Chapter 2096 - Chu Feng Vs. Magma Emperor

Chapter 2096 - Chu Feng Vs. Magma Emperor

After seeing that Chu Feng was really walking toward the Magma Emperor to fight him alone, the Four Great Divine Beasts looked to one another and then began to move slowly toward the Magma Emperor and Chu Feng.

While they would not interfere with Chu Feng’s battle, they would still act to save Chu Feng should he be in fatal danger; they would definitely not remain indifferent when Chu Feng was in fatal danger.

At that moment, Chu Feng was less than ten thousand meters away from the Magma Emperor. In fact, they were already very close in range with one another.

Chu Feng was able to clearly see the flames surging from the Magma Emperor’s body. Those flames were demon-like as they made threatening gestures. That sort of sensation was something that one could only feel upon personally confronting the flames at close range.

Chu Feng was also able to sense the extremely frightening aura which the Magma Emperor emitted. Especially the heat it emitted; even though Chu Feng was a rank six Martial Emperor and possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation, he still found it difficult to endure.

Sure enough, the Magma Emperor was extremely powerful, more powerful than any opponent Chu Feng had ever faced before. However, after Chu Feng stopped his footsteps, he said in a very calm manner, “Are you prepared to die?”

“Wait. Brat, do you not know the situation you are in now? Do you know who this Emperor is? Do you know what this Emperor has done?” The Magma Emperor was unable to accept Chu Feng completely not placing it in his eyes. Thus, it spoke to question Chu Feng.

“I naturally know who you are. You’re the Magma Emperor that came from the Magma World ten thousand years ago. The Magma Emperor that wanted to enslave all living things,” Chu Feng replied.

“Brat, then this Emperor is even more confused. Since you know who this Emperor is, why would you dare to still continue to boast so shamelessly? Has your head been kicked by a donkey, or was it crushed by a door when you were younger?” The Magma Emperor asked in a confused manner.

“Heh… never would I have imagined that the grand Magma Emperor would actually possess a sense of humor,” After hearing what the Magma Emperor said, Chu Feng was unable to contain his laughter. Then, he said, “Magma Emperor, I know how powerful you are. However, regardless of how awe-inspiring you were back then, your era has already passed.”

“Today… I will end you and avenge the innocent lives you took ten thousand years ago.”

“Motherfucker! The hell is this?! Are all the human brats in this era capable of shooting off their mouths like you? A mere rank six Martial Emperor actually dares to boast of ending this great Emperor? Hahaha, you’re simply trying to kill me from laughter,” The Magma Emperor sneered. His laughter was filled with contempt toward Chu Feng.

“What? Are you saying that Half Martial Ancestors are so amazing that they can despise Martial Emperors?”

“Today, I insist on eliminating you, the so-called Magma Emperor, with my cultivation of a Martial Emperor.”

After Chu Feng said those words, his body shifted. Holding the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader, he charged to attack the Magma Emperor.


Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings emerged together. Instantly, his cultivation increased from rank six Martial Emperor to rank eight Martial Emperor.

“An increase in two levels of cultivations in succession? Seems like you’ve got some tricks. However, you’re still only a Martial Emperor. How could you possibly contend against this Emperor?”

Although the Magma Emperor was surprised by Chu Feng’s increase in cultivation, it still did not place Chu Feng in its eyes. Its body trembled, and then fireballs shot toward Chu Feng like a rainstorm.

The flames of those fireballs were no ordinary flames. They looked like magma, and contained Ancestral-level martial power.

As they flew toward Chu Feng, they caused the wind to whistle like a myriad of demons shouting war cries before conducting their massacre.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Chu Feng was already prepared. His feet moved nonstop as he slashed with his Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader. Boundless martial power turned into a whirlwind, forming a defensive wall that forcibly stopped the storm of fireballs the Magma Emperor had unleashed at him.

“Mn, that brat is actually able to withstand my grand Half Martial Ancestor-level attack with merely a Martial Emperor-level cultivation?”

Seeing that Chu Feng had managed to effortlessly block his attack, the Magma Emperor’s gaze shone with surprise.

Even though the attack he had unleashed earlier had only been made casually, and had not possessed actual destructive power, he felt that, not to mention a mere rank eight Martial Emperor, even a thousand rank nine Martial Emperors would have been killed by his earlier attack.

“I got it. Your heaven-defying battle power surpasses that of ordinary Martial Emperors by two entire levels,” Suddenly, a serious expression and astonishment emerged in the Magma Emperor’s flickering gaze.

The reason why it was astonished was because Chu Feng possessed the capabilities to make it astonished. After all, it had seen all the strongest experts in the Holy Land of Martialism from ten thousand years ago. However, never had it seen someone with such a frightening battle power like Chu Feng.

In the moment when the Magma Emperor was astonished, Chu Feng had arrived before the Magma Emperor with his Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader in hand.

“Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash.”

After Chu Feng approached the Magma Emperor, he immediately unleashed the Earthen Taboo; Firmament Slash and sent forth nine consecutive slashes.

The nine crimson slashes whistled past in succession. They were like the sickles that death gods carried on the way to take the life of a demon. Their might was extremely fierce.


However, facing Chu Feng’s ferocious attack, the Magma Emperor only snorted coldly. It waved its enormous arm and brought forth a burst of wind. That wind was so strong that it directly dispersed Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash.

Ancestral martial power. Although the Magma Emperor’s movement earlier might seem to be simple, it was a violent burst of wind formed with Ancestral-level martial power. Thus, it was extremely mighty.

“Half Martial Ancestor is truly thorny.”

At that moment, Chu Feng started to frown slightly. Although he possessed a battle power capable of contending against ordinary Half Martial Ancestors, it remained that he could only use Emperor-level martial power. He was still unable to use Ancestral martial power.

That might be the so-called boundary between cultivations. Regardless of how powerful Chu Feng’s battle power might be, he remained a Martial Emperor. As Chu Feng was a Martial Emperor, Ancestral-level martial power would not acknowledge him.

Thus, even though Chu Feng was capable of contending against rank one Half Martial Ancestors, he suffered from an enormous handicap in the essential qualities of his martial power.

“Haha, brat, so what if you possess an extremely powerful battle power? A Martial Emperor will always remain a Martial Emperor. You wish to defeat me? That is simply a pipe dream,” After easily blocking Chu Feng’s attack, the Magma Emperor was extremely proud of itself and started to openly mock Chu Feng.

Actually, after the Magma Emperor experienced Chu Feng’s battle power, it was a bit worried. After all, it had never seen someone like Chu Feng, someone who possessed such a frightening battle power, before.

However, after it blocked Chu Feng’s attack with its true power, it managed to regain its confidence. It felt that its worries were unnecessary, because Chu Feng was only a clown that was seeking his own humiliation when standing before him.

“Pipe dream? Are you certain of that?”

Chu Feng’s gaze narrowed. The confidence in his eyes did not decrease. Instead, he revealed an unfathomable smile.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, he once again brandished the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader that he held in his hand. His body shifted, and he turned into a ray of light that shot directly toward the Magma Emperor.

“You actually dare to still attack this Emperor after experiencing this Emperor’s strength? You are truly courting death here,” Seeing that Chu Feng was charging toward it, the Magma Emperor revealed a complicated gaze. There was not only anger and killing intent in its gaze. In addition to those was a special sort of sensation.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s actions most definitely trampled upon its dignity. As for that, it was something that the Magma Emperor could not tolerate.

Thus… it had already made a firm resolution to eliminate Chu Feng. Merely… it would not allow people that dared to trample upon its dignity to meet a simple death.

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