Chapter 1622 - Coldsnow Dagger

MGA: Chapter 1622 - Coldsnow Dagger

“Even though I am not someone with extraordinary talent, I still regard myself as quite a talented individual. I have been a rank nine Half Martial Emperor for many years. However, I have still not yet managed to sense the opportunity to break through to Martial Emperor. This has inevitably caused me to feel somewhat discouraged.”

“However, in these recent days, I have managed to faintly feel the opportunity to break through. Thus, I wish to find a place to enter closed-door training and attempt to break through.”

“As for exactly where I plan to go, I still do not know yet,” Hong Qiang said.

“That is a matter of happiness. Senior, congratulations!” Chu Feng immediately congratulated Hong Qiang.

Martial Emperor, this was not a realm that just anyone could reach.

Even though Martial Emperor and Half Martial Emperor differed in only a single word, the two of them were completely different realms.

In the Holy Land of Martialism, there were a lot of people who managed to reach the Half Martial Emperor realm. However, for many of them, even after training for thousands of years, even when they died, they still would not be able to sense the opportunity to breakthrough into the Martial Emperor realm.

It could be said like this. While peak Half Martial Emperor was merely a step away from Martial Emperor, this step would allow a person to become an immortal should they be able to cross it. However, if one could not cross it, one would remain a mortal.

For Hong Qiang to be able to sense this opportunity to break through, it was an extremely remarkable feat. Not only was this an opportunity bestowed by the heavens, it was, most importantly, due to Hong Qiang’s outstanding talent.

“Don’t congratulate me so quickly. It’s still hard to say whether or not I’ll be able to break through,” Hong Qiang smiled. However, it could be seen that he was very happy. After all, Martial Emperor was a realm that countless people yearned for.

Just like that, Hong Qiang left. Chu Feng, Tantai Xue, Aunt Lian and the others all came to see him off. Before Hong Qiang left, he sent a secret voice transmission to Chu Feng.

[1. What happened to Hong Qiang telling Dugu Xingfeng and them that he’d take care of Chu Feng? Pelicanv: Well, he’s struggled to do so as a HME, so breaking through to ME would be the only way for him to continue to take care of him ]

“The Nangong Imperial Clan is not a place free from worries. If possible, you shouldn’t stay here too long either.”

Chu Feng naturally knew the meaning behind Hong Qiang’s words. Regardless of how friendly Aunt Lian, Nangong Ya and the others were toward Chu Feng and Tantai Xue, regardless of how hospitable they were toward them, the young masters and young misses from all the powers and even the guards disliked them. All of them possessed a sort of disdain and even hostility toward outsiders.

Chu Feng would not stay here for long. Merely, it was still not yet time for him to leave. Chu Feng needed a place where he could meticulously study how to use the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation and the Evil Spirit Binding Formation more perfectly, so that there would be a higher chance of success.

However, what Chu Feng needed to do first was to unseal the Natural Oddity that Aunt Lian had outbid Evildoer Tie over and won for him in the Heavenly Law Auction.

That Natural Oddity was sealed by a world spirit formation. However, with Chu Feng’s current abilities, it would not be difficult for him to undo the seal.

Chu Feng had already set up a spirit formation and then placed it onto that Natural Oddity. Afterward, he’d put the Natural Oddity back into his Cosmos Sack and had not bothered with it any further.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was confident that he would be able to undo the seal on the Natural Oddity within a day’s time.

In other words, after a day, Chu Feng would be able to take that Natural Oddity out of his Cosmos Sack and refine it directly.

“Lil Xue, what brings you here?” Suddenly, Chu Feng opened the door to his room and cast his gaze outward. At this moment, Tantai Xue had arrived at his residence. Furthermore, she was walking toward him.

“I have come to bid my farewell to you,” Tantai Xue said.

“Bid your farewell, are you also going to leave?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart moved slightly as he guessed her intentions.

They had just seen Hong Qiang off together not long ago. If Tantai Xue were to leave now, she could’ve left with Hong Qiang earlier. Thus, why would she suddenly declare that she wanted to leave after just seeing Hong Qiang off? Could it be that something had happened?

“Mn,” Tantai Xue nodded. After she walked into Chu Feng’s room, she first closed the door to his room and then set up a spirit formation around it. Only then did she say to him, “I have come here firstly to bid my farewell to you. Secondly, I have a matter that I need your help with.”

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“Can you open this for me?” Tantai Xue took out a dagger from her Cosmos Sack. This dagger was the dagger that her adoptive father had left for her, the treasure of the Tantai Family, the Coldsnow Dagger that contained the Ancient Era’s aura.

“This Coldsnow Dagger contains a major secret, a secret that no one knows. It is the long cherished desire of the Tantai Family to open this dagger. It is also the cherished desire of my adoptive father. And now, it is also my cherished desire.”

“Unfortunately, my ability is limited. I am unable to open it. I am not able to open it now and will likely be incapable of opening it in the future. The reason for that is because what this Coldsnow Dagger demands is not one’s cultivation. Rather it’s one talent,” As Tantai Xue spoke, she handed the Coldsnow Dagger to Chu Feng.

“This… I’ll give it a try,” Chu Feng naturally would not refuse her. He accepted the Coldsnow Dagger from Tantai Xue.

Right after the Coldsnow Dagger entered his hand, Chu Feng sensed chilliness, as well as a boundless aura. Chu Feng had already realized that this Coldsnow Dagger was no ordinary treasure. Likely, it should be a weapon. However, it was a weapon that not even Tantai Xue could open. Thus, it would likely not be an ordinary weapon.

Chu Feng firmly held the dagger and it’s sheath and slowly put forth strength to pull them apart. “Clank~~~” That Coldsnow Dagger was pulled partway out of its sheath. At the moment the Coldsnow Dagger was pulled out, a burst of chilliness swept forth. That chilliness was bone-chillingly cold.

At this moment, Chu Feng was able to feel an enormous attractive force from the Coldsnow Dagger. It was trying to merge together with the sheath again. It was resisting Chu Feng’s pull. However, Chu Feng was still able to continue pulling. Even though his speed was extremely slow, he was still pulling the dagger out.

At this moment, half of the Coldsnow Dagger had been pulled out by Chu Feng. Furthermore, Chu Feng was still pulling it out. Soon, he had surpassed the point where Tantai Xue had managed to pull it out previously.

When Tantai Xue saw this scene, her eyes immediately shone. Her gaze that seemed to contain the galaxy was no longer at ease. It was as if countless stars were rushing forth in her eyes.

Tantai Xue was excited, a rare occasion for her. The reason for her current state of mind was because that Coldsnow Dagger was truly too important to her. If Chu Feng opened it, not only would he be able to accomplish her cherished desire, he would also be able to accomplish her adoptive father’s cherished desire. At this moment, all of her hopes were placed onto Chu Feng.

“This Coldsnow Dagger is indeed a treasure,” At this moment, Chu Feng started to laugh. The reason why he said that was because he felt the aura of life. This aura was not from Tantai Xue or himself. Rather, it originated from that Coldsnow Dagger.

This Coldsnow Dagger was a living thing. However, it was clearly a weapon, so how could it be living? The only explaination for that would be that it was not an ordinary weapon. Instead, it was a weapon with life.

“Clank, clank, clank~~~”

Finally, Chu Feng managed to pull the Coldsnow Dagger out completely. After the Coldsnow Dagger was pulled out, a ball of light shot out from it. Then, like a sharp sword, it shot toward Chu Feng’s forehead. It was planning to enter Chu Feng’s brain.


Faced with that surging ball of light, Chu Feng’s footsteps shifted. He quickly turned into a flash of light and arrived behind Tantai Xue.

Chu Feng was not afraid of that ball of light. Instead, he knew that that ball of light possessed extraordinary significance. Likely, it was the secret contained within the Coldsnow Dagger. Merely, this secret belonged to Tantai Xue. Thus, Chu Feng did not wish to know about it. He wanted to have Tantai Xue receive this ball of light.

Tantai Xue also realized Chu Feng’s intentions. She did not refuse him. When that ball of light approached her, she suddenly extended both of her arms forward and grabbed onto it.

“Ying, ying, ying, ying~~~~”

The ball of light was emitting a strange sound and started to struggle. It was trying to get away from Tantai Xue’s control. It was so powerful that Tantai Xue found it difficult to control it too.


Seeing that the ball of light was about to escape from Tantai Xue’s grasp, Chu Feng immediately released his Divine Lightning and increased his cultivation by two levels to rank two Half Martial Emperor. Then, he stepped forward and began to help Tantai Xue control that ball of light.

Under the combined efforts of the two of them, they finally managed to control the ball of light for the time being. However, they were unable to force it into Tantai Xue’s body. Like that, they became deadlocked with that ball of light.


Feeling helpless, Chu Feng opened his World Spirit Gate and said to Her Lady Queen, “Eggy, come out and help us.”

“Help you with what?” Eggy asked lazily. She seemed to be very absent-minded.

“Help get this ball of light into Lil Xue’s body,” Chu Feng said.

“Are you certain?” Eggy asked again.

“What do you mean?” Chu Feng asked in a confused manner.