Chapter 1639 - Birth Of Asura

MGA: Chapter 1639 - Birth Of Asura

“Haha, what a joke. A mere brat actually dares to boast like this to me?”

“Very well, do tell exactly what sort of price you can make our Nangong Imperial Clan pay.” Nangong Huayi asked with a cold tone.

“You wish to know? I’ll let you know right away,” As Chu Feng spoke, his arms suddenly moved. His two palms firmly clasped together.


When his palms clasped together, a ray of light immediately started to shine. It was as if the brilliant sun was blossoming between Chu Feng’s palms. It was extremely dazzling.


Immediately afterward, an angry roar actually sounded from Chu Feng’s palms. Following that, boundless dark black gaseous flames began to violently bubble out from Chu Feng’s palms.

In the blink of an eye, the dark black gaseous flames covered the dazzling golden shine.

Most importantly, when the dark black gaseous flames began to bubble forth, the angry roar became more and more ear-piercing.

“What is that?!”

“Exactly what are you?!”

Upon seeing this scene, both Nangong Huayi and Nangong Rongsheng were frightened. They were frightened because they felt a fatal danger the moment Chu Feng’s palms were clasped together.

Furthermore, they discovered that, at this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes had turned jet-black. They simply did not resemble eyes at all.

Not only were there black gaseous flames bubbling out from his palms nonstop, Chu Feng’s chest was also flickering with golden brightness. There was a steady flow of Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spirit energy that was flowing into his palms.

At this moment, neither Nangong Huayi nor Nangong Rongsheng were able to accept what was going on. Firstly, they did not understand why there would be such a boundless amount of Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spirit energy. Secondly, they felt those dark black gaseous flames to be something that Chu Feng should not possess.

Those dark black gaseous flames were simply too frightening, indescribably frightening. At the moment the dark black gaseous flames appeared, both Nangong Huayi and Nangong Rongsheng felt their hairs stand on end, and chills run run down their spines. Their bodies started to tremble uncontrollably.

In fact, it was not only the two of them who were stunned. Even Aunt Lian was stunned. At this moment, as she looked to the current Chu Feng, she had an expression of seeing him for the first time.

The current Chu Feng was extremely dangerous, extremely frightening. He was simply not a human. Rather, he was a demon.

“Regardless of what sort of monster you are, I will still kill you today!”

Suddenly, Nangong Huayi attacked. With a thought, golden Emperor-level martial power turned into three golden-bright and dazzling blades that flew toward Chu Feng.

Two of the three blades were aimed toward Chu Feng’s arms with the intention to hack them off. As for the final blade, it was aimed at Chu Feng’s chest.


However, before the blades could approach Chu Feng, the dark black gaseous flames turned into a black colored whip and directly whipped the three blades away.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

After blocking Nangong Huayi’s attack, the dark black gaseous flames became sharp and pierced toward Nangong Huayi’s dantian.

Seeing this scene, Nangong Huayi tried to subconsciously dodge. However, the dark black gaseous flames suddenly accelerated and became unimaginably fast. With a ‘puu,’ the dark black gaseous flames not only pierced through Nangong Huayi’s body, but also pierced through Nangong Huayi’s dantian.

“This… this cannot be,” Nangong Huayi looked to his blood that was flowing out from the hole in his lower abdomen with an expression of utter shock. He did not dare to believe that all this was real.

“Didn’t you ask me earlier what sort of price you would have to pay to try to kill me, Chu Feng? I’ll tell you right now.”

“You will have to pay a price of blood,” Chu Feng said coldly.


After Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, the dark black gaseous flames flipped upward like a dragon’s tail. As for Nangong Huayi, his body was hacked in two by the flip of the dark black gaseous flames. His blood scattered in the air and sprinkled down like rain.


The dark black gaseous flames that were surging forth were actually changing. They turned into an enormous skeleton. The skeleton opened its enormous mouth and unleashed an extremely ear-piercing roar.

Most importantly, at this moment, it was emitting a very strong killing intent. Even though Aunt Lian and Nangong Rongsheng were both Martial Emperors, had lived for a very long time and encountered a lot of evil things, they had still never encountered such a frightening existence before.

It was as if a ferocious beast that had been hibernating for a very long time was finally awakened. The first thing that it had to do was find food, to kill all living things.


In this sort of situation, the sky was densely covered with black clouds with surging bolts of lightning flickering within them. It seemed as if doomsday had arrived in this region of space. Furthermore, this doomsday was rapidly spreading outward, covering more and more land.

“Damn it!” Nangong Rongsheng discovered that the situation was bad and knew that he could not be concerned with Aunt Lian anymore. He immediately released the golden whip and turned around to flee.


After Nangong Rongsheng started to flee, the dark black gaseous flames actually turned into a sharp blade and shot toward Aunt Lian. They were actually planning to kill Aunt Lian.

Most frighteningly, faced with the incoming blade, even though Aunt Lian was a Martial Emperor and the binding on her had been released, she was unable to escape the blade.

That blade simply did not look like a blade at all. Rather, it was more like the sickle of the reaper. As long as it was aimed toward someone, that person would be destined to die.

“Damn it, this guy, he’s actually refusing my control!” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng started to frown. Immediately, he began to use all of his strength to increase the strength of his spirit formations. Only then did he manage to control the sharp blade that was shooting toward Aunt Lian, allowing her to escape death.

“Aunt Lian, quickly, get away, I am unable to control it,” Chu Feng said with great difficulty.

Aunt Lian did not escape. Instead, she asked worriedly, “Chu Feng, what has happened to you? Exactly what is this?”

“It’s a world spirit, a Martial Emperor-level Asura World Spirit. However, because I’ve used a Taboo Formation Technique, it is no longer a World Spirit, and is now an Evil Spirit.”

“I had thought that I would be able to control it. However, I have still underestimated it. I will soon be unable to control it. Quickly, get away,” Chu Feng shouted with a hoarse voice. He was telling the truth.

Originally, Chu Feng had thought that he he possessed a seventy percent certainty of success in being able to control the Evil Spirit after the preparations he had made.

However, he now discovered that he was mistaken. This Evil Spirit’s power was too strong. He was simply unable to control it. Right now, the only thing he could do was resist it with his all. However, he knew that the Evil Spirit would soon be completely released. When the Evil Spirit was released, Chu Feng was destined to die. It would definitely not let Chu Feng live.

Right at this moment, Eggy’s voice sounded. “Chu Feng, give up on it. In this sort of situation, we can only escape.”

“Escape? How?” Chu Feng asked.

“As another Asura World Spirit, I possess a method to make it unable to detect your existence for a short period of time. I will use this method to cover you right now. Have that Aunt Lian come over too. Stay together, I’ll conceal both of you together,” Eggy said.

Chu Feng did not dare to hesitate. He immediately said to Aunt Lian, “Aunt Lian, come over here, get beside me.”

Aunt Lian did not hesitate either. She immediately arrived beside Chu Feng.

“Lend me your body,” Eggy spoke again.

After Eggy said those words, Chu Feng gave up authority over his body. In a flash, Eggy occupied Chu Feng’s body and began to control it.

“Go, wreak havoc, have the Nangong Imperial Clan know the strength of our Asura Spirit World,” Eggy shouted loudly. Then, she released Chu Feng’s palms.

When Chu Feng’s palms opened, the surging dark black world spirit power became even more violent. In the blink of an eye, it covered the entire sky and earth. Above the horizon was a dark black hole. At this moment, it turned into an enormous humanoid monster that reached the peak of the clouds.


A roar of anger. When this roar of anger sounded, the sky collapsed and the earth caved in. Even space started to disintegrate. This region of space had become utterly dark.

However, there was an enormous pair of crimson eyes that flickered in this darkness like two suns. This pair of crimson eyes possessed boundless killing intent. It was as if their owner possessed the desire to kill all living things.

This Asura World Spirit that had been sealed within Chu Feng for many years was finally released.

Precisely speaking, it was currently no longer an Asura World Spirit. Rather, it was an Asura Evil Spirit.

The birth of Asura, who could possibly stop it?