Chapter 2061 - Paving The Road

Chapter 2061 - Paving The Road

Unable to contain himself, Lord Lianghua asked, “Your Majesty, has the Heaven Reaching Immortal actually refused us?”

“I am incompetent. I was unable to persuade him. It’s all my fault,” The Elf King was filled with self-blame.

At this moment, Princess Lingyue stepped forward. “Father, we cannot sit and wait for death. How about we gather all of the people from the spatial warships and have them all ask the Heaven Reaching Immortal with us? I refuse to believe that he would be so heartless to really refuse to save us.”

“Your Majesty, we feel that Princess Lingyue’s idea is feasible,” Lord Lianghua said.

“It is indeed worth a try. After all, we cannot resign ourselves to fate,” Lord Luokong and the other Grand Elders and Elf Protectors also voiced their agreement.

At this moment, the Elf King looked to the surroundings. He looked to the hundred and twenty three spatial warships that were gathered here, as well as the incoming spatial warships in the distance. His gaze started to change. In the end, he nodded.

As matters stood, he had no other methods either. This was the only thing they could do. Hopefully, by using the power of the people gathered here, they would be able to soften the Heaven Reaching Immortal’s heart.

Thus, Chu Feng, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the other world spiritists set up a grand isolation formation ten thousand miles away. They were afraid that there would be people signaling their location to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. After all, one must always be on guard against others.

After they finished setting up the isolation spirit formation, the numerous crowds began to exit the spatial warships. At this moment, people filled this vast uninhabited land. It had truly turned into a sea of people.

At this moment, the people that were confused as to what was happening began to walk toward Chu Feng and the others.

The leaders of the various powers even began to politely greet the Elf King, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the other grand characters present. Naturally, many people were greeting Chu Feng and attempting to court favors from him too.

Merely, Chu Feng was in no mood to pay attention to them. At the very most, he merely greeted them with a smile, and was disinclined to bother chatting with them.

Seeing that more and more people were attempting to come over, the Ancient Era’s Elves’ guards set up a blockade with a cordon around the area. Unless they were actual grand characters, no one was allowed to enter.

Suddenly, Chu Feng heard a familiar voice. “Hey, let us in. We know Chu Feng.”

“Chili Pepper, stop messing around. Let’s go back. Even the elders are unable to enter, how could we possibly be able to enter?”

He turned toward the direction of the voice, and discovered three familiar faces there. They were being blocked outside of the cordon.

They were the three Underworld Palace’s disciples he had encountered at the Gong Ba Plains. They were the brothers Big Radish and Little Radish, as well as the woman by the name of Chili Pepper.

Merely, at this moment, the three of them were being prevented from entering by the Ancient Era’s Elves experts.

Chili Pepper had a furious expression on her face and was shouting, while Big Radish was trying to calm her down. As for Little Radish, he was looking around, seemingly trying to find Chu Feng from among the crowd.

At this moment, even though a lot of people wanted to meet Chu Feng, none of them dared to make a big fuss about it. Especially when faced with the Ancient Era’s Elves’ experts, many people kept a respectful distance from them. Thus, at this moment, Chili Pepper and the others had become the focus of the crowd.

“What a bunch of country bumpkins. You should look at your own status first before proclaiming to know Chu Feng.”

“Who is Chu Feng? He is a grand character that can stand alongside people like the Elf King, the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. How could they possibly know Chu Feng?”

“Don’t say it like that. Perhaps they really do know Chu Feng. Merely, Chu Feng doesn’t know them.”

“That’s true, hahahaha!!!”

At this moment, many people began to mock Chili Pepper and the others. Faced with the mockery from the crowd, not only did Big Radish and Little Radish reveal embarrassed expressions, even Chili Pepper became slightly embarrassed.

Indeed, Chu Feng could now be considered to be someone who stood on equal footing as their Underworld Palace’s Palace Master. How could he still consider them his friends?

“Scram immediately. Else, do not blame me for being rude,” Seeing that the crowd were all rebuking Chili Pepper and the others, the Ancient Era’s Elf that blocked them was infused with boldness and confidence. As he spoke, he drew his Incomplete Imperial Armament. He had the attitude of attacking Chili Pepper and the others should they not move away.

At this moment, Chili Pepper started to cower. It was not that she was afraid of that Elf Guard. Rather, she was afraid that Chu Feng would refuse to recognize them.

Disappointment. The three of them all revealed disappointed expressions.

However, right at this moment, a stern shout was heard. “Who dares to touch my friends?”

Hearing that voice, everyone’s expressions changed. When the crowd saw the figure behind that Elf Guard, they all felt deep veneration, and revealed emotional expressions. The reason for that was because Chu Feng was the person standing behind the Elf Guard.

“Chu Feng!!!” At this moment, Chili Pepper was overjoyed. She hurriedly charged through the blockade and arrived at Chu Feng’s side.

Following closely behind Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish also rushed over. That Elf Guard did not dare to stop them anymore.

“Lord Chu Feng, I-I-I truly didn’t know that they were your friends,” Not only did he not dare to stop them, that Ancient Era’s Elf was so scared that he started to shiver in fear.

As matters stood, the Ancient Era’s Elves knew better than anyone else what sort of status Chu Feng possessed.

Yet, he had actually planned to attack Chu Feng’s friends. He knew that he had made an enormous mistake.

“You who lacked eyes, scram,” At this moment, Lord Lianghua shouted angrily. If the situation wasn’t so unstable, he would definitely have punished that guard.

In this sort of situation, that Elf Guard first apologized, and then hurriedly withdrew. He was replaced with another Ancient Era’s Elf guard.

Seeing this scene, the crowd were all stunned. Firstly, they did not expect that nobodies like Chili Pepper and the others would really be Chu Feng’s friends.

More than that, they were even more surprised that not only had Chu Feng admitted to knowing nobodies like them, he was also even that enthusiastic toward them.

At this moment, the ones feeling the most warmth in their hearts were none other than Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish. They were extremely happy to be Chu Feng’s friends. Especially when being looked on by countless gazes of envy, they felt extremely honored.

“It’s been a long time since we last met. Big Radish, Little Radish, the two of you have grown much bigger. Chili Pepper, you’ve also grown more beautiful,” Chu Feng smiled as he surveyed the three.

At this moment, countless people were gathered here. However, to Chu Feng, there was nothing more joyous than seeing people he knew.

“None of us could compare to you. You are now a grand character that could stand on equal footing with our Lord Palace Master,” Chili Pepper was more bold than the others. As she spoke, she deliberately took a glance at the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master.

“You have truly thought too highly of your Palace Master. The current me would need to be under little friend Chu Feng’s protection. How could I possibly be able to stand on equal footing with him?” The Underworld Palace’s Palace Master said with a smile.

Even though he did not say those words with a very loud voice, it was very vigorous. As such, practically everyone present heard his voice. After hearing it, the crowd were all shocked.

In response, the Elf King said, “When fighting against the Dark Hall, little friend Chu Feng reversed the battle situation many times. The stone army here is also commanded by little friend Chu Feng. His outstanding service in this war is greater than any one of us here.”

His words were spoken in the same manner as the Underworld Palace’s Palace Master. Although his voice was not resounding, everyone present was able to hear it.

Their intentions were the same. They wanted to announce Chu Feng’s service so that everyone would feel deep respect toward Chu Feng. They were planning to help Chu Feng gain prestige in the hearts of the crowd. They were paving the road for Chu Feng to become the overlord.

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