even denser. In this place, Martial Power, Heavenly Power, Profound Power, Origin Power and even Spiritual Power was over several times denser than that of the Eastern Sea Region and the Nine Provinces Continent.

Likely even those people who didn’t practice martial arts would feel spirited and clear just by breathing in a mouthful of air. If one was able to breathe this sort of air everyday, then even ordinary people would be able to live many years longer.

“Jijiji~~” Right at this moment, the sound of birds started to echo. Furthermore, the sound grew closer and closer. Chu Feng raised his head and saw a flock of birds flying toward him from the horizon in the distant.

As for those birds, Chu Feng was familiar with them. Regardless of whether it was their appearance or the sound they emitted, they were, without a doubt, sparrows. However, that flock of ordinary sparrows, each and every one of them were as big as an eagle.

“The Holy Land of Martialism is truly a paradise; even sparrows are capable of growing this strong.” Seeing the flock of sparrows, an expectant smile appeared on Chu Feng. He knew that this place would be a new journey for him.


Right at this moment, several rays of light suddenly appeared in the empty sky. Like sharp blades, they flew above the flock of sparrows. As for the places that they passed, all of the sparrows ended up dying. A small area of blood rain, containing with it the limbs and feathers of the sparrows, fell from the sky.

“What is this?” Seeing this sudden slaughter without warning, Chu Feng was at a loss. However, the changes to his surroundings were merely the beginning.

The amount of light rays grew more and more. At the same time, they started to interweave with one another. In the end, an enormous net was formed, blocking this region of ocean.

“Formation? Who created this sort of formation at this place?”

At this moment, Chu Feng started frowning. He already recognized that the rays of light were actually a formation. Moreover, it was a very powerful formation. This formation had sealed off the blue sky to the top and sealed off the ocean to the bottom. Furthermore, its defensive power was extremely powerful. Even if it was Chu Feng, he wouldn’t be able to pass through it.

The formation had completely sealed off Chu Feng at this place. As for Chu Feng, he was incapable of breaking it apart. In other words, it was possible for the formation to trap Chu Feng till his death.

“Hum.” This formation was not as simple as it appeared. When Chu Feng started searching all around for the person that created this formation, ripples started to appear within it.

Slowly, the ripples condensed together. In the end, they formed a figure of light. That figure of light possessed the shape of a person. Although a figure of light, it possessed the same cultivation as Chu Feng - rank eight Martial Lord.

“Ao~~~~~.” Right after this human shaped figure of light finished condensing, it emitted a strange cry, flew toward Chu Feng, and started attacking him.

That human shaped figure of light was extremely powerful. Furthermore, its battle power was extraordinary too. The attacks of it, which possessed the strength of rank eight Martial Lord, could be said to be world-shakingly powerful.

“Humph.” However, no matter how strong that figure of light was, it was worthless to Chu Feng. Chu Feng stood there motionlessly; he only coldly snorted. An oppressive might appeared as per his desire. While his clothes drifted, the oppressive might, like a formless hurricane, swept toward that human shaped figure of light.

Chu Feng’s attack was too fast. Before that human shaped figure of light could react, it was already enveloped by Chu Feng’s oppressive might. After that, it was forcibly crushed apart into pieces.

“Hum, hum, hum…”

However, before the first wave subsided, a new wave arose. After Chu Feng crushed that human shaped figure of light to pieces, before he could rejoice over it, ten more human shaped figures of light were condensed in his surroundings.

Looking from the outer appearance, these ten human shaped figures of light were exactly the same as the previous human shaped figure of light. Even their cultivations were the same - rank eight Martial Lord; but their battle powers were completely different. These ten human shaped figures of light, each and every one of them possessed strength infinitely near that of rank nine Martial Lords.

“Ao~~~~”After these ten human shaped figures of light appeared, they acted exactly the same as the figure of light from before. They roared and directly rushed to attack Chu Feng.

However, this time was the same as last time. Chu Feng did not even move. With merely his oppressive might, he beheaded all ten figures of light.

“Is this never going to end?” After beheading these ten figures of light, Chu Feng frowned once more. That was because at this moment, a hundred such human shaped figures of light appeared in his surrounding. Furthermore, the cultivation of these hundred figures of light were no longer rank eight Martial Lords and were instead rank nine Martial Lords.