Chapter 2049 - Rank Four Martial Emperor

Chapter 2049 - Rank Four Martial Emperor

“Chu Feng, it has always been you helping me. If it wasn’t for you… I would’ve never been able to come here and meet these seniors who have treated me like their relatives. You allowed me to find a home again.”

“Chu Feng, let me help you this one time. As you always say, if you consider me as your friend, don’t act this modest,” Tantai Xue looked at Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

Tantai Xue was someone who rarely smiled. However, today, she had smiled a lot. Today was probably the day that Chu Feng had seen the most smiles from Tantai Xue since the day he had met her.

Seeing Tantai Xue saying it like this, Chu Feng also smiled. He was an understanding person. Thus, he merely smiled, and did not even say thank you to Tantai Xue.

After Chu Feng smiled, he suddenly opened his mouth and directly swallowed the pearl.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what are you doing? Quickly, spit it out.”

“Even if the Natural Energy contained in that pearl is extremely pure, you still can’t do this.”

“Regardless of how pure the Natural Energy might be, if you are to consume too much of it, it will still cause side-effects.”

“Quick, you must spit it out and refine it slowly,” The Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief was greatly alarmed upon seeing this scene.

However, Chu Feng only smiled. Then, he sat cross-legged on the ground, clasped his palms together and closed his eyes.

Chu Feng actually ignored the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief’s advice and began to refine the pearl.

“Senior, let him be. Chu Feng is different from us. He possesses his own method of cultivation,” Tantai Xue said.

“But, even if that is the case, to cultivate like this, is it really fine? Isn’t it too risky?” After Tantai Xue spoke, that Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief no longer tried to stop Chu Feng. Merely, he continued to look at Chu Feng with a skeptical gaze. He still did not believe that Chu Feng would be able to refine that much, pure Natural Energy at once.

However, Chu Feng’s body was extremely special. Thus, after that pearl entered Chu Feng’s body, even the rank eight Martial Emperor-level Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief was unable to see the situation within Chu Feng’s body.

Time passed quickly. Chu Feng had sat for an entire hour now. After an entire hour had passed, Tantai Xue also became slightly worried.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was frowning deeply. Furthermore, his frown was growing more and more creased. This sort of situation persisted for an entire hour.

Fortunately, after that hour passed, Chu Feng’s creased brows started to unfold. Furthermore, a relaxed smile appeared on his face. Soon, he opened his eyes.

“Tantai Xue, you have truly helped me enormously,” After Chu Feng opened his eyes, he immediately got up. He first expressed his thanks to Tantai Xue, and then clasped his fist at the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief, “Senior, thank you for this great gift. Junior will definitely repay senior’s kindness.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, could it be that you’ve succeeded? You managed to completely refine the Natural Energy contained in that pearl?” The Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief looked to Chu Feng with an astonished expression.

Even though he was unable to see through Chu Feng’s cultivation, Chu Feng’s complexion was a lot rosier. This sort of reaction was extremely unusual. At the very least, it meant that Chu Feng had not received any backlash from the pearl.

However, this came as an astonishment for him. Even if Chu Feng could refine that pearl, it shouldn’t be this fast, no?

“Senior, please have a look. This is the power bestowed to me by that pearl.”

As Chu Feng spoke, his clothes suddenly fluttered. Then, a boundless aura swept forth.

Upon sensing Chu Feng’s aura, not to mention the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief, even Tantai Xue revealed an astonished expression.

Chu Feng’s aura was no longer that of a rank two Martial Emperor. Instead, it was that of a rank four Martial Emperor.

Through that pearl, Chu Feng had increased two entire levels of cultivation, and directly became an actual rank four Martial Emperor.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you only managed to increase your cultivation by two levels after completely refining that pearl?” However, after being astonished, the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief was surprised.

The way he saw it, Chu Feng had most definitely completely refined that pearl. However, with how dense the Natural Energy contained in that pearl was, it should not have been difficult for Chu Feng to directly reach peak Martial Emperor. However, Chu Feng’s cultivation had only increased by two levels. This made him feel extremely puzzled.

“Senior, my Inherited Bloodline is a bit special. I need a lot of Natural Energy to reach a breakthrough in my cultivation.”

“For ordinary people, they will generally train with mysterious techniques to absorb Natural Energy in order to achieve enlightenment and reach a breakthrough. For them, cultivation resources are only complementary items that can allow them to reach a breakthrough sooner. The reason for that is because, if they cannot achieve enlightenment and sense the opportunity to break through, regardless of how concentrated the Natural Energy contained in their bodies might be, they will still be unable to reach a breakthrough.”

“As for my Inherited Bloodline, its strength is that I will very rarely encounter any bottlenecks during my breakthroughs. Ever since my Inherited Bloodline awoke, I have only rarely reached a wall when attempting to break through. Even when I do, I will easily be able to obtain enlightenment. Thus, as long as I possess sufficient amounts of Natural Energy in my dantian, I will be able to increase my cultivation.”

“However, the disadvantage of my Inherited Bloodline is that I require a frightening amount of Natural Energy to break through. Thus, this leads to me being unable to use mysterious techniques to absorb Natural Energy. Ever since my Inherited Bloodline awakened, I have been searching for external sources of Natural Energy the entire time.”

“Not long after I arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism, ordinary Martial Beads ended up being completely useless to me. I ended up only being able to reach a breakthrough through refining Natural Oddities. However, as matters stand, I am rarely able to find cultivation resources that can increase my cultivation in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“For the Icesnow Phoenix Race’s pearl that was passed on from the Ancient Era to be able to increase my cultivation by two entire levels is something that even I would not have dared imagine to be possible,” Chu Feng explained to the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief.

“Never would I have thought that little friend Chu Feng would possess such a special Inherited Bloodline. However, the way I see it, that is not a bad thing at all. Instead, it's a very good thing. For you to not need to comprehend the Natural Energy and the opportunity to reach a breakthrough, it is something that countless people yearn for in their dreams,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief actually revealed a trace of envy in his eyes.

“Tantai Xue, Lord Clan Chief.”

“I am not being pretentious here. You all have truly helped me enormously.”

“Thus, please accept this gesture of respect from me,” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to bow to the two of them.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Is there really a need for this?” Tantai Xue was a bit displeased by Chu Feng expressing his thanks again.

Chu Feng laughed and said, “It is not that I am being overly courteous. Rather, I am too excited. You see, not only did I managed to obtain Natural Energy from that pearl, I also obtained a Taboo Martial Skill.”

“Taboo Martial Skill?” Both Tantai Xue and the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief were startled upon hearing those words.

“When we encounter the people from the Dark Hall, I can display it to Lord Clan Chief,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well. Let us set off then,” The Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief said happily.

Then, the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief, the Elf King, Chu Feng and the allied army began to majestically proceed toward the Dark Hall’s headquarters.

At that moment. In that frightening palace in the Dark Hall’s headquarters. Xue Ji appeared before the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“What did you say?! Chu Feng actually knew that Icesnow Phoenix Race’s girl? Furthermore, the Icesnow Phoenix Race has become allies of the Ancient Era’s Elves now?!” At that moment, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master revealed an extremely marvelous expression.

He was angry, furious, shocked, and panicky.

He had trusted the Icesnow Phoenixes deeply. He felt that the Icesnow Phoenixes definitely possessed the strength to be able to stop the Ancient Era’s Elves for him.

However, he had not expected Xue Ji to bring him this sort of news upon her return.

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