Chapter 1649 - Cyan Rainbow Sword

MGA: Chapter 1649 - Cyan Rainbow Sword

“Big brother Chu Feng.”

At this moment, the shackles around Nangong Moli’s hands was removed by Chu Feng. This little girl directly threw herself into Chu Feng’s bosom. Tears began to flow from her eyes nonstop. In fact, her petite body was even twitching nonstop.

Back then, when Nangong Moli had been bullied by Nangong Tianshi, she did not even utter a single sound of pain or shed a single tear.

However, it remained that she was still a girl, and a child on top of that. Thus, after she saw Chu Feng, all of the grievances she felt in her heart were immediately revealed.

“Moli, it’s alright now. With big brother Chu Feng here, they will not be able to harm you.”

Chu Feng gently caressed Nangong Moli, who was in his bosom. He was feeling very pained for all the suffering she had endured. However, his gaze was fixed on Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi. It was a gaze of anger. Traces of killing intent were already in his gaze.

“Big brother Chu Feng, Moli is fine. Moli is already feeling very relieved to see that you’re fine,” Nangong Moli resisted her urge to cry and revealed a sweet smile.

Not only that, she even asked Chu Feng worriedly, “Big brother Chu Feng, since you’ve left the Nangong Imperial Clan, why did you not go far away, and instead return to save me? Did you not know that the Nangong Imperial Clan is posting wanted posters for you all over the place, and they are looking to capture you dead or alive?”

Even though Nangong Moli was a young child, she was very intelligent and knew about everything. She knew that the situation right now was extremely bad for Chu Feng.

“I heard that your older sister, Nangong Ya and Aunt Lian were imprisoned because of me. Thus, I was unable to be at ease.”

“I had wanted to return to the Nangong Imperial Clan to inquire about their current situation. However, to my surprise, I encountered your two scumbag brothers bringing you out. Thus, I ended up tailing you all,” Chu Feng truthfully told Nangong Moli what had happened.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you must definitely not return. Aunt Lian and the others are all fine. You do not have to worry about them,” Nangong Moli said.

“Moli, is what you said true?” Chu Feng was skeptical.

“Moli would not deceive big brother Chu Feng. Oh, that’s right. Big brother Chu Feng, don’t you know Lord Longjian?”

“Lord Longjian is very cold and detached towards others. Even though he is clearly Lord Clan Chief’s blood brother, he rarely associates himself with Lord Clan Chief. However, there is one exception, and that is Aunt Lian. Lord Longjian truly considers Aunt Lian as his younger sister. Furthermore, he once swore that if anyone dared to touch Aunt Lian, regardless of who it might be, he would still not let them get away.”

“Thus, even though Aunt Lian is being imprisoned, it will only be to the point that her freedom is restricted. Right now, she is completely fine within the Nangong Imperial Clan. Furthermore, by her request, big brother Ya and my big sister have both gone to accompany her. They are all fine,” Nangong Moli said with a serious expression.

After hearing what she said, Chu Feng felt a lot more at ease. Chu Feng’s perception was very strong. Thus, he was able to tell that Nangong Moli was not lying. Evidently, what she had said was the truth.

“Then, what about you? Why did you suddenly get kidnapped and brought out by those two?” Chu Feng asked.

“Originally, it was Aunt Lian who had been protecting me the entire time. Even when Aunt Lian was not there, big brother Ya and my big sister would also not leave me by myself.”

“But right now, all three of them have had their freedom restricted. Thus, there’s no one to accompany me. Furthermore, our clan is currently rebuilding itself. Thus, it is extremely chaotic. As such, no one paid any attention to me.”

“I found myself alone and bored. Thus, I ended up roaming around. After I ran into those two, they began to insult big brother Chu Feng. As such, I started to refute their insults. This caused them to fly into a rage and kidnap me. They even declared that they would use me to force you out.”

“Originally, I had thought that the two of them were joking. It was only later that I found out that they were not joking. Even though I thought of them as my older brothers, they were actually this heartless,” When mentioning this matter, Nangong Moli stared fiercely at Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi. A very deep sense of hatred was present within her eyes.

It could be seen that the hatred Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianhu had left in Nangong Moli’s heart this time around would likely not be easily removed.

“You should not have considered people like them your older brothers to begin with. However, it’s alright. I will not allow them to bully you without paying the price. I will avenge you right away,” As Chu Feng spoke, he set up an extremely powerful spirit formation that protected Nangong Moli. He was planning to attack Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi personally.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you must not be careless. The two of them are actually quite powerful. When they were at the same level of cultivation, Nangong Tianshi once swapped pointers with big brother Ya. Yet big brother Ya was unable to win against him,” Nangong Moli warned.

“There’s actually such a thing?” After hearing what Nangong Moli said, Chu Feng had a whole new level of respect for Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianhu.

“Interesting, truly interesting,” Right at this moment, Nangong Tianhu burst into crazy laughter.

“In the past, I had only heard about the legends of the Water Immortal Profound Technique. Today, after experiencing it for myself, I see that it is indeed very powerful. Even though it’s a secret skill, it is capable of fighting independently like another person. If one were able to grasp this secret skill, one would no longer have to fight alone. Instead, there would always be another person to fight with you.”

“Furthermore, its power is a level of cultivation above its master. From another point of view, the Water Immortal Profound Technique is simply even more powerful than Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.”

“It is no wonder the Five Elements Secret Skills have been so widely sought after since the Ancient Era. Today, I have finally realized their value.”

“A secret skill like that was actually obtained by our Nangong Imperial Clan. This is truly our Nangong Imperial Clan’s fortune. Hahaha…” Nangong Tianshi also started to laugh heartily.

“Your Nangong Imperial Clan’s secret skill? I think you two are mistaken about the situation here. Right now, that secret skill is mine,” Chu Feng sneered.

“Yours? It will soon be mine,” Suddenly, Nangong Tianhu flipped his palm, and a cyan sword appeared in his hand.

Once this sword appeared, a very powerful aura swept forth. Even space started to violently tremble. The violent sea in the sky was blown away by it.

Following that, Nangong Tianhu’s battle power rose dramatically. He had managed to stop the Water Immortal Profound Technique by himself.

“An Incomplete Imperial Armament?!” Chu Feng’s eyes shrank upon seeing Nangong Tianhu’s weapon. He was able to tell that his weapon was not a copy. Rather, it was an actual Incomplete Imperial Armament. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to possess a might this powerful. In fact, his Incomplete Imperial Armament seemed to be even stronger, even more ferocious, than Tantai Xue’s Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute.

“Country bumpkin, could it be that this is the first time you’re seeing an Incomplete Imperial Armament? Might as well tell you. My second brother’s Incomplete Imperial Armament is called the Cyan Rainbow Sword. It was created by the strongest Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist from ten thousand years ago, Grandmaster Rainbow. Grandmaster Rainbow is someone who existed in the same era as Emperor Qing, Qing Xuantian!”

“Furthermore, this Cyan Rainbow Sword is one of his most outstanding works,” At this moment, Nangong Tianshi had broken away from the Water Immortal Profound Technique and arrived behind Chu Feng. However, he was not in a rush to attack Chu Feng right away. Instead, he began to brag about his second brother’s weapon.

“So it’s actually called the Cyan Rainbow Sword. Indeed, it’s a rare, good weapon. Unfortunately, your second brother is unable to obtain the true acknowledgement of that weapon.”

“If my guess is correct, your second brother is simply unable to conquer that Cyan Rainbow Sword at all. It is through the help of someone else that your second brother managed to make it approve of him as its master.”

“However, it is precisely because of this that your second brother is simply unable to unleash that Cyan Rainbow Sword’s true strength. If that Cyan Rainbow Sword were to be in my hands, hehe… it would be completely different.” Speaking till this point, a complacent smile appeared on Chu Feng’s lips. An actual Incomplete Imperial Armament was before him. As such, how could Chu Feng possibly let it slip by him?

Even though that Cyan Rainbow Sword was still Nangong Tianhu’s possession, in Chu Feng’s eyes, it was already his.

An actual Incomplete Imperial Armament was not a copy. Thus, it possessed an actual Emperor’s Might.

If he could conquer the Cyan Rainbow Sword through absolute submission, not only would he be able to have the Cyan Rainbow Sword serve him, he would also be able to obtain a portion of the Cyan Rainbow Sword’s power and add it to his cultivation. Even if he were unable to break through, it would still provide a foundation for future breakthroughs.

Upon thinking of this, the smile on Chu Feng’s face grew even stronger.