Chapter 2080 - Paying Respects To One’s Family

Chapter 2080 - Paying Respects To One’s Family

“Senior, the realm of cultivation that you’ve entered is not the Martial Emperor realm. Instead, it’s the Half Martial Emperor realm,” Originally, Chu Feng did not wish to mention that. However, since Huangfu Haoyue asked about it, Chu Feng would naturally have to inform him about it. After all, he couldn’t refuse to tell Huangfu Haoyue and then have him be confused for the rest of his life.

“Half Martial Emperor realm?” Hearing those words, the others were all startled. However, Huangfu Haoyue appeared to be relieved. He had already anticipated that to be the case.

“Seniors, after the Martial King realm is Half Martial Emperor realm. Half Martial Emperors are also capable of using Emperor-level martial power. However, the Emperor-level martial power that they are capable of using is not pure.”

“Only after breaking through peak Half Martial Emperor would one become an actual Martial Emperor and be able to use true Emperor-level martial power,” Chu Feng explained in detail.

“So that’s the case. No wonder I kept feeling that something was amiss. Little friend Chu Feng, thank you for informing me about it,” Huangfu Haoyue smiled. The reason for that was because the doubt in his mind was solved by Chu Feng.

After obtaining new knowledge, the crowd also nodded. At that moment, they all felt as if they had achieved speedy enlightenment, and felt that they were still only viewing the sky from the bottom of a well.

Suddenly, Qiushui Fuyan asked with a serious expression, “Chu Feng, in that case, your cultivation has increased by over a dozen levels compared to before?”

“That’s right. Chu Feng is a rank four Martial Emperor, and not a rank four Half Martial Emperor. Heavens! Boy, the speed of your progress is a bit too fast, no?” After hearing what Qiushui Fuyan said, the others also started to react.

Even though the people here were all very close to Chu Feng, they were all looking at Chu Feng as if they were looking at a monster right now.

In the several years Chu Feng had been away, they had all attained progress in their cultivation. However, only a portion of them had managed to attain breakthroughs in their cultivation. The rest of them had only managed to obtain slight progress.

However, Chu Feng had managed to reach such a degree in a few short years. The speed of his growth caused them to be overjoyed. The reason for that was because this result was something that surpassed their expectations enormously.

At that moment, the crowd all revealed expressions of pride. They all felt proud of Chu Feng.

Of course, they still didn’t know about Chu Feng’s current status in the Holy Land of Martialism. If they knew that Chu Feng was a grand character in the Holy Land of Martialism, their expressions of pride would definitely be even stronger.

Afterwards, Chu Feng chatted with the crowd some more. He came to know that the Blood Qilin Race had indeed only risen in power in the recent years. Several years ago, they had only been an obscure and unknown small monstrous beast race.

Thus, Chu feng was even more certain that the jade pendant should have been Little Fishy’s possession. Merely, Chu Feng did not expect for Little Fishy’s mere pendant to possess such enormous power. It had nearly caused an unremarkable monstrous beast race to become the overlords of the Eastern Sea Region.

“Little Fishy, oh Little Fishy, you should be from the Outer World, right?”

The person that had made the deepest impression on Chu Feng in the Eastern Sea Region was that little girl who would play around in the water. Her name was Little Fishy.

Little Fishy had revealed her miraculous abilities back then. Later on, Little Fishy had left, saying that she would be going to other places to play. After that, Chu Feng had never seen her again.

Originally, Chu Feng thought Little Fishy to be an existence that possessed a special sort of power. He thought that it was possible that she was a Natural Oddity.

However, as matters stood, Chu Feng felt more and more uncertain the more he thought about Little Fishy. He kept feeling that Little Fishy could not be an existence from the Eastern Sea Region. The reason for that was because her miraculous abilities were something that would be extremely rare even in the Holy Land of Martialism.

After seeing the pendant, Chu Feng was even more certain that Little Fishy likely possessed a remarkable origin. It might be possible… that Little Fishy was from the Outer World. When she left, she had not only left the Everlasting Sea of Blood. Instead, she had left the Eastern Sea Region, left this world.

“If fate has it, I hope that we will be able to meet again,” In the end, Chu Feng placed the jade pendant in his Cosmos Sack.

Although the pendant was extremely powerful, it was only effective for monstrous beasts. Thus, it would have no effect if it were given to Huangfu Haoyue and the others. Furthermore, it was Little Fishy’s possession. Chu Feng felt that Little Fishy would not have left that pendant in the Everlasting Sea of Blood for no reason or cause. It was very possible that she might’ve lost it by accident.

Thus, Chu Feng was determined to keep it so that he could return it to Little Fishy should he meet her again in the future. Even if he were to never meet her again, he could keep the pendant as a keepsake.

At the same time Chu Feng put the crimson jade pendant away, he placed his hand around his neck. On his neck was a hemp rope necklace. If he were to pull the rope, a little black stone would be pulled up from his chest.

There was nothing extraordinary about the little stone or the hemp rope. They were as ordinary as could be.

However, the necklace was something that Little Fishy had gave to Chu Feng as a present. Furthermore, she had made the necklace personally. Thus, Chu Feng cherished it deeply.

After that, Chu Feng chatted with Huangfu Haoyue and the others for a slight bit longer. However, it was truly a very short chat.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng did not forget that the Holy Land of Martialism was still in a deep crisis. Thus, he soon left the Eastern Sea Region and proceeded toward the Nine Provinces Continent.


Back then, it had taken Chu Feng a long time to travel from the Nine Provinces Continent to the Eastern Sea Region. However, with Chu Feng’s current cultivation, the distance between the Eastern Sea Region and the Nine Provinces Continent could not be considered far for him.

After traveling for some time, Chu Feng arrived at a familiar location. He had reached the Nine Provinces Continent’s Azure Province. Specifically, he had arrived at a place called Leaning Mountain Town. This place was where the Chu Family had originally lived.

However, the current Leaning Mountain Town was desolate and uninhabited. The only things here were graves.

They were graves for the people of the Chu Family. Back then, Chu Feng had offended a lot of people in the Nine Provinces Continent. His family, the people of the Chu Family, were massacred by Chu Feng’s enemies.

Afterwards, although the people that had massacred Chu Feng’s family were killed by Chu Feng, Chu Feng ended up offending new enemies. In order to prevent the Chu Family’s dead from being implicated, their graves were moved many times.

However, in the end, Chu Feng moved the graves of the Chu Family back to Leaning Mountain Town. As the saying goes, one must return to one’s roots upon death. Regardless of how that place had changed, it remained the home of the Chu Family.

“Father, grandfather, uncle, I, Chu Feng, have returned to see you all.”

When Chu Feng saw those graves, his eyes started to moisten. When he kneeled before the graves, tears involuntarily flowed from his eyes.

Those were not only tears of longing for his family, they were also tears of remorse. The massacre of the Chu Family had always been a knot in Chu Feng’s heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was wild in his youth and did not consider the consequences of his actions, the Chu Family would not have been massacred.

Thus, at times, Chu Feng deeply detested himself. He hated the younger him. It was because of the fact that he had offended others that he had caused the deaths of those that had raised him.

“Who is it that dared to trespass into the Chu Family?!!!”

Suddenly, a shout was heard. Then, over a hundred people appeared from all directions, surrounding Chu Feng.

Those people were all wearing the outfits of the Azure Dragon School. Evidently, they were from the Azure Dragon School. The people from the Azure Dragon School were guarding the Chu Family’s graves.

Merely, not only were these people holding weapons, they also had imposing expressions on their faces.

The reason for that was because this place had a spirit formation that Chu Feng had personally set up. It was simply impossible for ordinary people to trespass into that place.

Yet, there was a man who had managed to enter without anyone noticing. As such, they subconsciously felt that that man was not someone to be looked down upon.

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