Chapter 1609 - Buying World Spirit Stones

MGA: Chapter 1609 - Buying World Spirit Stones

“One must always be on guard against others. Rest assured, I have already prepared. Follow me,” Nangong Lian brought Chu Feng and the others to a remote location. Then she took out several cloaks. Those cloaks were all black in color. At a glance, they appeared to be very ordinary. However, with a single glance, Chu Feng was able to tell that they were no ordinary items. Rather, they were things created by a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

“These cloaks were made by a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Although they appear to be very ordinary, even Martial Emperors will not be able to see your actual appearance and strength when you wear them. These are precious treasures that our Lord Clan Chief has spent a great amount of wealth to purchase,” Nangong Lian explained. Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had guessed.

“Wow, never would I have imagined that Aunt Lian would have this sort of treasure. Why didn’t you take them out sooner?” Nangong Baihe and the others began to wear the black cloaks with great excitement.

They discovered that the cloaks were originally of the same size and suitable for the build of an ordinary adult. However, when Nangong Moli put the cloak on, it changed to the same size as her petite figure. It was extremely miraculous.

Most importantly, these cloaks were truly capable of completely concealing them. The cloaks were extremely amazing.

“It has been a very long time since I’ve last been to this Heavenly Law Auction myself. It is only after I saw the disguised appearances of those people that I remembered about these cloaks,” Aunt Lian said with a smile.

Suddenly, Nangong Baihe spoke in shock. “Eh, Chu Feng, how come the color of your cloak turned blue?” Sure enough, after hearing what Nangong Baihe said, the crowd noticed that Chu Feng’s cloak had really turned a faint blue in color. Furthermore, there were many beautiful veined patterns on the cloak. Compared to their black cloaks, Chu Feng’s blue cloak was much better looking.

“Although this cloak is something that a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist made, slight alterations are things that I can accomplish,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Wow! Big brother Chu Feng is amazing! Moli also wants her cloak to be changed. Moli wants her cloak to be light pink,” Nangong Moli grabbed onto Chu Feng excitedly and demanded for him to change the color of her cloak to pink.

Chu Feng placed his hand onto Nangong Moli’s cloak and, sure enough, the cloak actually changed color. Chu Feng really managed to accomplish it.

After this, Nangong Baihe and even Nangong Ya requested Chu Feng to change the color of their cloaks. Even though Tantai Xue did not request that Chu Feng change the color of her cloak, Chu Feng took the initiative and changed it to white. That was because Chu Feng knew that Tantai Xue loved the color white the most.

As Aunt Lian saw Chu Feng doing all this, her expression became complicated. These cloaks were things that even her, a Martial Emperor, was incapable of altering. Yet Chu Feng, a rank nine Martial King, had altered them. Chu Feng’s potential caused her to ponder deeply.

Afterward, Chu Feng and the others put the cloaks on, covered their appearances and aura and entered the Heavenly Law Auction.

The Heavenly Law Auction was not a place that just anyone could enter. One had to pay a certain fee in order to enter. Furthermore, the Heavenly Law Auction was separated into many different auction tiers. The higher the tier, the more precious the items being auctioned would be.

As for Chu Feng and the others, they naturally selected the highest tier auction. Furthermore, Aunt Lian even purchased seats in the honored guests section. It could be said that she was being extremely extravagant in spending her money.

Originally, Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Tantai Xue wanted to pay for themselves. However, Aunt Lian refused to give them the opportunity to do so. When Chu Feng tried to fight for the payment with her, she immediately started to have an attitude. Feeling helpless, Chu Feng and the others had no choice but to drop the subject and let her pay.

After entering the Heavenly Law Auction, Aunt Lian did not directly bring Chu Feng and the others to the honored guest seats. Instead, she first brought Chu Feng and the others to a forbidden area in the Heavenly Law Auction.

“This is a forbidden area. You may not take another step forward.”

There were many peak Half Martial Emperors present in this place. Before Chu Feng and the others could approach the forbidden area, they had already been issued warnings. At that moment, Chu Feng felt ferocious killing intent. Those killing intents were as cold as ice and froze even the air.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng and the others immediately stopped. If they were to continue onward, those Heavenly Law Palace’s people would really attack them.


However, under this sort of situation, Aunt Lian actually continued to walk forward. Not only did she continue onward, she even unleashed a gentle power that completely neutralized the killing intents unleashed by those peak Half Martial Emperors. In an instant, the ice-cold region became warm.

“Although we do not know who your distinguished self might be, this is indeed our Heavenly Law Palace’s forbidden area. I hope that your distinguished self might be willing to not continue onward. Else, if your distinguished self were to alarm our palace’s elders, I fear that, even with your distinguished self’s ability, your distinguished self will still not necessarily be able to leave safely.”

The people from the Heavenly Law Palace all managed to detect how powerful Aunt Lian was. They immediately withdrew their own auras and used a rather respectful tone to warn Aunt Lian.

However, Aunt Lian did not stop her footsteps. Instead, she walked up to the several peak Half Martial Emperors and took out a title plate.

“This is…” Those Heavenly Law Palace’s people were startled to see the title plate. However, immediately afterward, they no longer tried to make things difficult for Aunt Lian and instead directly opened the dark gate behind them. They had opened up a path for Aunt Lian and the others. Likely, that title plate was no ordinary title plate. Rather, it was most likely some sort of passage title plate.

Chu Feng and the others followed Aunt Lian in. At this moment, there were two women with dignified appearances guarding the gates’ two sides. When they saw Chu Feng and the others, they immediately displayed welcoming smiles and began to guide the way for Chu Feng and the others with him.

It would appear that this place was not a true forbidden area. Instead, it was a place that only people with passage title plates could enter.

In other words, this was a place that only people with a certain amount of status could enter.

Following the guidance of the two women, Chu Feng and the others arrived at a room. This room was not very large. However, it was extremely dazzling and delightful to the eyes. Everything within it were treasures. Not a single item was ordinary.

Furthermore, sitting in that room was an old man. This old man’s aura was not at all weaker than Aunt Lian’s. Likely, he was also a Martial Emperor-level expert.

“This old man is the Heavenly Law Palace’s Tian Fangcheng. I am in charge of the Heavenly Law Auction. You all can address me as Manager Tian. Friends, what might have brought you all here?” The old man asked with a beaming smile.

“Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” Aunt Lian did not bother with superfluous words and immediately spoke of their purpose.

“You all have truly come at the perfect time. Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones are best-sellers. It would already be pretty sufficient if the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones were to appear several times in our month’s worth of auctions. However, you all have come at the perfect time. It just so happens that we possess some Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. Friends, how many are you seeking?” Manager Tian asked.

“A hundred,” Aunt Lian replied.

“That many?” Hearing those words, even Manager Tian’s expression changed slightly. Then, he said, “We only possess thirty-eight.”

“That’s all you have?” Aunt Lian asked.

“For the time being, yes,” Manager Tian replied.

“I’ll take all of them,” Aunt Lian said.

“I’m afraid that won’t do. These thirty-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones are not from the same sellers. Some requested that they must be sold in the auction,” Manager Tian said.

“What is the highest selling price for the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones this year? I’ll purchase these thirty-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones with that highest price. Please go and contact the sellers and ask them whether they will be willing to accept my offer,” Aunt Lian said.

“Heh, the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones are not cheap to begin with. Even their lowest selling price was extremely high. If you are to purchase these thirty-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones with the highest selling price, it would be be an extremely considerable price. Are you certain of it?” Manager Tian sized up Aunt Lian. There was a trace of suspicion in his eyes.