Chapter 2031 - Must Be Taught A Lesson

Chapter 2031 - Must Be Taught A Lesson

After a violent battle, all of the people from the Dark Hall and the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were killed.

Massacre. It was a massacre. The army of stone monsters that Chu Feng led had defeated the Dark Hall’s army with zero deaths or injuries.

“Guard!” Chu Feng shouted.

After his command was given, those stone monsters surrounded the Elf territory. Like guards, they began to defend this place.

Seeing this scene, the Ancient Era’s Elves all revealed shocked expressions. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng were filled with admiration.

The army of stone monsters all followed Chu Feng’s command. It was an extremely unimaginable matter.

“Chu Feng, where did you obtain these stone monsters? They’re actually this powerful?”

At that moment, not to mention the other Ancient Era’s Elves, even the Little Princess Xian Miaomiao was startled.

“It’s a long story. I’ve solved the mystery of the Five Elements Secret Skills. The treasures contained within it was this stone army,” Chu Feng said.

“You’ve really solved the mystery of the Five Elements Secret Skills?! Heavens! You are too amazing!” Hearing those words, Xian Miaomiao revealed an astonished expression.

“Miaomiao, hear me out. Currently, this entire stone army listens to my orders. However, I’ve created seventeen title plates. As long as one conducts a blood oath to have a title plate recognize them as its master, one would be able to command a portion of the stone army.”

“Before I came, I had already handed fifteen of the title plates to fifteen Elf Lords of different territories.”

“Later, hand this title plate to the Elf Lord of this territory. Have him make a blood oath with it. Then, he will be able to, like me, command the stone army. With the stone army guarding this place, even if the Dark Hall is to come again, they would not have to fear them,” Chu Feng handed a title plate to Xian Miaomiao.

“It’s actually this miraculous?!” As Xian Miaomiao looked to the title plate handed to her by Chu Feng, Xian Miaomiao revealed an expression of amazement, and began to fondle it admiringly. It was like a playful child had obtained a beloved toy.

“Wait, Chu Feng, you said there’s a total of seventeen title plates. In that case, this stone army here is not all that you’ve obtained? There’s more of them?” Xian Miaomiao asked in astonishment.

“Mn, the stone army numbered a total of a hundred and thirty-eight thousand nine hundred and eighty-one stone monsters. I have split them into sixteen groups.”

“Currently, fifteen of the groups are guarding fifteen of your Ancient Era’s Elves’ important territories,” Chu Feng said with a nod.

“Wow, that’s truly amazing. With that many powerful stone monsters, even if the Dark Hall is to mount a sneak attack against us again, we would not have to fear them,” Xian Miaomiao was overjoyed.

After all, she had personally experienced the might of the stone monsters. Upon thinking of how there were that many more powerful stone monsters, she knew that they would definitely be an enormous assistance to them, the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Even the weakest among them were Martial Emperors. This meant that there were over a hundred thousand Martial Emperors. What sort of concept was this? It was truly unimaginable.

Perhaps the battle between the Ancient Era’s Elves and the Dark Hall might have a reversal because of the addition of the stone army.

Even if the Ancient Era’s Elves had to continue to remain passive, their casualties would not be that severe.

“However, only two of them are the strongest. From today on, they belong to you,” Chu Feng took out another title plate and handed it to Xian Miaomiao. As he spoke, he looked to the two rank eight Martial Emperor-level stone giants behind him.

Indeed, Chu Feng had prepared those two stone giants for Xian Miaomiao. Chu Feng had heard of Xian Miaomiao guarding this territory on his way here. He was worried for Xian Miaomiao’s safety, and had deliberately rushed over to find her so that he could bring her back to the Elf Kingdom.

He had created that title plate in order to guard against the unexpected. He wanted Xian Miaomiao to protect herself by gaining control over the two strongest stone monsters.

However, Chu Feng did not expect that Xian Miaomiao’s cultivation had increased again. She was already a rank six Martial Emperor. She… was currently able to fight against rank eight Martial Emperors herself.

However, from the battle between Xian Miaomiao and that rank eight Martial Emperor-level Ancient Era’s ferocious beast, Chu Feng determined that Xian Miaomiao’s battle experience was lacking. While she would be fine against ordinary rank eight Martial Emperors, she would not be able to defeat rank eight Martial Emperors that were stronger than ordinary ones.

As for those two stone giants, they could be said to be extremely powerful existences among rank eight Martial Emperors. After all, even the World Devastator Immortal was defeated by them. Thus, Chu Feng felt very reassured to have them protect Xian Miaomiao.

“You must not refuse this. Come, take it,” Seemingly fearing that Xian Miaomiao would refuse, Chu Feng forcibly pushed the title plate into Xian Miaomiao’s hand.

“What about you then?” Xian Miaomiao looked to Chu Feng worriedly. From the words spoken by that mysterious woman earlier, she was able to tell that the Dark Hall wanted to kill Chu Feng now. Chu Feng was also in a very dangerous situation right now.

“Don’t forget that I’m a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Even if I am unable to defeat rank eight Martial Emperors, it would not be that easy for them to kill me.”

“Furthermore, those stone giants are too enormous. If they are to follow me all the time, it would be inconvenient for me too.”

“Furthermore, as long as they are beside me, even if I do not have a title plate, I would still be able to order them,” Chu Feng explained with a smile. He was urging Xian Miaomiao to accept his kind intentions.

“Okay then,” Seeing how insistent Chu Feng was, Xian Miaomiao accepted the title plate. She was actually very happy. As Xian Miaomiao was a young girl with a child’s temperament, she felt that it was much more liberating to be able to control two experts at the level of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Grand Elders than having Ancient Era’s Elves protect her.

“Wow, great sir, you are too amazing! Those enormous fellows actually all listen to your commands!”

At that moment, a little red insect appeared from within Xian Miaomiao’s sleeve and directly landed onto Chu Feng. That little fellow was Lil Red.

“Lil Red, it’s been a while, have you missed your great sir?” Chu Feng held Lil Red in his hand and asked with a smile.

“I do, I even dreamed of great sir,” Lil Red said.

“Oh? You actually have dreams?” Chu Feng was startled.

“That’s right. I dream of great sir and Miaomiao all the time,” Lil Red said.

“Yoh, you’re calling her Miaomiao instead of ‘beauty’ now? Seems like you’re doing pretty well,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you think?” Lil Red raised its little head proudly.

“In that case, tell me what you dream of,” Chu Feng asked.

“I dream of great sir touching Miaomiao’s body,” Lil Red said.

“Touching Miaomiao’s body?” Chu Feng started to frown. He asked, “Why would I be touching Miaomiao’s body?”

Chu Feng heard that some dreams are oftentimes prophecies. Lil Red was evidently a mysterious being. It was strange for it to have dreams to begin with. It was even more unbelievable for its dream to oftentimes be of him and Xian MIaomiao.

Chu Feng wanted to know exactly what was with Lil Red’s dreams. If it was an ill omen, then he wanted to know what he could do to prevent it.

“That’s right. Lil Red, why is Chu Feng touching my body? Was I injured?” At that moment, Xian Miaomiao asked curiously. Evidently, she was thinking the same thing as Chu Feng.

“I also don’t know why great sir is touching your body. In any case, not only did he touch it, he even kissed you. Then, without wearing anything, the two of you started to roll around in the bed. It was truly lively,” Lil Red said with a mischievous smile.

“......” Hearing those words, Chu Feng grew speechless. It turned out that he had been played for a fool by Lil Red. Dream? No, Lil Red was clearly toying with him and Xian Miaomiao.

“Lil Red, you’re courting death here,” At that moment, Xian Miaomiao’s face instantly turned red. She grabbed Lil Red and began to pull it. She was simply trying to pull Lil Red apart.

“Aiyo, Your Highness Miaomiao, Lil Red knows its mistake. Please spare me.”

“Great sir, save me.”

Lil Red’s anguished wailing began to be heard. However, Chu Feng did not try to plead for it. The reason for that was because even if Xian Miaomiao had not planned to teach Lil Red a lesson, he would have done so. That Lil Red was truly too shameless, too lowly, and had to be taught a lesson.

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