Chapter 1653 - Witch Descended From Heaven

MGA: Chapter 1653 - Witch Descended From Heaven

“It’s that troublesome?” Nangong Moli had an astonished expression. After that, she had an expression of disappointment.

“Indeed, it’s very troublesome. However, it’s all because your Nangong Imperial Clan possessed robust strength, and was able to even have Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists work for you all,” Chu Feng had a smile on his face. His words contained special implications.

“I extremely dislike that White-browed Immortal. I also dislike his disciple. I keep feeling that the two of them, master and disciple, are not good people,” Nangong Moli was very smart. She knew that Chu Feng was talking about the White-browed Immortal.

“Birds of a feather flock together. It is not only the White-browed Immortal and his disciple, you must also be careful of your clan chief.”

“After you return to the Nangong Imperial Clan, do not run around. Instead, stay with Aunt Lian and the others,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn, after what has happened, I will definitely not run around anymore. I’ll stay with Aunt Lian, big brother and big sister,” Nangong Moli said.

Afterward, Chu Feng landed from the sky, arrived beside Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi and plundered all the treasures they had on them.

Chu Feng had an idea. Even though he would not kill Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi, Chu Feng was determined to not let them get away this easily.

Thus, Chu Feng planned to have Nangong Moli return to the Nangong Imperial Clan first. He wanted to wait until Nangong Moli safely returned to Aunt Lian and the others.

Then, Chu Feng would choose a very populated city, strip the clothing off Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianhu, then hang them on the city gate to humiliate the Nangong Imperial Clan.

“This aura, Moli, careful.”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly started to frown. He immediately grabbed Nangong Moli and started escaping without concerning himself with Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianhu.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt a very frightening killing intent That killing intent was charging toward him with an extremely fast speed. It was so quick that one’s hair would stand up upon feeling it. Most importantly, it seemed to be fixed upon Chu Feng, and was coming at him.


Before Chu Feng could escape, in a flash, that frightening power smashed Chu Feng into the ground.

“Damn it, I’ve actually been discovered in such a place.”

Chu Feng was frowning very deeply. He had truly never expected to be discovered by someone from the Nangong Imperial Clan in such a place. Not only had he been discovered, he had also been captured.

The reason for that was because that frightening power had already sealed off this region of space. Chu Feng was simply unable to escape at all. The reason for that was because his opponent was a Martial Emperor.

“This is?” However, when Chu Feng raised his head and carefully looked around, his expression turned to one of shock.

At this moment, there was another person in this enormous crater alongside him and Nangong Moli. It was a woman.

This woman had white, snow-like hair. However, she was not a wrinkled old lady. Instead, she had jade-like skin, and showed traces of wellness.

However, she had an ice-cold expression. There was not a single trace of emotion on her face. As for her eyes, they were filled with killing intent.

Chu Feng was someone who had experienced a lot of things. He had experienced a lot of frightening characters. However, Chu Feng’s heart trembled upon his first glance at this woman. This woman’s killing intent was simply too strong.

However, what shocked Chu Feng was not this woman’s facial features. Rather, not only was this woman not wearing the clothing of the Nangong Imperial Clan, her body was even semi-transparent. She was simply not a human at all. Instead, she was either a consciousness or a clone.

Furthermore, at this moment, she was very weak. It was as if she could disappear at the very next second.

Right at this moment, that woman suddenly cast her sharp gaze onto Chu Feng.

“Properly look after it for me. Do not lose it.”

“I will come and find you. When I find you, if you are still here while it has disappeared, I will definitely make you meet a miserable death,” The woman handed a scroll to Chu Feng.

Then, without asking whether Chu Feng was willing to accept it or not, she turned into a golden strand of light and shot into Chu Feng’s chest.


At this moment, Chu Feng sucked in a mouthful of air. The reason for that was because he felt an unbearable pain when that woman entered his chest.

However, that pain only lasted for a moment before disappearing. At this moment, Chu Feng hurriedly opened his clothes. Only then did he discover that a golden imprint had suddenly appeared on his chest.

After discovering that imprint on his chest, the first thing Chu Feng tried to do was remove it.

However, Chu Feng was speechless to find that he was unable to remove the imprint. In fact, even after Chu Feng cut out the meat around his chest, that imprint was still there. It was simply impossible for Chu Feng to remove it.

“What’s this? She didn’t come to capture me, but had instead come to make me look after an item?”

“Exactly who are you? We don’t even know each other, why did you suddenly have me safeguard your item? Furthermore, it’s one thing to safeguard something for you. Yet, you actually even threatened me that you’ll kill me if I am to discard it.”

“Hey, hey, say something at the very least. What's going on with you?”

Chu Feng felt very helpless. A frightening woman like this had suddenly appeared. Without saying anything else, she had Chu Feng safeguard an item for her. Furthermore, she had left an imprint on Chu Feng’s body so that she could find him in the future.

However, no matter what, this was still better than encountering someone from the Nangong Imperial Clan. At the very least, Chu Feng did not have to die.

“Big brother Chu Feng, what is this?” Nangong Moli picked up the scroll that the woman had handed Chu Feng.

Chu Feng took a glance at the scroll. Immediately, he knew that it was a remarkable item. However, there was a spirit formation on the scroll. Furthermore, that spirit formation had been set up by a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Thus, it was simply impossible for Chu Feng to open it. In turn, it was impossible for Chu Feng to know what was recorded on the scroll.

Furthermore, even if he could open it, Chu Feng would not dare to do so. He knew that the frightening woman from earlier had merely been a clone. Even though she had turned into an imprint, her actual body was definitely still present somewhere. Furthermore, her actual body would come to find him sooner or later.

With the killing intent that had been emitted by that woman, if Chu Feng dared to do anything to her possessions, Chu Feng would likely be unable to keep his little life. Thus, even if Chu Feng was able to open that scroll, he would not dare to do so.

“Moli, your big brother Chu Feng now thoroughly understands how dangerous the Overlord Domain is,” Chu Feng said.

“Why’s that?” Nangong Moli asked.

“This is simply a place with monsters on a rampage. Back then, when I was in other domains, it was extremely difficult for me to encounter a single Martial Emperor.”

“After coming to the Overlord Domain, there are so many Martial Emperors. It’s one thing if they’re Martial Emperors. But, why must I encounter people that are this dangerous all the time?” Chu Feng said.

“Actually, Moli has been out playing very frequently too. However, very rarely does she ever encounter powerful seniors. It is also the first time that I’ve met a senior as powerful as the one before,” Nangong Moli said.

“You’re saying that… I am extremely unlucky to encounter all these unfortuitous things?” Chu Feng asked.

“That really seems to be the case,” Nangong Moli nodded her head earnestly.

Chu Feng smiled bitterly. He was feeling very helpless. At this time, he hoped that frightening woman would come find him sooner and take away that scroll from him. He also hoped that she would not make things difficult for him after she took that scroll away.

Furthermore, he hoped that she would be able to help him remove the imprint and return his freedom to him.

After all, Chu Feng was currently the Nangong Imperial Clan’s wanted criminal. It was naturally not very good for him to have an imprint on his body that told others his location.