Chapter 1567 - Qunguang Brothers

MGA: Chapter 1567 - Qunguang Brothers

Chu Feng, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli continued onward. They encountered many sea monsters on their journey. However, it seemed that none of the sea monsters underneath rank five Half Martial Emperor were able to trouble Chu Feng.

However, it was as that old man had said. After they continued onward, the most difficult aspect was not the sea monsters. Instead, it was the weather.

The violent wind blocked their line of sight. The torrential rain was so heavy that it looked like solid pillars. Most importantly, contained within the violent storm of wind and rain were very strong powers capable of attacking one’s body.

How could this even be said to be wind and rain? It was simply a slaughtering formation. Those below Half Martial Emperor would simply not be able to resist the wind and rain. Even for Half Martial Emperor-level experts, they would not be able to resist it for an extended period of time. For someone like Nangong Moli, there was even less of a need to mention how difficult it was.

Fortunately, Chu Feng possessed very powerful world spirit techniques. Using the absolute defense of his world spirit formation, Chu Feng had allowed Nangong Moli and Nangong Baihe to not feel any pressure.

However, this came with a very great price to Chu Feng. To use spirit formations in such a place for an extended period of time was a very strenuous thing to do. Fortunately, Chu Feng possessed extraordinary world spirit techniques. Else, he would truly not be able to withstand the storm.

At this moment, the storm of wind and rain was still as violent as before. The sound of the sea waves and the roaring wind was like the howls of countless ferocious beasts. Hearing them, one would feel frightened to the bone.

Chu Feng and the others were walking on top of such a sea. A golden spirit formation barrier covered them. This spirit formation barrier allowed the three of them to not be rained on or blown by the wind. However, that pressure still caused Chu Feng to feel great difficulty in taking every step.

“Big brother, should we rest a bit? It would be fine for us to continue onward after resting for a bit,” Even though Nangong Moli was feeling very relaxed at the moment, she was also feeling very pained to see Chu Feng’s strenuous appearance.

“Chu Feng, what my lil sis said is correct. Let’s take a rest,” Even Nangong Baihe was moved. On their journey here, if it hadn’t been for Chu Feng, even if she and her younger sister hadn’t been eaten by the sea monsters, they would still have been killed by this sort of weather.

The reason why they were able to feel so at ease and safe was because Chu Feng had decided to shoulder all of the difficulties, all of the calamities, by himself.

Thus, regardless of how cold-hearted Nangong Baihe might be, she would still be very emotionally moved by Chu Feng. Regardless, she was not inherently a cold-hearted person.

“It’s alright. That isle is ahead. Let’s properly rest after we reach the isle,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Really? Why can’t I see it?” Nangong Baihe’s eyes shone with radiance. She had used a special technique, and yet, even though she was a gold-cloak world spiritist, she was unable to see anything. In such vile weather, the range of her line of sight was only several tens of meters.

“Trust me, it’s right ahead,” Chu Feng said confidently.

Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had said. After they traveled another thousand meters, an isle really appeared.

After they set foot onto the isle, not only did the howling wind and torrential rain stop, even the sky became clear. With a blue sky and white clouds, it was truly a beautiful scene. In fact, one could even hear the sounds of birds and smell the fragrant flowers on the isle.

However, when they looked backwards, torrential rain covered the entire sea. It could be said that other than the small region contained within the isle, the rest of the sea was still filled with extremely frightening and vile weather.

“Wow, this is so magical!” Even though Nangong Moli was already twelve years old, she had the temperament of a child. [1.But she is actually a child ...isn’t she?] After finally getting away from that vile weather, she immediately started to let loose her joy. Her appearance was truly adorable.

At this moment, it was Nangong Baihe who was more considerate. With a nervous expression, she looked to Chu Feng and asked, “Chu Feng, are you alright?”

“Rest assured, I’m fine,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. He was not lying. Even though he was covered with sweat, his spirit power was much stronger than an ordinary person’s. Thus, he was truly not hindered too much. Merely, he appeared to be a bit weak in health.

“Really? You must not try to persist if you cannot. Else, if something were to happen to you, this lady here and my lil sis would be out of luck.” Seeing that Chu Feng really did appear to be fine, Nangong Baihe immediately displayed her arrogant young miss behavior.

“Never would we have expected that even the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan would arrive. Welcome, welcome.” Right at this moment, voices sounded from the center of the isle. Turning their heads toward the voice, Chu Feng and the others discovered that there were actually people on the island.

They were three men, two women and an old man. The cultivations of the three men and two women were truly not very powerful. They were all Martial Kings. The strongest among them was only on par with Chu Feng, a rank eight Martial King. The weakest was even weaker than Nangong Moli, a rank five Martial King.

It was likely only because of that old man that they had been able to reach this place. That old man had the cultivation of a rank three Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, judging by their outfits, they should all have been from the same power.

It was only afterward that Chu Feng came to know that, as expected, they were from the same power. Fortunately, they did not separate in the storm. That was why they had all managed to arrive here. They could be considered to be extremely lucky.

After reaching the isle, Chu Feng asked curiously, “Excuse me, are you all the only people on this isle?”

“No, a lot of people have come in succession. However, the majority of them have left. Other than us master and disciples, there are only two other people on this island.”

“However, those two people are very ferocious. It’s best that you all do not provoke them. They are not fond of strangers, and we have been driven out by them,” That old man said as he pointed to a palace on the isle.

“Driven out? What do you mean?” Nangong Baihe asked.

“There is a map in the palace. Furthermore, it contains a place for one to rest, as well as a lot of delicacies. However, those two men forcibly seized that place for themselves, and refused us entry,” That old man said.

“How absurd! I wish to see who it is who dares to act this arrogant,” Nangong Baihe stood up and began to walk toward the palace. Chu Feng and Nangong Moli also followed behind her.

After they arrived at the palace hall and opened the entrance, a delicious smell immediately hit them in the face. It was the smell of barbecue. There were two meter-long lamb legs that were being roasted on top of a fire spirit formation in the middle of the palace hall.

Sitting on the two sides of the fire formation were two middle-aged men. One was a robust burly man with an ominous gaze. The other was a thin and weak-looking white-haired man with a nefarious gaze. The aura emitted by these two men were both those of rank three Half Martial Emperors.

Even though one of them was big and the other was thin, they resembled each other. Likely, the two of them were brothers. However, both of their faces and bodies were covered with scars. From a glance, they appeared to be extremely ferocious, and didn’t look like good people.

“Big sister, those two people look so scary,” Nangong Moli was frightened by their appearances and immediately hugged Nangong Baihe.

“Yoh, it’s actually the two young misses of the Nangong Clan. Truly excuse us for not coming out to greet you two,” When they saw Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli, the two middle-aged men appeared to be somewhat surprised. They carefully inspected their surroundings, and only stood up after they discovered that it was only Chu Feng, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli who had come. Then, with polite smiles on their faces, they walked over.

“I am Lei Buqun…”

“I am Lei Buguang…”

“Everyone addresses us brothers as Qunguang Brothers. May we know how we should address the two young misses?”

“You do not have to know our names. I merely wish to ask you two whether it was the two of you who drove those people out,” said Nangong Baihe as she pointed at the people outside.

“My, how could there be such a thing? Do not listen to their nonsense. We are not that sort of people,” These two middle-aged men seemed to fear the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan. They did not admit to their malicious deed. However, when they responded to Nangong Baihe, they appeared to have a bit of a guilty conscience.

Chu Feng noticed that both of them had their hand on their Cosmos Sacks. It was the motion of someone trying to take out their weapon.