Chapter 2029 - Dangerous Woman

Chapter 2029 - Dangerous Woman

“Lord Protector, what are we to do now? Please think of something. We cannot expose Princess Miaomiao to the Dark Hall’s army by herself,” In panic, the Elf Lord looked to the Protector.

“It’s useless. That bell is something that His Majesty bestowed to Princess Miaomiao so that she could use it to protect herself at a crucial moment.”

“Never would I expect that Princess Miaomiao would use that bell to block us in here.”

“It would seem that girl does not wish for us to sacrifice our lives in vain. She wants to take care of the Dark Hall’s army by herself,” The Protector said.

“What? Her Highness actually wants to-?!!!” Hearing those words, the expressions of the Ancient Era’s Elves all took a huge change.

Regardless of how powerful Xian Miaomiao might be, they all felt that it would be absolutely impossible for her to take care of several tens of thousands of Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts and the Dark Hall’s army by herself.

After all, no matter what, Xian Miaomiao was only a rank six Martial Emperor. However, the ones outside were rank seven Martial Emperor-level Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. Furthermore, there were a total of ten of them.



At the moment when the Ancient Era’s Elves were worried, wave upon wave of screams could be heard from outside the grand formation.

When they turned their gaze’s toward the direction of the screams, all of the Ancient Era’s Elves, including even that Elf Lord, were stunned.

At that moment, the Dark Hall’s army of elites and the many Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were being trampled upon. Dead and injured filled their ranks.

As for the person that was causing all those casualties, it was none other than the Elf Princess, Her Highness Xian Miaomiao that they were so worried about.

At that moment, Xian Miaomiao was holding a sword in her hand. With each wave of her sword, she would cause a vast massacre.

Not to mention those with low levels of strength, even those ten rank seven Martial Emperor-level Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were absolutely no match for Xian Miaomiao.

In merely an instant, two of the ten Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were killed by Xian Miaomiao’s Imperial Armament.

“Her Highness is actually this powerful?”

“Even rank seven Martial Emperors are no match for her? But her cultivation is clearly only that of a rank six Martial Emperor. What’s going on here?”

“Could it be that Her Highness’s battle power is actually capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation instead of four?” The Ancient Era’s Elves were all very skeptical at first. However, after watching Xian Miaomiao’s battle, they verified it to be true.

Although Xian Miaomiao was only a petite young girl, the strength that she displayed was truly valiant. As she moved back and forth within the Dark Hall’s army, there was no one capable of stopping her.

Not to mention the people from the Dark Hall, even those enormous Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were unable to withstand a single blow from her.

“We’re saved. We have been saved from this crisis! Never would I have expected Her Highness to be this powerful. Likely, she will be able to take care of the entire Dark Hall’s army by herself.”

Seeing how ferocious Xian Miaomiao was, the Ancient Era’s Elves that were deeply worried for her earlier started to have a whole new level of respect toward her. In fact, they even began to beat their war drums to cheer for Xian Miaomiao.


Unfortunately, good things do not last for long. Right after Xian Miaomiao began to massacre the Dark Hall’s army, an ear-piercing roar was heard.

Following that, an enormous black dragon appeared in the distance. It was flying toward Xian Miaomiao with its fangs bared and its claws brandished.

That enormous black dragon was formed of black gaseous flames. It did not possess a physical body. However, it possessed a pair of bloody eyes.

From the moment that black dragon appeared, the Ancient Era’s Elves became extremely nervous. Even though they were within the grand formation, they were still able to sense how frightening that black dragon was.

“Earthen Taboo: Chaotic Leaf Sword.”

Xian Miaomiao had also realized that the black dragon was no ordinary being. She did not show any carelessness, and instead brandished the Imperial Armament in her hand to unleash an attack at the black dragon.

Once the sword attack was unleashed, chaotic leaves began to swirl about in the wind. Those leaves were no ordinary leaves, as they managed to pierce countless holes through the black dragon.

However, after the black dragon was beaten back, it turned into black gaseous flames and disappeared into thin air.

It turned out that black dragon was not an actual beast. Rather, it was only a martial skill.

“Girl, you’re pretty good.”

After that black dragon was defeated, a beautiful woman appeared out of thin air. She stood far across from Xian Miaomiao.

After that woman appeared, even the Ancient Era’s Elves’ expression took a huge change. That woman was truly alluringly beautiful. Most importantly, they were unable to fathom that woman’s cultivation.

Furthermore, after that woman appeared, both the Dark Hall’s army and the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts all retreated behind that woman in an orderly manner and revealed extremely respectful appearances.

It was clear that that woman was the leader of the Dark Hall’s army.

After seeing that woman, the expression on the Elf Protector’s face became extremely frantic. He had not revealed such an uneasy expression even when Xian Miaomiao rushed out to fight against the Dark Hall’s army by herself and sealed them within the grand formation.

The reason why he reacted like this was because this was the first time since he had started fighting against the Dark Hall that he saw those Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts acting so respectfully. They did not act that way even when before the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

However, that woman had accomplished that feat. Furthermore, he was unable to determine that woman’s cultivation at all. Yet, he was able to sense that that woman was extremely dangerous.

All of this allowed him to know that that woman was someone extraordinary.

If he was still at ease when Xian Miaomiao faced the Dark Hall’s army by herself earlier, then he was extremely worried right now.

“It’s you!!!” After Xian Miaomiao saw that woman, the killing intent in her eyes immediately increased explosively.

The reason for that was because Xian Miaomiao had seen that woman before. She was that mysterious woman who had appeared beside the Dark Hall’s Hall Master together with the World Devastator Immortal at the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.

“You recognize me? Your memory’s quite good,” The woman said with a light smile. Even though her voice was pleasant to hear, it was also extremely strange.

“Even if you are to turn to ash, I will still recognize you,” Xian Miaomiao said while gnashing her teeth.

After hearing Xian Miaomiao’s words, not only was that woman not angry, the smile on her face grew even stronger. Her smile was truly charming. She was truly a person of bearing. After smiling, she said to Xian Miaomiao, “Girl, you should have died in the Blood Devouring Killing Formation last time around. Yet, you are still alive.”

“Thus, our Hall Master is interested in finding out how you managed to survive.”

“He wanted me to bring you back. Are you going to follow me yourself, or must I capture you and take you back?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you this: if you follow me yourself, I can spare those Ancient Era’s Elves. However, if you fight against me, they shall die,” That mysterious woman looked to the Ancient Era’s Elves in the grand formation behind Xian Miaomiao.

Although she said those words with a smile on her face, the Ancient Era’s Elves all trembled upon hearing her words. Even that Lord Elf Protector’s body also trembled.

In merely an instant, cold sweat filled their faces.

For some unknown reason, they felt as if that woman’s words were not an empty threat. Instead, she was actually capable of doing it.

The reason for that was because that woman emitted too powerful of a dangerous aura. The more one interacted with her, the more one would become afraid of her.

“To boast shamelessly, you are courting death!” Coldness flashed through Xian Miaomiao’s eyes. Then she slashed out with the Imperial Armament sword she held in her hand.


However, right after that slash was shot forth, an ear-piercing roar sounded from the space before her. Soon, a huge monster appeared out of thin air. It opened its gigantic mouth and brought forth violent wind.

That wind was extremely powerful. It turned into wind blades that blocked Xian Miaomiao’s attack.

After that huge monster appeared, Xian Miaomiao started to frown. That monster was also an Ancient Era’s ferocious beast. However, it possessed the cultivation of rank eight Martial Emperor.

Most importantly, that Ancient Era’s ferocious beast gave off a completely different sort of sensation when compared to the other Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts. The sensation it gave off had nothing to do with its strength. Rather, it was as if that Ancient Era’s ferocious beast had undergone a special sort of transformation.

“Little girl, you are not qualified to fight against me.”

“This slave of mine is more than sufficient to take care of you,” The corners of the mysterious woman’s lips lifted into a fascinating yet dangerous smile.


Then, she pointed her finger at the Ancient Era’s ferocious beast, and a strand of black gaseous flames entered that Ancient Era’s ferocious beast’s body.


The very next moment, black gaseous flames emerged from all over that Ancient Era’s ferocious beast. It appeared like a black demon.

Being engulfed by black gaseous flames, that Ancient Era’s ferocious beast appeared even more imposing, even more vicious. With intense killing intent, it began to unleash ruthless attacks at Xian Miaomiao.


Xian Miaomiao snorted coldly. She did not fear that huge monster. Instead, she brandished the sword in her hand and began to collide with that Ancient Era’s ferocious beast.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The battle between the two of them was extremely intense. It was as if they were the sole rulers of this region, and could bring about the destruction of the entire region.

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