Chapter 1604 - Humiliation Once Again

MGA: Chapter 1604 - Humiliation Once Again

“Isn’t it all because I made you slap yourself ten times on the Immortal Island?” Seeing that Beitang Zimo had become speechless, Chu Feng smiled lightly and continued.

“What? Slap himself ten times? It’s Beitang Zimo! Beitang Zimo slapped himself ten times? Exactly what is going on?” Once Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar. While they had heard about Chu Feng’s outstanding accomplishments, they had not heard about this matter. To them, this was most definitely shocking news.

At this moment, Beitang Zimo’s face instantly turned green. This matter was something that even the bystanders present on the Immortal Island did not dare to spread. Never had he ever imagined that this Chu Feng would actually dare to let this matter be known, letting him be humiliated before all these people.

“However, that is merely what you agreed to do when you lost the bet. Yet, the way you’re acting now…could it be that you’re acting like a sore loser?” Chu Feng continued.

Beitang Zimo was unable to tolerate the humiliation anymore. He pointed at Chu feng and angrily shouted, “Chu Feng, don’t you continue to blabber nonsense!” He was planning to refuse to acknowledge what had happened.

“Blabber nonsense? My, are you planning to pretend that it never happened?”

“However, that’s alright. If you want to pretend that it never happened before, there would be nothing that I could do. After all, it was not some sort of glorious thing that you’ve done. If you think it to be shameful, I, Chu Feng, can also pretend that it never happened.”

“However, there were so many people present on the Immortal Island that day. Would they be able to pretend that nothing had happened like me?” Chu Feng spread open his hands and shrugged his shoulders. Even though he had an expression of indifference, he took a glance toward Nangong Ya and Nangong Baihe.

“Brother Zimo, I was also present back then. You shouldn’t refuse to acknowledge what happened. After all, it would be extremely disgraceful to do so,” Nangong Ya realized Chu Feng’s intention. Thus, he immediately spoke to verify what Beitang Zimo had done that day. He was indirectly telling the crowd that Chu Feng spoke the truth.

“That’s right. Beitang Zimo, could it be that you’ve forgotten how resounding your slaps were? Those pow, pow, pow sounds were much louder than firecrackers. Oh, that’s right, you slapped yourself so hard that your cheeks started bleeding. Oh, that was truly miserable,” Nangong Baihe added.

This girl was extremely ruthless. Not only did she speak to verify what Beitang Zimo did that day, she even described Beitang Zimo to be extremely pitiful. Her descriptions were so detailed that the crowd was able to imagine the scene of Beitang Zimo slapping himself that day.

At this moment, the crowd was in a complete uproar. In fact, there were even some people that were trying their hardest to contain their laughter.

While Chu Feng’s words alone might be skeptical, Nangong Ya and Nangong Baihe had spoken to verify his claims. Furthermore, Beitang Zimo had an extremely unnatural reaction right now. From the way it looked, Beitang Zimo slapping himself was most likely real.

When thinking about how Beitang Zimo did such a humiliating thing and even tried to deny it happening, the crowd all came to have a bad impression of Beitang Zimo’s character.

Furthermore, when the crowd thought about how Beitang Zimo had decided to stop Chu Feng and rely on his clan’s strength to take revenge on Chu Feng all because Chu Feng had won a bet against him, the crowd all came to have an even worse impression of Beitang Zimo’s character.

That was because Beitang Zimo’s conduct and deeds were truly devastating to his moral quality. From this, the crowd determined that Beitang Zimo was not a person of character.


At this moment, Beitang Zimo exploded. He had wanted to take care of Chu Feng. However, to his surprise, he had been humiliated by Chu Feng again.

“Chu Feng, what makes you qualified to trigger ten rings of light? What ability do you even possess? You’re merely a rank nine Martial King!”

“Let me tell you, I, Beitang Zimo, am unconvinced by you! Regardless of whether you cheated or not, I am still unconvinced by you!” Beitang Zimo pointed at Chu Feng and shouted angrily. These were words coming from the bottom of his heart.

“Oh, so it’s because of that. So that’s why you harbored hard feelings for me,” At this moment, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he said, “I, Chu Feng, am not someone who cares enormously about talent. Back then, it was you who insisted on me testing out my talent. That is the only reason I decided to take the test.”

“After the result of my talent was revealed, you started to declare that I’d cheated. If I had really cheated, then why would you slap yourself?”

“There were many people present that day, how could they not tell whether or not I’d cheated? Do you think they’re blind?” Chu Feng questioned intensely. Each and every word that he spoke was reasonable. Even the bystanders not present on the Immortal Island started to nod their heads repeatedly. They all felt what Chu Feng said to be correct.

“Enough of your bullshit! Who knows if you colluded with the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Perhaps he was secretly helping you.” Beitang Zimo was naturally not going to admit that Chu Feng had managed to trigger ten rings of light with his own ability.

“Sigh…” At this moment, Chu Feng shook his head while sighing. Then, he said, “In the past, I did not know what was meant by having the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog. But, now I do.” [1. Heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog = cruel and unscrupulous person.]

“It is one thing for you to dishonor me, Chu Feng. However, you actually decided to dishonor even the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Have you forgotten the benefits you obtained in the Immortal Cultivation Lake that day? That Immortal Cultivation Lake was something that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal spent meticulous effort to refine!” Chu Feng sighed as he questioned Beitang Zimo. This made it appear as if Beitang Zimo was a very ungrateful person.

“Don’t you dare to shift the topic! I am certain that you possess fake talent. Else, how could you only be a mere rank nine Martial King and not even have reached the Half Martial Emperor realm after cultivating for so long?” Beitang Zimo targeted Chu Feng’s cultivation. Indeed, this was Chu Feng’s weak point.

After Beitang Zimo’s attack at Chu Feng’s cultivation, many of the people present also started to doubt. Even though Chu Feng’s talent had clearly been revealed on the Immortal Island, it remained that many of the crowd had not been present there, and had only heard about it.

Yet, Chu Feng’s cultivation of rank nine Martial King was present before their faces. While rank nine Martial Kings could not be considered to be weak among the Holy Land of Martialism’s younger generation, it was truly lacking when compared to Beitang Zimo and the others.

Could Chu Feng, this rank nine Martial King, really be more powerful than Beitang Zimo, Nangong Ya and the others? Many people became suspicious of this.

“Beitang Zimo, while I can allow you to speak ill of me, I cannot allow you to speak ill of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Didn’t you think that my talent was weak? Didn’t you look down upon my cultivation of rank nine Martial King?”

“Very well. Today, I, Chu Feng, shall allow you to see exactly who I am.”

“Your Beitang Imperial Clan can send forth as many of its people under the Half Martial Emperor-level cultivation to attack me as it pleases. If I, Chu Feng, am forced to move half a step by them, then it will be my loss,” Chu Feng said. He was extremely confident.

However, the crowd present did not know about Chu Feng’s ability. Thus, when Chu Feng said those words, they felt that he was acting too arrogantly. Any amount of people underneath Half Martial Emperor-level cultivation was allowed? The only requirement was to force him to move half a step to make him lose? This was simply too arrogant. After all, his opponents were no ordinary characters. Rather, it was the Beitang Imperial Clan, where all the members possessed Imperial Bloodlines.

Which person from the Beitang Imperial Clan was not a genius? Could Chu Feng really be able to take them on?