Chapter 1644 - Both Sides Suffer

 MGA: Chapter 1644 - Both Sides Suffer

That enormous sword was extremely large. In terms of size, it was not at all smaller than the Asura Evil Spirit. It was capable of hiding the sky and covering the earth. Its length was continuous for several miles, and it left an enormous shadow behind on the ground.

Furthermore, this golden sword was emitting a very intense amount of Emperor’s Might. Not only was there a giant dragon carved on the sword, the sword also produced dragon roars when it was used to attack.

One could faintly see a giant dragon’s shadow moving about alongside the enormous golden dragon sword. Furthermore, this giant dragon’s shadow was even larger than the golden dragon from before. In fact, it was even larger than the Asura Evil Spirit.


Suddenly, the enormous golden dragon sword suddenly sped up. It turned into a golden blur and hacked downward. It actually managed to directly hack the black dragon formed by the Asura Evil Spirit in two.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

After that, the enormous golden dragon sword let out multiple slashes in succession. It sliced the black dragon formed by the Asura Evil Spirit into multiple pieces, turning it into many dark black gaseous flames that began to flee into the distance.

The dark black gaseous flames first broke through the city’s spirit formation barrier. Then, they entered the mountains. Following that, a loud explosion was heard. It was evident that they had charged through the spirit formation barrier outside of the mountain.

The Asura Evil Spirit was actually defeated. Not only was it defeated, it was even fleeing.

Seeing this scene, the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan were all stunned. At this moment, they were at a loss as to what had happened. They were completely shocked.

Originally, they had all thought they would be facing a calamity today. However, at the moment when they were about to give in to despair, an enormous golden dragon sword actually appeared out of nowhere. With absolute power, it had defeated the undefeatable Asura Evil Spirit.

“It’s Lord Longjian! That’s Lord Longjian’s Imperial Armament, the Heavenly Dragon Golden Sword!”

“It is definitely Lord Longjian who came to save us!”

“That’s right, it’s definitely Lord Longjian. Only he possesses the ability to defeat that monster!”

Suddenly, some people started to cry out in alarm. Following that, cries of alarm began to arise from the Nangong Imperial Clansmen repeatedly. They had all managed to react. In the Nangong Imperial Clan, the strongest individual was not the Clan Chief, nor was it the three Supreme Elders. Rather, it was Nangong Longjian.

At this moment, even though the Nangong Imperial Clan had suffered devastation to their city and countless deaths, excited cheers began to sound from the city. The crowd was overjoyed and filled with excitement.

The reason why they were in such joy was because they felt that they had obtained a new lease on life. Before that frightening monster, they had managed to survive.

However, right at the moment when the Nangong Imperial Clansmen were cheering, that enormous Heavenly Dragon Golden Sword suddenly shone with light, then disappeared.

Deep in the mountains, far away from the vast city of the Nangong Imperial Clan, the Imperial Armament, the Heavenly Dragon Golden Sword, reappeared. Merely, when it reappeared, it was no longer the enormous sword that could hide the sky and cover the earth. Rather, it had turned into a nine-foot-long golden sword.

This golden sword flew into the deep forest and arrived at a place with very beautiful scenery.

There were mountain peaks and a waterfall at this place. Before the waterfall stood a man. That golden sword arrived firmly in that man’s hand.

That man had a head of black hair. His hair reached his waist, and was black like ink. As his hair fluttered in the wind, he gave off a very extraordinary air.

This man had a very handsome appearance. While his actual age was unknown, his current appearance was that of a middle-aged man with exceptional charisma.

Even though this man possessed an exceptional appearance and gave off a very imposing air, there was no trace of emotion in his eyes. It was as if he were an emotionless person who was unaffected by anything in this world.





At the moment when the Imperial Armament entered his hand, four figures landed in succession. These four people were the Nangong Imperial Clan’s three Supreme Elders and the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief, Nangong Beidou.

After Nangong Beidou landed, he immediately pointed at Nangong Longjian and began to scold him. “Nangong Longjian, I truly do not know how to lecture you. How could you act in such a manner when you carry on the name of our Nangong Clan?”

“You clearly could have stopped that Asura Evil Spirit long ago. Yet, why did you not act sooner? Why did you only act when our Nangong Imperial Clan suffered enormous casualties? Why did you only act after the three Supreme Elders were injured?”

“Fortunately, the three Supreme Elders possess strong powers. Else, if something were to happen to them, you would not be able to shoulder the responsibility.”

“Are you blaming me? Back then, Imperial Father passed on the status of the Clan Chief to you, so that you could protect our Nangong Imperial Clan.”

“Yet now, not only have you failed to protect our Nangong Imperial Clan, you have instead come to blame me for it?” Nangong Longjian cast a cold side glance at Nangong Beidou. Both his gaze and expression were extremely cold.

“You are simply twisting words and forcing logic. As a member of the Nangong Imperial Clan, do you not also have the duty to protect our Nangong Imperial Clan? Are you implying that you can watch with folded arms?” Nangong Beidou refuted.

“I was in closed-door training. If it wasn’t for the fact that the noise had disturbed my training, I would likely not have awoken.”

“Furthermore, the barrier around the mountain is undamaged. That means that Asura Evil Spirit appeared from within our Nangong Imperial Clan.”

“Only you know exactly what you have done. Thus, in terms of responsibility for that Asura Evil Spirit, it all lies with you.”

Nangong Longjian’s tone was extremely calm. He did not appear to be arguing with Nangong Beidou. However, his tone was also not that of someone speaking to one’s elder brother. Instead, his tone appeared to be the tone of one who was reasoning with a stranger. This attitude from Nangong Longjian caused Nangong Beidou to feel even more enraged.

“Very well. Even if this is my responsibility, why did you release that Evil Spirit when you clearly could have killed it? Do you not fear that it will come back to retaliate against our Nangong Imperial Clan? Do you not fear that it will wantonly kill the younger generation of our Nangong Imperial Clan in the Overlord Domain?”

“Your compassion and leniency have left behind a concealed danger for your Nangong Imperial Clan,” Nangong Beidou continued.

“You are not me... how do you know that I can kill it?” Nangong Longjian asked in return.


“Enough, Beidou, stop talking. If it wasn’t for Longjian, we would all be unable to escape a calamity today,” Right at this moment, one of the three Supreme Elder spoke.

“That’s right. Longjian, it has been five hundred years since we last met. Your cultivation has increased again. Never would I have thought that you would have become a rank five Martial Emperor. You have surpassed us three old men. It has been a very long time since a genius like you last appeared in our Nangong Imperial Clan.”

“Longjian, whether our Nangong Imperial Clan will be able to surpass the Three Palaces in the future will all depend on you,” The other two Supreme Elders also spoke with beaming smiles.

Seeing this, Nangong Beidou’s complexion turned green. Earlier, the three Supreme Elders had spoken of lecturing Nangong Longjian.

Yet, after they saw Nangong Longjian, they actually had a hundred and eighty degree shift in attitude. This left Nangong Beidou extremely speechless.

“Three elders, I was in closed-door training. This time, I was forced to come out of my closed-door training, and have injured my vitality. I must quickly return to closed-door training,” Nangong Longjian said coldly. Even when facing the three Supreme Elders, he still had an expressionless face, as if he were facing some strangers.

“Good, good, good, it’s more important to wholeheartedly train,” The three Supreme Elders nodded with smiles on their faces.

Nangong Longjian did not say anything. He directly turned around and entered the waterfall.

“Beidou, exactly how did that Evil Spirit come to be here?” After Nangong Longjian left, the three Supreme Elders suddenly removed their smiles and began to question Nangong Beidou with serious expressions.

“Three Supreme Elders, this matter is a very long story. Let’s return to the city first. I can slowly tell you all that happened afterward,” Nangong Beidou had a very petty expression on his face as he said those words.

“Very well, this is not a suitable place to speak. We might disturb Longjian’s training. Let’s go, tell us what happened after we return to the city,” The three Supreme Elders began to fly toward the city.

At this moment, Nangong Beidou had a very ugly expression on his face. No matter what, he was still the Clan Chief. Yet, the attitude these three Supreme Elders had toward him and Nangong Longjian were simply too different.

However, even though he was feeling very displeased, there was nothing he could do. He cast a fierce glance at the place where Nangong Longjian was undergoing closed-door training and then turned to leave.


Right after Nangong Beidou left, Nangong Longjian, who had just entered the waterfall, became deathly pale and vomited a mouthful of blood. Then, his knees grew weak, and he half knelt on the ground.