Chapter 2022 - Act Separately

 Chapter 2022 - Act Separately

“Furthermore?” Chu Feng asked.

“Furthermore, that place has been pillaged. Practically all of the treasures there were snatched away. If the Five Elements Old Ancestor left his treasures there, they might have already been pillaged by others,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal interrupted.

“What? What happened?” Chu Feng asked. He was already able to tell that the Wonderstone Dao Ground was an extraordinary place.

“The Wonderstone Dao Ground is known for its various wonderstones. However, the reason why it was famous was because, many years ago, there was a power called the ‘Wonder Sect’ in that place.”

“During its peak, the Wonder Sect was capable of contending against the Three Palaces. In fact, for a short duration, the Wonder Sect surpassed the Three Palaces, and became the number one power in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Unfortunately, the glorious days of the Wonder Sect were short lived. Due to the fact that the first Sect Master of the Wonder Sect had offended too many people and there was no expert capable of contending against the Three Palaces’ Palace Masters after him -- all of the Wonder Sect’s other experts were inferior to the Four Great Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders -- the Wonder Sect suffered a sudden, devastating decline after the death of the Wonder Sect’s first Sect Master.”

“Countless enemies came to take revenge on them.”

“Not only was the Wonder Sect eradicated, the people even dug ten thousand meters underground to search for the treasures in the Wonder Sect. They completely turned the Wonder Sect upside down.”

“After the pillaging, not only was the Wonder Sect in an utter mess, countless corpses were also scattered all over to be exposed to the scorching sun.”

“Later, a monk was unable to put up with the scene of devastation. He buried all of the deceased from the Wonder Sect and filled up the Wonder Sect’s land that was dug up by the pillagers.”

“With that, even though the Wonder Sect no longer exists, the Wonderstone Dao Ground was, at the very least, not that frightening and sorrowful to look at.”

“Furthermore, the Wonderstone Dao Ground did possess a special sort of power that protected it. That place could be said to be a blessed land.”

“Thus, after many years had passed, many people tried to set up sects and schools in the Wonderstone Dao Ground. However, whenever night arrives, anguished wailing would sound from underneath the Wonderstone Dao Ground. This caused those who tried to start sects and schools there to feel their hair stand on end and their blood run cold. In fact, strange things would often take place in the Wonderstone Dao Ground too.”

“The people all felt that it was caused by the lingering ghosts of the Wonder Sect that had died tragically; they felt that all of the strange occurrences were caused by the lingering ghosts.”

“Most importantly, there was no way to solve those strange happenings. Even Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists were unable to do anything about it.”

“Gradually, no one bothered to go to the Wonderstone Dao Ground. The Wonderstone Dao Ground ended up being abandoned. From the time it was abandoned till now, a hundred thousand years have passed,” The Immeasurable Immortal said.

“It’s actually been that long?”

“For something from so long ago, are we sure that it’s true?” Chu Feng asked. After all, a hundred thousand years was a very long time. There could be a lot of false rumors after so much time passed.

“The major rumors might be fake. However, the matters regarding the Wonderstone Dao Ground are definitely true. The reason for that is because those strange phenomenon are still present even now,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

“I have also been to the Wonderstone Dao Ground to check things out before, and returned with no harvest. However, I can ascertain one thing. That is, that those strange phenomenon do exist,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng looked to the Immeasurable Immortal and Zhang Ming, the two other powerful world spiritists present.

“Indeed, I’ve been there too. The Wonderstone Dao Ground is a mystical place. All world spiritists wish to solve the mystery of that place. If someone manages to solve the mystery of that place, they will become famous overnight with their name spread through the entire world.”

“Actually, even if you did not mention the Wonderstone Dao Ground, I would have recommended that you check that place out,” Zhang Ming said.

“It’s actually that mystical?” After learning about the Wonderstone Dao Ground, Chu Feng was very surprised by it. At the same time, he started to yearn for that Wonderstone Dao Ground even more. Thus, he said, “In that case, the Wonderstone Dao Ground is truly a place that I must go to. Furthermore, I feel that the secret of Five Elements Secret Skills is definitely still hidden there.”

“That’s true. After all, those five symbols were that well-hidden. The true treasure must be even more hidden. Even though the Wonderstone Dao Ground has already been upturned by others, the treasures the Five Elements Old Ancestor left behind might not necessarily have already been taken,” said the Weaponry Refinement Immortal with a nod.

“Chu Feng, in that case, when do you plan to proceed for the Wonderstone Dao Ground?” The Snow-haired Immortal asked.

“Right now,” Chu Feng said.

“This soon?” The crowd were all surprised.

“I believe that seniors are all like me, impatient to know what sort of treasures the Five Elements Old Ancestor left behind, no?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Indeed,” The crowd smiled and nodded. Although they were surprised by Chu Feng wanting to go right now, that was actually also what they wanted to do.

“Since that’s the case, let’s go,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

“Senior, I can go alone this time around. I would not have to inconvenience everyone,” Chu Feng said.

“Going alone?” The crowd were all startled to hear that.

“The battle between the Ancient Era’s Elves and the Dark Hall is certain to be even more intense than before. As allies, we cannot stand by and watch with folded arms.”

“Thus, I wish to ask seniors to assist the Ancient Era’s Elves. As for the treasures, I can go and obtain them myself. After I have obtained them, I will meet with everyone in the Elf Kingdom,” Chu Feng requested earnestly. Although the Cyanwood Mountain was safe, Chu Feng was worried for the Ancient Era’s Elves.

“The Cyanwood Mountain’s grand defensive formation is already complete. There is no longer a need to fear being invaded anymore. Indeed, it is time for us to join the battle between the Ancient Era’s Elves and the Dark Hall.”

“But, if little friend Chu Feng is to go to the Wonderstone Dao Ground alone, we will be worried for your safety. How about this, little friend Chu Feng, I’ll accompany you there,” The Immeasurable Immortal said.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, have the Immeasurable Immortal accompany you,” Baili Xuankong said.

Even though Chu Feng was already extremely powerful right now, Chu Feng remained a child in the eyes of Baili Xuankong. Thus, he would be unable to feel at ease if Chu Feng were to go alone.

Merely… the current him no longer possessed the capability to protect Chu Feng. If he were to accompany Chu Feng, he would only become Chu Feng’s burden should something really happen.

However, the Immeasurable Immortal was different. Not only was he a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he was also a rank seven Martial Emperor. With his strength, he would be able to protect Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, the Immeasurable Immortal is familiar with the Wonderstone Dao Ground. It would be good for him to accompany you,” At this moment, Nangong Longjian and the others also voiced their approval.

“Very well. In that case, senior Immeasurable, let’s set off,” Chu Feng said.

“Sure, let’s go,” The Immeasurable Immortal nodded.

After this matter was decided, Chu Feng immediately left for the Wonderstone Dao Ground with the Immeasurable Immortal.

As for the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, the Snow-haired Immortal, the Snow Blade Mad Demon, Nangong Longjian and the other grand characters, they led the thousand-plus Martial Emperors, the nominal elders of the Cyanwood Mountain, and proceeded for the battlefield where the Ancient Era’s Elves and the Dark Hall were fighting to reinforce the Ancient Era’s Elves.

After those experts left, Baili Xuankong and the others immediately called for all of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders and disciples to enter the grand defensive formation.

It was currently a time of war. Even the Ancient Era’s Elves were engulfed in the chaos of war. Thus, it was destined that the Cyanwood Mountain would not be able to live peacefully.

After all those experts left, the battle power of the Cyanwood Mountain had suffered enormously. The people that remained were simply unable to protect the Cyanwood Mountain.

In this sort of situation, the best solution would be to have all of the elders and disciples hide in the grand defensive formation.

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