Chapter 2056 - Arrival Of The Moon Immortal

Chapter 2056 - Arrival Of The Moon Immortal

“Moonlight Illumination!!!”

Right at that moment, two female voices sounded.

Immediately following that, a burst of oppressive might descended from the sky and covered the entire region.

Once that oppressive might appeared, Chu Feng and the others were immediately overjoyed. The reason for that was because after that oppressive might appeared, it restricted the movements of everyone from the Dark Hall. As for Chu Feng and the others, they actually managed to regain their ability to move.

Chu Feng and the others were able to break free from the frightening oppressive might of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master because of the oppressive might that suddenly descended from the sky.

It was that oppressive might that had rescued the Alliance Army.

“Could it be?!!!”

At this moment, Chu Feng discovered that the oppressive might that had saved them originated from an enormous moon.

That moon had appeared in the sky out of the blue. Not only did it emit powerful oppressive might, it was also emitting dazzling light. That light possessed extremely powerful offensive capabilities. At this moment, the light was attacking the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Most importantly, that enormous moon greatly resembled the moon at the Moonlight Maze. This caused Chu Feng to think of a possibility. He felt that it was very possible that the person that had saved them was the Moon Immortal who had seized Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies.

“Who is it that dares to stop me?!” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master let out a shout of anger. Then, countless enormous dark black hands shot forth toward the bright moon in the sky.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

The might of a Half Martial Ancestor was truly powerful. Being bombarded with attacks, lights began to radiate all around. The peerlessly mighty bright moon actually started to form many cracks. Then, it turned into tens of thousands of light pieces and shattered.

At this moment, two familiar figures appeared from the shattered moon. They were Su Rou and Su Mei.

Not only did Su Rou and Su Mei speak together, their voices were also the same. However, their voices did not belong to them.

Furthermore, the two of them were wearing the same clothes and had the same sort of hairstyle.

Their fluttering long skirts and high bun hairstyles made Su Rou and Su Mei appear to be overflowing with the airs of Immortals and magnificent beings.

When combined with their already beautiful faces and extraordinary temperaments, the two of them looked like actual celestial fairies.

To be exact, they were celestial fairies.

However, that was not the important part. Most importantly, Su Rou and Su Mei were each holding a strange object that looked like a half-moon. Those objects were very beautiful. However, they were weapons, and top quality Imperial Armaments on top of that.

The two top quality Imperial Armaments were not at all inferior to the Hall Master’s two Imperial Armament daggers. In fact, they were even more powerful, and emitted the domineering aura of a supreme ruler.

“An evildoer dares to act this arrogantly? Prepare to die.”

Suddenly, Su Rou and Su Mei unleashed their attacks together. Their Imperial Armaments turned into two silvery lights as they shot toward the Dark Hall’s Hall Master to cut him down.

Once they were unleashed, the two Imperial Armaments rapidly increased in size. From half-moons the size of a meter long, they became enormous weapons tens of meters long.

As they spun, not only did they unleash incomparable might, they were also emitting auras of righteousness. It was as if they were planning to cut down all of the evil and malicious things in the world.

“Evildoer? Mere trash from the lower realm actually dares to speak to me in such a manner? You are simply courting death.”

The enormous hands of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master charged toward Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Clank, clank, clank, clank, clank~~~”

At this moment, they collided with one another. The outcome of the battle was actually hard to determine.

However, the energy ripples from the collision of their attacks were extremely frightening. With earth-shattering power, the energy ripples were like enormous waves.

Not to mention ordinary Martial Emperors, even peak Martial Emperors like the Elf King and Du Wanwu were forced back repeatedly.

In fact, those below the Martial Emperor level of cultivation, regardless of whether they were from the Dark Hall or the Alliance Army, were shattered into nothingness by the vibration of the energy ripples. Only piles of bloody mist remained in the air. The bloody mist dissolved into the cold frost of the region.

In this sort of situation, even experts like the Elf King started to retreat from the battlefield. At this moment, the troops from both parties in the battle were hurriedly retreating.

It was not that they were afraid of dying. Rather, it was that Half Martial Ancestors were truly too powerful. It was as if the entire region would not be able to withstand the power that they had unleashed.

“Those are Half Martial Ancestors. When Half Martial Ancestors are already this powerful, how powerful would Martial Ancestors that possess actual Ancestor-level martial power, be?”

Even though Chu Feng appeared to be calm, a violent rage was surging in his heart. He was deeply awed by the strength of the Moon Immortal and the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Everyone said that the Outer World was the actual paradise for martial cultivators. However, exactly how powerful were the experts in the Outer World? At this moment, Chu Feng seemed to have an idea of their strength.

Right at this moment, Xue Ji said, “Aren’t those two your little lovers? However, it seems like their bodies are being controlled by someone. From their appearance and techniques, the person controlling them should be that Moonlight Maze’s Moon Demon, no?”

Chu Feng ignored her and continued to wholeheartedly focus on the battle.

Due to the fact that he was not powerful enough, he could only be a spectator in such a crucial battle. Even though Chu Feng felt deep hatred for the Moon Immortal going back on her promise and seizing Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies, it remained that she was the only person that could contend against the Dark Hall’s Hall Master right now.

Even though they were unwilling to do so, Chu Feng and the Alliance Army had no choice but to place all their hopes onto the Moon Immortal.

“It’s useless. Even for the Moon Demon, it will still be impossible for it to defeat the Dark Hall’s Hall Master,” Xue Ji seemed to know what Chu Feng was thinking.

“That’s not for certain. Are you unable to see the situation of the battle right now?” Chu Feng refuted.

Chu Feng had been paying close attention to the battle between the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and the Moon Immortal the entire time. At this moment, the Imperial Armaments held by Su Rou and Su Mei had actually fused together and formed a full moon.

After the new full moon-shaped Imperial Armament had been formed, their might had increased greatly. They were no longer existences that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master could contend with. At this moment, the enormous and powerful hands of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master were as weak as tofu. Any hand that encountered the full moon-shaped Imperial Armament would be cut in two.

However, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master remained as powerful as before. It was as if he was undying and indestructible. Whenever a hand was chopped off, another hand would immediately appear to take its place. His hands continued to grow and multiply without end.

Suddenly, the Moon Immortal shouted, “You can’t stop me.” The full moon Imperial Armament blossomed with a ring of silvery light. That light was no ordinary light. It was like an unstoppable blade.

At this moment, there was simply no need for that full moon Imperial Armament to come into contact with the hands itself. Instead, as long as the hands came into contact with that ring of light, those enormous hands would be sliced off instantly.

In this sort of situation, even though the Dark Hall’s Hall Master possessed a monster-like body with an ability to continue to regenerate, he was still unable to withstand the Moon Immortal’s attacks.

“Did you see that?” At this moment, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself. He turned his head around and looked to Xue Ji provokingly.

Even though Xue Ji had saved him, Chu Feng would not forget that Xue Ji was part of the Dark Hall. Furthermore, Chu Feng still didn’t know what Xue Ji’s intentions were. However, there was one thing that Chu Feng knew -- Xue Ji was a very dangerous woman.

Xue Ji smiled coldly. “Oh? Are you certain that Moon Demon will be able to subdue that fellow?”

That smile contained deep significance. It was as if she had already seen through the ending of the battle today. As for that ending, it would definitely not be one where the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was defeated.

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