Chapter 1618 - The Day Of Revenge

MGA: Chapter 1618 - The Day Of Revenge

“Even though they are only rumors, I have heard that Evildoer Tie’s world spirit techniques are extremely powerful. Even though he is not a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he is only a fine line away from becoming a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. If he truly wanted to do something to the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stone, he would likely be able to do so,” Aunt Lian said.

“This Evildoer Tie is truly a sinister and vicious individual. After winning an auction, he actually left an imprint in his payment. He was simply planning to track the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones down, and then murder the person who possessed them in order to steal them back,” Nangong Ya said.

“His title of Evildoer is not in vain. It would seem that this is not the first time that he has done something this despicable,” Nangong Baihe said. They had all managed to guess what Evildoer Tie’s intention was.

“Aunt Lian, if you were to fight with Evildoer Tie, what would your odds of winning be? If the odds are not high, I can remove the imprint. However, if your odds are high, this would be a great opportunity for you to obtain revenge,” Chu Feng said.

“No, don’t remove the imprint. Chu Feng, give me that Dragon Mark World Spirit Stone. I must take care of this Evildoer Tie this time around,” Aunt Lian snatched the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stone from Chu Feng. She was planning to take this opportunity to fight Evildoer Tie.

“Hong Qiang, I’ll leave Chu Feng and the others with you. Please see them to our Nangong Imperial Clan,” Aunt Lian said. She was planning to fight Evildoer Tie alone.

“Aunt Lian, I’m afraid that won’t do. If we are going, then we must go together. If we’re not going, then we will all not go,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

Chu Feng’s words contained hidden implications. He knew that Aunt Lian hated Evildoer Tie enormously. If there was an opportunity to take revenge, Aunt Lian would definitely not let it slip by. However, to go on the path of vengeance blindly would instead only cause her to lose her life. At that time, the gains simply would not make up for the losses.

If Chu Feng and the others were to all follow Aunt Lian, Aunt Lian would definitely have worries. While she would not care about losing her own life, she would not wish for Chu Feng and the others to lose their lives because of her.

Thus, if Aunt Lian did not possess absolute certainty in being able to defeat Evildoer Tie, she would not go and battle him.

“Chu Feng, if you all are to follow me to battle Evildoer Tie, you will only distract me,” Sure enough, Aunt Lian did not wish for Chu Feng and the others to follow her.

“Aunt Lian, you can rest assured regarding that, while we will not be able to join the battle, we will definitely not become a burden to you either. Once your battle starts, we will hide ourselves far away. After all, there’s senior Hong Qiang with us,” Chu Feng said.

“Aunt Lian, just allow us to go with you. We guarantee that we will not be your burden.”

“That’s right. Aunt Lian, what Chu Feng said is correct. We either go together or not go at all,” Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli pleaded earnestly.

“Even though I am unable to get involved in a battle between Martial Emperors, protecting them is something that I am capable of doing. Just hand them to me. As for Evildoer Tie, he will be yours to take care of,” Hong Qiang said.

“Very well,” Seeing that Chu Feng and the others insisted on following her, Aunt Lian nodded her head. The reason for that was because she really did not wish to miss this opportunity to avenge her husband and daughter.

Just like that, Chu Feng and the others did not remove the imprint from the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stone. Furthermore, in order to make sure that Evildoer Tie would follow them, they did not use the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation either. Instead, they chose to travel by foot.

Although Chu Feng and the others did not appear to be abnormal on their journey, they were feeling extremely nervous. After all, their opponent was one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Five Great Evildoers, Evildoer Tie.

This Evildoer Tie was someone who had committed all kinds of crimes and murdered countless people. He was an extremely dangerous individual.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the others were out in the open, and putting themselves in danger to lure that Evildoer Tie out from the shadows. It must be said that it was extremely dangerous this time around.

However, what Evildoer Tie had done to Aunt Lian was something that would anger anyone. Furthermore, Evildoer Tie was a very sly and cunning man. Thus, it was extremely difficult to catch him. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to be safe and sound even after having made so many enemies.

This time around, an extremely rare opportunity had presented itself. It was not only Aunt Lian who did not wish to miss out on this opportunity, even Chu Feng and the others did not wish to miss out on this opportunity.


Right after Chu Feng and the others left the range of the Heavenly Law Auction and into a place without any sign of human activity, frantic laughter began to sound nonstop. Sure enough, Evildoer Tie had followed them.

“Hahaha, the heavens have helped me, truly the heavens have helped me. Who would’ve thought that it would be you all. You little animals, I’ve dreamed about choking all of you to death,” Evildoer Tie had revealed himself. At this moment, he was still laughing wildly. His eyes were shining as he looked to Chu Feng and the others. A very strong killing intent was fully present in his gaze.

At the Heavenly Law Auction, Chu Feng and the others had humiliated Evildoer Tie and caused him to lose out enormously. As such, Evildoer Tie hated Chu Feng and the others to his bones. For him to be able to run into them at such a time, he would naturally be extremely overjoyed. This was a great opportunity for him to kill Chu Feng and the others to appease his hatred. That was why he would say that the heavens had helped him.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right after Evildoer Tie appeared, Hong Qiang quickly escaped with Chu Feng and the others. He did not even bother to look back.

After all, Evildoer Tie was a Martial Emperor. Even if he didn’t attack Chu Feng and the others directly, merely the energy ripples from the aftermath of his battle against Aunt Lian would be extremely frightening. Even if they were to just view the battle, they would have to do so from far away.

“Evildoer Tie, do you remember me?!”

Right after Chu Feng and the others left, Aunt Lian removed her cloak and revealed her true appearance. Compared to Evildoer Tie, Aunt Lian was currently emitting an even stronger killing intent.

Evildoer Tie was shocked to find that Chu Feng and the others were not afraid at to his appearance, and were instead prepared for battle. However, after he carefully inspected Aunt Lian, he had no impression of her. Thus, he asked, “Who are you?”

“I am from the Nangong Imperial Clan, Nangong Lian.”

“Back then, my husband and daughter both died by your hands,” Aunt Lian said those words one word at a time while gnashing her teeth.

“Oh, so it’s you. Speaking of which, I’ve killed quite a few people from the Nangong Imperial Clan. For many people, after I kill them, I completely forget about them. After all, there are so many people who I’ve killed. Thus, how could I possibly remember all of them?”

“However, my impression of that father and daughter is quite deep. The reason for my deep impression is because that little girl was extremely adorable. Merely, she was too weak. With merely a single palm strike, I swatted her to death. After she died at my hand, the appearance her father had, it’s something that I would never forget.”

“He hated me. He hated me enormously. He was enraged. He wanted to dismember my body.”

“Unfortunately, he was too useless. He was a true piece of trash. Not only was he unable to protect his daughter, he ended up dying at my hand too. Hahaha…” Evildoer Tie burst into loud laughter. There was not the slightest trace of guilt for his crime. Instead, he felt it to be very amusing.

“You damned animal! I’ll kill you!” Hearing up to this point, Aunt Lian’s anger exploded. Overflowing killing intent caused the sky to instantly darken. Not only were there black clouds surging about, her boundless martial power was also wreaking havoc as it spread about through the sky. It caused the weather to change, violent winds to appear, and clouds to scuttle.

Numerous violent hurricanes and ferocious bolts of lightning began to appear in the sky and on the ground. This region had been made complete chaotic by this martial power. It was as if this region had been rocked by a major disaster and turned into purgatory.

However, Evildoer Tie was standing in that region without even his hair being affected. Furthermore, he had a smile on his face. He said, “It would seem that you’re that little girl’s mother, that trash’s wife. Perfect timing, I’ll reunite your family of three in the netherworld.”

Suddenly, Evildoer Tie’s expression turned sinister. Then he flipped his palm, and Emperor-level martial power surged forth. He actually took the initiative to attack Aunt Lian first.