Chapter 2108 - Greatly Expanding One’s Horizons

Chapter 2108 - Greatly Expanding One’s Horizons

“Heaven Taboo: Ten Thousand Lightning Strikes”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng unleashed another Heaven Taboo Martial Skill.

It was another Heaven Taboo Martial Skill he had obtained from Qing Xuantian’s inheritance. That Heaven Taboo Martial Skill possessed extremely ferocious might.

In the blink of an eye, many enormous lightning strikes began to strike down from the skies.

The lightning strikes were all several tens of meters thick, and dazzling blue in color. Each and every lightning strike contained extremely powerful might.

At that moment, over ten thousand such lightning strikes were descending from the sky. Furthermore, they were all targeting the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“Damn it!”

In that sort of situation, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master hurriedly turned around to escape. As he began to flee, he unleashed Heaven Taboo Martial Skills to defend against the incoming lightning strikes.

“That Dark Hall’s Hall Master is most definitely extremely furious,” The Elf King said with a smile.

“Royal Father, what do you mean by that?” Xian Miaomiao and her older sister ran over and asked with extremely curious expressions.

“To a greater or lesser extent, I understand the character of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. He is different from little friend Chu Feng. Although little friend Chu Feng possesses outstanding strength, he also possesses a humble character. He is neither conceited nor arrogant.”

“However, that Dark Hall’s Hall Master is different. He is extremely conceited, excessively conceited even. When he fought against me, even though I was suppressing him, he still spoke words that showed that he clearly did not place me in his eyes.”

“It was as if he was certain that he would one day turn the situation around and suppress me instead. Of course, he managed to accomplish precisely that,” When mentioning that matter, the Elf King smiled in shame.

“However, little friend Chu Feng is different. Little friend Chu Feng is stronger than the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. However, in the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s eyes, little friend Chu Feng is the same as me, someone inferior to him.”

“He felt that suppressing little friend Chu Feng before was only natural. He felt that as little friend Chu Feng was inferior to him, him suppressing little friend Chu Feng was only a matter of course.”

“Thus, when he was suddenly injured by little friend Chu Feng’s slash, he became extremely furious.”

“As he feels that little friend Chu Feng is inferior to him, he was determined that little friend Chu Feng was only able to injure him by relying on tricks.”

“However now, little friend Chu Feng is no longer going easy on him, nor is he using any tricks. Instead, he is fighting the Dark Hall’s Hall Master head-on with his own abilities.”

“However, the result is that even though the two of them possess the same cultivation, the same Inherited Bloodline, the same level of techniques and the same battle power, little friend Chu Feng is still absolutely dominating the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.”

“This means that little friend Chu Feng’s strength surpasses that of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.”

“This conclusion is definitely something that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master cannot accept. As such, he will naturally be extremely furious,” The Elf King explained.

“Humph, Chu Feng was stronger than him to begin with. Even if he refuses to accept it, it remains the truth.”

“Back then, he was only able to bully Chu Feng by relying on the fact that he had cultivated longer than Chu Feng and possessed a higher cultivation than Chu Feng.”

“Now that Chu Feng’s cultivation is the same as his, he is no longer a match for Chu Feng. Serves him right. Someone like him is a true spineless coward,” Xian Miaomiao said angrily.

Back then, she had personally seen the scene of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and the World Devastator Immortal humiliating Chu Feng at the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. It was not only Chu Feng who became extremely furious, even she was extremely furious by what had happened.

And now, Chu Feng was not only able to suppress the Dark hall’s Hall Master, he was even making the Dark Hall’s Hall Master flee in disarray. To Xian Miaomiao, this not only alleviated her anger, more than that, she… felt happy for Chu Feng.

Back then, Chu Feng’s honor was trampled upon.

Today, he was finally able to seize it back himself.

“Hey hey hey, stop running away. Earlier, you spoke so boastfully. Yet now, what is this appearance? It seems that you’re letting down those boasting words you’ve spoken, no?” Seeing that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master could only run in disarray from his attack, Chu Feng began to insult the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Chu Feng did this not only because he wanted to use this method to insult the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Most importantly, Chu Feng discovered that although the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was very smart and powerful, he possessed a fatal weakness -- being too conceited.

Not only was he conceited, he refused to allow anyone to question his talent. It was precisely this weakness that Chu Feng wished to grasp and then deliver a punishing attack at so as to bring disorder upon his mind.

“Ignorant bastard, did you really think that you would be able to defeat this Hall Master with only those tricks of yours?”

“Chu Feng, today, this Hall Master shall let you know the disparity between us.”

“Also, you bunch of trash hiding in the Transmogrification Gate. All of you, look carefully.”

“Right now, this Hall Master shall broaden the horizons of you bunch of trash from the Lower Realm. I’ll have you all experience strength that you have never seen before.”

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master suddenly stopped running away. He raised the Imperial Armaments in his hand. Then, an extremely mighty power began to emit from his body.

That power swept toward all directions and forcibly dispersed Chu Feng’s Heaven Taboo: Ten Thousand Lightning Strikes.

Most importantly, the sky was distorting. Soon, an enormous figure appeared in the sky.

It was a giant beast. This giant beast resembled a bear. However, it possessed neither arms or legs. Yet, it possessed an enormous mouth.

When not mentioning that mouth, this giant beast’s body was so huge that no end could be seen. Its body covered the entire blue sky. It was as if the giant beast had replaced the sky.

After that enormous beast appeared, an extremely frightening aura began to emit from it, enveloping the entire earth.

The void started to tremble nonstop. The earth was trembling nonstop.

It was the sensation of the descent of doomsday.

“Heavens! What is that?!”

At that moment, many of the people in the Transmogrification Gate were so scared that their faces turned green. They were shivering from head to toe. In fact, some people even fainted on the spot.

Originally, as they were hidden in the Transmogrification Gate, they would not be threatened regardless of what might happen outside.

However, when that giant beast appeared, all of them were able to sense how frightening that giant beast was. The aura which that giant beast emitted was something that not even the Transmogrification Gate could resist.

“That seems to be a martial skill. However, it is impossible for Heaven Taboo Martial Skills to possess such a frightening power.”

“Could that be a legendary Divine Taboo Martial Skill?” At that moment, even the Elf King and the Heaven Reaching Immortal were frowning deeply. It was as the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had said, none of them had ever seen such a frightening technique.

At that moment, they involuntarily turned their gazes to Chu Feng again.

However, at that moment, their expressions changed once again.

Although they felt how frightening that enormous beast was, as they were hidden in the Transmogrification Gate, the strength of the enormous beast that they felt was most definitely only the tip of the iceberg. Being outside, what Chu Feng was feeling should be the actual terrifying oppression.

However, Chu Feng’s expression actually remained unchanged. He revealed absolutely no fear. This sort of reaction surpassed everyone’s Expectations.

Could it be that Chu Feng possessed a method to withstand that huge beast?

Although they felt it to be extremely inconceivable, the crowd still involuntarily thought of that possibility.

In truth, Chu Feng was indeed not afraid of that martial skill. Although it was also the first time Chu Feng had seen such a powerful martial skill, he did possess the means to take it on.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that the martial skill the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had unleashed was actually… an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

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