Chapter 2127 - Father’s Accomplishment

Chapter 2127 - Father’s Accomplishment

After journeying for some time, Chu Feng and the others finally arrived at the Heavenly Road’s exit to the Eastern Sea Region.

The Heavenly Road only went one way.

It seemed to be for the sake of some sort of equilibrium. As such, there was an enormous power separating the Eastern Sea Region from the Holy Land of Martialism. This made it impossible for people from the Holy Land of Martialism to enter the Eastern Sea Region.

Thus, if one wanted to get to the Eastern Sea Region from the Holy Land of Martialism, one had to do so by entering a spatial crack.

Merely, the spatial crack that the Compass Immortal had discovered earlier was very dangerous. While Chu Feng and the other experts were capable of passing through it, it was extremely difficult for all the others to pass through it. As such, Chu Feng would naturally not make them take that risk of entering the vicious spatial crack.

“Chu Feng, raise your hand,” Suddenly, a voice transmission from the blind old man sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

Although the blind old man had not revealed himself, he had been following after Chu Feng and the others the entire time. Merely… no one managed to sense him. After all, he was a rank five Half Martial Ancestor. In the Holy Land of Martialism, he was the fully-deserving strongest expert.

“Blind Uncle, you might as well just reveal yourself. Aren’t some of the people here your old friends?” Chu Feng sent a voice transmission to the blind old man.

After all, there were many people in the Holy Land of Martialism that had met the blind old man before. Although it was unknown as to how they had met, it remained that they had met.

As for the Eastern Sea Region, there were even more people that knew of the blind old man. As such, Chu Feng felt that there was no reason for the blind old man to conceal himself the entire time.

“Master, it was different back then. Since this old servant has recognized master, it means that I cannot show even the smallest trace of disrespect toward master.”

“My previous identities were all fake. However, my current identity is real,” The blind old man said.

Chu Feng understood what the blind old man meant with those words. While he could disguise himself back then, he could not do so now. If he did not disguise himself, that would mean that he would have to let everyone know about the special relationship between him and Chu Feng. As such, the blind old man decided that he might as well not reveal himself.

As the blind old man possessed his own apprehensions, Chu Feng no longer tried to urge him to reveal himself.


Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve and emitted a layer of spirit power.

Actually, the spirit power that he emitted possessed absolutely no use. He only did what the blind old man told him to do.


However, after Chu Feng waved his sleeve, an enormous spatial crack appeared out of thin air.

That spatial crack was naturally not summoned by Chu Feng. Instead, at the time when Chu Feng waved his hand, the blind old man had activated that spatial crack.

“This spatial crack!!!”

After seeing the spatial crack, the eyes of everyone present started to shine with astonishment.

The reason for that was because that spatial crack was simply enormous. Not only was it wide and bright, it was also extraordinarily imposing.

How could this still be considered a spatial crack? It was simply a spatial tunnel. It was a spatial tunnel that could pass through the ancient energy separating the Holy Land of Martialism and the Eastern Sea Region.

Furthermore, when comparing the spatial crack the Compass Immortal had discovered with this spatial crack, it made this spatial crack appear even more imposing.

If the spatial crack the Compass Immortal had discovered was a tiny and difficult path filled with thistles and thorns, then the spatial crack before everyone right now was simply a magnificent road that lead to the heavens.

“Chu Feng, how did you discover this spatial crack?” The Elf King asked curiously.

“I managed to discover this spatial crack by chance after returning to the Eastern Sea Region,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Mn?” Merely, after Chu Feng said those words, the expressions of the Four Great Divine Beasts changed slightly.

After all, the four of them had followed Chu Feng the entire time. Even when returning to the Holy Land of Martialism through the Eastern Sea Region, they had used that vicious spatial crack. At that time, they had not discovered such a spectacular spatial crack.

Merely, even though the four of them sensed that something was fishy, they did not question Chu Feng, and pretended as if they didn’t know about it.

“This is truly extraordinary.”

“If that vicious spatial crack was only discovered by coincidence, then this spatial crack has simply appeared like a fine work of art,” The Elf King and the others were all exclaiming in astonishment.

Faced with the exclamation from the crowd, Chu Feng could only pretend to smile calmly. After all, it was also the first time he was seeing this spatial crack.

In actuality, Chu Feng was also extremely astonished by this spatial crack. Thus, he secretly sent a voice transmission to the blind old man and asked, “Blind Uncle, how did you discover this spatial crack?”

“Master, this spatial crack was not discovered by this old servant. Rather, it was created by Lord Xuanyuan,” The blind old man said.

“My father?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was astonished.

“Indeed. Lord Xuanyuan created this spatial crack for the sake of making it easy for me to travel to the Eastern Sea Region,” The blind old man answered.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng became even more astonished. The energy separating the Holy Land of Martialism and the Eastern Sea Region was no small matter.

Yet, his father was actually capable of forcibly splitting that energy apart and opening up a tunnel that connected the Holy Land of Martialism to the Eastern Sea Region. This was truly too inconceivable.

‘Father, exactly how powerful are you?’

At that moment, such a question came into Chu Feng’s mind. At the same time he had that question, Chu Feng felt his blood racing. He was extremely excited.

When he first heard of his father from Huangfu Haoyue, Chu Feng had already felt that his father should be extremely powerful. Else, it would be impossible for him to make Huangfu Haoyue that scared.

However, that had only been Chu Feng’s wishful thinking, because he did not actually know what level of cultivation and what sort of strength his father possessed.

Merely, as a son, he felt adoration for his father from the bottom of his heart. As such, he wished that his father would be very powerful.

And now, even though Chu Feng still didn’t know what sort of cultivation his father possessed, he became even more certain that his father was definitely very powerful, unimaginably powerful even, after personally seeing the accomplishments left behind by his father.

After all, the tunnel before them was sufficient to prove everything. Such a tunnel, not to mention for the current Chu Feng, even if Chu Feng trained for many years after this, he would not necessarily be able to accomplish such a feat.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said, “Everyone, let’s go.”

As matters stood, he was even more urgent to meet his biological father.

“Well then, everyone, stop looking at it. Let’s go,” The Elf King added.

The reason why he had added those words was because, even now, the crowd was still looking at that tunnel. This was especially true for the Heaven Reaching Immortal, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, the Compass Immortal and the Snow-haired Immortal, these world spiritists.

They all had a vague feeling that this tunnel didn’t seem to have formed naturally. Rather, it seemed to be man-made.

Thus, they wanted to observe the tunnel to find an answer. Unfortunately… they did not possess sufficient strength to be able to see through the profoundness of the tunnel.

Afterward, the crowd all entered the tunnel created by Chu Feng’s father and arrived at the Eastern Sea Region.

After arriving at the Eastern Sea Region, Chu Feng directly led these experts from the Holy Land of Martialism to the Misty Peak.

After all, Chu Feng must let Xian Miaomiao know where the formation leading to the Outer World was located.

Without a doubt, the people on the Misty Peak, for example Huangfu Haoyue and Qiushui Fuyan, were all extremely astonished to see Chu Feng returning with so many experts from the Holy Land of Martialism.

Earlier, they had only thought that Chu Feng was very powerful. It was at that moment that they realized that Chu Feng’s power had already surpassed their imagination.

After all, ignoring the rest of the crowd, they were able to see that the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, the Four Great Divine Beasts, were all standing behind Chu Feng to either side of him. That was already enough to let Huangfu Haoyue and the others know that Chu Feng’s current strength and status was already something that no one in the Eastern Sea Region could compare with.

Even in the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng would also definitely be someone with great power.

Merely, they did not know that not only was Chu Feng someone powerful in the Holy Land of Martialism...

… he was even the person that everyone acknowledged the current era’s overlord.

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