Chapter 1606 - Absolute Suppression

MGA: Chapter 1606 - Absolute Suppression

“You are truly shameless. You are simply twisting words and forcing logic with your sophistry. It is clearly you who is bullying another!”

“That’s right. This is precisely the behavior of a sore loser. It would seem that the Beitang Imperial Clan is only this much.”

In fact, it was not only Nangong Baihe who could not watch this anymore, a lot of the people present all had the same feelings as her. They all felt that this Beitang Imperial Clansman was being too shameless.

After all, the crowd were no fools. They were all able to tell exactly who would be disadvantaged if that Beitang Imperial Clansman was to fight against Chu Feng. Furthermore, even if Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were superior to his own, it would only mean that Chu Feng was more talented. Chu Feng had only trained for a dozen or so years, and yet he managed to reach the Snake Mark Royal-cloak level in world spirit techniques. This was most definitely a sign of being a genius among geniuses.

However, this man from the Beitang Imperial Clan was about to be a hundred years old. Yet, he was still only an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Strictly speaking, even though he could also be considered a genius world spiritist, he was extremely lacking when compared to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was stronger than him because his talent was simply inferior to Chu Feng’s. Yet, he spoke of it as Chu Feng taking advantage of him. This was truly a bit too shameless.

“It’s fine. Since he wishes to swap pointers with me, I shall give him the chance to do so.”

However, Chu Feng was very indifferent to this challenge and accepted it. While others might not know about his skills, he himself knew his own skills very well. With his current world spirit techniques, not to mention his opponent being a rank three Half Martial Emperor, even if his opponent were to possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation on top of being a rank three Half Martial Emperor, Chu Feng would still have no fear.

Back when Chu Feng was only an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques had been capable of contending against rank four Half Martial Emperors. Now that he had become a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he would not even be afraid of rank six Half Martial Emperors. Strictly speaking, Chu Feng’s current world spirit techniques’ battle power would only be stronger than his martial cultivation’s battle power, not weaker.

“Enough superfluous words, watch my attack.”

Right after Chu Feng accepted the challenge, the man immediately unleashed an attack at him. He was planning to catch Chu Feng off guard by launching a surprise attack. Sure enough, this man was extremely shameless. He had manifested the behavior of a despicable person all around.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In an instant, golden world spirit techniques turned into tens of thousands of arrows. With rapid speed, they shot toward Chu Feng.

This man was truly worthy of being an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Even though his world spirit techniques were inferior to his martial power, they still possessed an extraordinary amount of destructive power.

Unfortunately, his attack was simply unable to injure Chu Feng in the slightest. With merely a thought, Chu Feng formed a world spirit wall before him.

This world spirit wall was very powerful and impregnable. Regardless of how powerful the world spirit arrows being shot toward it were, they were still unable to break through the world spirit wall.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

However, it was clear that the man from the Beitang Imperial Clan was not someone to be trifled with either. With a thought, he began to control the direction of the arrows. Suddenly, all of the arrows started to turn around and bypassed Chu Feng’s world spirit wall to attack him from behind.

“Insignificant talent.” How could such a trick possibly baffle Chu Feng? Chu Feng still stood where he was without moving. Then, five more world spirit walls appeared. They covered the region above his head, underneath his feet, his left side, his right side and his back. Together, the six world spirit walls formed a box around Chu Feng, covering him completely.

After this world spirit fort was created, Chu Feng sat inside in a cross-legged position. He actually felt too lazy to even bother standing. Just like that, he sat in the world spirit wall like an outsider enjoying the show as he watched the attacks from that Beitang Imperial Clansman bombard his world spirit fort.

“Little bastard, you dare underestimate this old man? Watch as I teach you a lesson.”

Being looked down on by Chu Feng in this manner, that Beitang Imperial Clansman was extremely infuriated. His hands began to form hand seals nonstop. Then, a boundless amount of world spirit power soared toward the sky. Runes and symbols began to revolve all over as the world spirit power began to form a world spirit formation. Then, an enormous bow and arrow appeared in the sky.

The bowstring was pulled all the way back. Then, the enormous arrow carried enormous power along with it as it was shot toward Chu Feng. What he had used was a spirit formation. Furthermore, it was a very powerful slaughtering formation. It would appear that this Beitang Imperial Clan’s shameless man was planning to attack Chu Feng seriously now.

“Receive my attack.”


Once the arrow appeared, waves immediately began to appear on the surface of the previously calm sea. Many people were unable to stand steadily anymore. It was not because those people possessed insufficient strength. Rather, it was because the attack unleashed by that Beitang Imperial Clan’s shameless man was truly too powerful, too frightening.


Finally, the arrow landed on Chu Feng’s world spirit wall. Immediately, gold light began to flash and energy ripples wreaked havoc. The violent energy ripples turned into golden hurricanes that swept forth in all directions. If it wasn’t for the fact that some of the bystanders neutralized the energy ripples, those energy ripples would have been able to create an extremely violent storm on the sea.

However, after the energy ripples subsided, not only was Chu Feng undamaged, even his world spirit walls were completely undamaged. That ferociously mighty slaughtering technique was actually incapable of shaking Chu Feng’s world spirit wall.

“I refuse to believe!”

That Beitang Imperial Clansman grew more and more angry. He then began to unceasingly unleash more and more attacks at Chu Feng. His spirit formations could each be said to be stronger and more ferocious than the last. A couple of them were so mighty that many of the bystanders started to have cold sweat and fear for Chu Feng’s life upon seeing them.

However, the final result still came as a great surprise to the crowd. Regardless of what sort of spirit formation that Beitang Imperial Clansman unleashed, he was still unable to break through Chu Feng’s world spirit walls.

In the end, the Beitang Imperial Clansman ended up exhausting his spirit power. The spirit formations he set up ended up becoming weaker and weaker. There was no longer any hope for him in being able to break through Chu Feng’s world spirit wall. At this moment, it had been an entire hour since the two of them had begun this battle.

After the first hour passed, Chu Feng had lowered his head. He did not even bother to look at that Beitang Imperial Clansman at all. Those with sharp ears actually managed to hear light snoring sounds coming out of Chu Feng’s mouth. It turned out that Chu Feng had fallen asleep.

This scene had not only shocked all the bystanders, it also made the faces of all the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan turn green. They felt utterly humiliated by Chu Feng.

However, there was nothing they could do. The world spirit walls that Chu Feng had set up were simply too powerful, too tough. Many of the people present could sense that Chu Feng possessed the battle power of a rank six Half Martial Emperor. That was because that world spirit wall was simply incapable of being broken through unless one possessed the battle power of a rank six Half Martial Emperor.

Regardless of whether they were willing to admit it or not, they had all become aware of the fact that Chu Feng was extremely powerful. They had all underestimated Chu Feng.


Suddenly, Chu Feng yawned. Then, he extended his arms and began to stretch his back. Only then did he stand back up. He said, “Hey, I’ve let you attack me for an entire hour now. It should be my turn now, right?”

“What?” Once Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, not to mention that Beitang Imperial Clansman, the bystanders were all shocked too. What did those words mean? Chu Feng was going to counterattack?

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Sure enough, Chu Feng unleashed his counterattack. That world spirit wall of his separated and turned into golden spirit power. Without any special form, the world spirit power surged forth with unimaginable might like a dragon on the sea. It dazzled with golden light and raised overflowing waves as it charged toward that Beitang Imperial Clansman.

“Come! Did you think I would fear you?”

That Beitang Imperial Clansman was not to be outdone. His body shifted, and he soared into the sky. Following that, he created layer upon layer of world spirit walls. He wanted to use world spirit walls to block Chu Feng’s attack much like how Chu Feng had used world spirit walls to block his attacks.

Unfortunately, the disparity between the two men’s strength was truly too enormous. Before Chu Feng’s world spirit power, that man’s world spirit walls were like tofu. They shattered upon the first attack. The several world spirit walls were all shattered instantly.

“Damn it, I am a grand rank three Half Martial Emperor! How could I possibly lose to you?!”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s spirit power was about to reach him, and how his world spirit techniques were unable to stop it at all, the man shouted angrily. Then, he actually took out a large axe that shone with golden light and held it in his hand.

That was a Royal Armament. Not only had he used his Royal Armament, a golden-bright and dazzling ‘Imperial’ character had also appeared on his forehead. He had unleashed his Imperial Bloodline.

The combination of a top quality Royal Armament and his Imperial Bloodline had instantly increased his battle power enormously. Even though he was only an ordinary rank three Half Martial Emperor, his current battle power was on par with rank four Half Martial Emperors.

A sore loser. He was truly a sore loser. They had agreed beforehand that they would be competing with world spirit techniques. Yet, in the end, he had still utilized his martial power. A rank three Half Martial Emperor against a rank nine Martial King, if this was not bullying, what else could it be?

At this moment, many people were unable to continue watching this. They were itching to join hands to condemn that shameless man. However, at the moment when the man began to unleash an attack with his Royal Armament at Chu Feng with absolute certainty of victory, the crowd discovered that their worries were unnecessary.


A miserable scream sounded. The Royal Armament in that man’s hand had left his hand. Not only that, he was tightly wrapped around by Chu Feng’s world spirit power.

In merely a single bout, this rank three Half Martial Emperor who had unleashed his martial power was defeated. Even though he had used his martial power, he was still no match for Chu Feng. He was still tightly tied up by Chu Feng’s world spirit power.