Chapter 2012 - A Grand Gift

 Chapter 2012 - A Grand Gift 

“That’s true. Why didn’t they use them?” Many people were surprised. Both Duanmu Feiyu and Xun Fengyang were rank eight Martial Emperors. If they were to use the Gold Immortal Profound Technique and the Wood Immortal Profound Technique, they would be able to unleash two rank nine Martial Emperors to assist them. As such, Lord Luokong’s arrival with the Ancient Era’s Elves’ army would not have been able to stop them either.

“It’s not that they didn’t use them. Rather, it’s that the two of them are simply unable to use them. Else, why would they wait until the Dark Hall’s appearance, wait for the Dark Hall to pin down us Ancient Era’s Elves to finally fall out with us? If they were able to use them, they would’ve fallen out with us long ago.”

“After all, the two of them have possessed the secret skills since long ago,” Lord Lianghua said with a sneer. His tone was filled with contempt.

“Indeed, they are unable to use them. The Five Elements Secret Skills are extremely extraordinary. The stronger their master is, the more difficult it will be to unleash them.”

“In fact, for little friend Chu Feng to be able to so effortlessly unleash the Water Immortal Profound Technique and the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, those two secret skills, could be said to be truly miraculous,” Lord Luokong added.

“That is why after the previous owner of the Earth Immortal Profound Technique, Lord Zhan Jing, died, I merely kept the Earth Immortal Profound Technique with me, and did not attempt to learn it. The reason for that is because I knew when Duanmu Feiyu and Xun Fengyang were unable to unleash their respective secret skills, I too would not be able to unleash the Earth Immortal Profound Technique,” The Underworld Palace’s Palace Master said.

He had a smile on his face and walked toward Chu Feng as he spoke. He forcibly opened Chu Feng’s palm and placed the sealed Earth Immortal Profound Technique in Chu Feng’s hand. He said, “Little friend Chu Feng, it is not that I do not value this secret skill. Rather, the Five Elements Secret Skills should be yours exclusively.”

“This…” At that moment, Chu Feng did not know how to react.

“Little friend Chu Feng, just accept it. Else, this treasured secret skill will have been wasted,” The crowd began to urge Chu Feng to accept it.

“Very well. However, I will not accept this grand gift for free,” Chu Feng accepted the Earth Immortal Profound Technique. Then, he said to the crowd, “Today, I, Chu Feng, will also give each and every senior here a grand gift.”

“Chu Feng, in terms of seniority, all of us here are your seniors. I wonder, what sort of grand gift are you planning to give us?” Lord Lianghua said jokingly.

Although all of the people enjoying the feast with Chu Feng here were all the people with the greatest status and strength, they numbered quite a few, totalling thirty-five.

Since Chu Feng said ‘grand gift,’ it meant that what Chu Feng planned to give them should be something extraordinary. If he were to give a gift to each of the thirty-five people, it would be something that no ordinary person could afford to do.

Thus, Lord Lianghua’s intention was very clear. He wished to see whether or not Chu Feng’s grand gift was actually a grand gift.

In fact, many of the people present were all looking at Chu Feng with beaming smiles. They did not have too enormous of a hope. After all, there were too many people here. Furthermore, they were all extraordinary individuals. Very few things could be pleasing to their eyes. While they knew that Chu Feng possessed things that could please their eyes, they did not feel that Chu Feng would be able to take out so many of such things.

“It’s this. Seniors, are you all interested?” As Chu Feng spoke, his palm was extended from his sleeve. Then, a massive peach appeared before the crowd’s eyes.

“Heavens! That peach!!!”

Upon seeing that peach, everyone’s eyes started to shine. Even though many people did not know that that peach was the Immortality Peach, they were able to sense dense power from the peach.

Especially for Baili Xuankong, the Four Great Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders, the Snow Blade Mad Demon and the others who were near the end of their lifespan, they felt as if their nearly dried-up bodies were moistening[1. Shinji:] upon smelling the fragrance of the peach.

“Exactly what sort of peach is that? Why would I…?”

At this moment, other than the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Lord Lianghua and Lord Luokong, practically everyone else stood up excitedly.

While countless people had contributed to the battle today, the people who were gathered here were the representatives of the various major powers, and those that Chu Feng had carefully chosen. They were all people who had lived for a very long time, and were near the ends of their lifespans. In fact, there were many like the Snow Blade Mad Demon who would not live for ten more years, people who had one foot in the coffin already.

Chu Feng had chosen them because he wanted to share a portion of his Immortality Peaches with them so that they could extend their lifespan.

Thus, they were all attracted by the Immortality Peach, for the attraction that the Immortality Peach had for them was truly enormous.

“Everyone, it would seem that little friend Chu Feng is truly going to present you all with a grand gift today. That peach he’s holding is the Immortality Peach that can increase one’s lifespan by a hundred years after eating it,” Lord Lianghua said with a smile. As a Grand Elder of the Ancient Era’s Elves, he naturally recognized the Immortality Peach.

Merely, even he had not expected Chu Feng to be willing to share such precious Immortality Peaches with the crowd. One must know… that even for them, the Ancient Era’s Elves, the Immortality Peaches remained extremely precious items. Items that not just anyone could enjoy the benefits of. Apart from the Ancient Era’s Elves, there was no one else that was able to enjoy the benefits of the Immortality Peaches.

“They’re really the Immortality Peaches. But… little friend Chu Feng, how did you manage to obtain that many Immortality Peaches? Didn’t…”

At that moment, the Snow Blade Mad Demon, the Four Great Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders and the other experts that had entered the Moonlight Maze that day were all unable to keep their calm.

On the one hand, it was because they were extremely excited upon verifying that what Chu Feng possessed was an Immortality Peach. On the other hand, they had been in the Moonlight Maze and seen the Immortality Peaches. Merely, they did not dare to ascertain whether or not what Chu Feng held was really an Immortality Peach.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had said that all of the Immortality Peaches were eaten by the Heavenly Law Palace’s Elder Zhao Yu.

“Seniors, I actually lied when we were in the Moonlight Maze. Zhao Yu did not eat all of the Immortality Peaches. Instead, they were all with me.”

“Merely, there were also not over a thousand Immortality Peaches either. They only numbered over five hundred.”

“As for why I lied, it is because I wanted to borrow your hands to eliminate that Zhao Yu.”

“After all, I was not very familiar with the seniors here. Thus, I hope that seniors can be understanding of me not being honest,” Chu Feng said to the crowd apologetically.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what sorts of words are those? The fact that you’re willing to act forthcoming with us now means that you trust us,” the Snow Blade Mad Demon and the others would naturally not blame Chu Feng. They were all intelligent people. Thus, they knew that Zhao Yu must have been schemed against by Chu Feng.

“Seniors, catch,” At that moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve. Then, Immortality Peaches began to fly toward the crowd. They landed into Baili Xuankong, the Snow Blade Mad Demon and the others’ hands.

Everyone present received a share of the Immortality Peaches. For Nangong Longjian and the others who were still capable of living for a very long time, they received an Immortality Peach each.

For the Four Great Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders, whose lifespans were nearing their end and Chu Feng did not have too good of a relationship with, they received two Immortality Peaches each.

As for Baili Xuankong, the Snow Blade Mad Demon and the others whose lifespans were nearing their end and also possessed an excellent relationship with Chu Feng, they received three Immortality Peaches each

Everyone present, other than Lord Lianghua and Lord Luokong, all received Immortality Peaches from Chu Feng.

They knew that it was unsuitable for them to accept such a grand gift from Chu Feng. However, they truly did not wish to miss out on it. The reason for that was because the Immortality Peaches were items capable of extending their lifespan.

In this world, what could possibly be more precious than one’s life? Especially for them, people who were about to die, although a single Immortality Peach would only be able to extend their life for a hundred years, they were more precious than Imperial Armaments to them.

“Little friend Chu Feng, we will deeply remember your enormous grace in our hearts,” At that moment, the Snow Blade Mad Demon and the others were truly endlessly grateful toward Chu Feng. In fact, there were even some people who were tearing up.

They had originally thought that they would not be able to continue to live for long. Thus, when Chu Feng gifted them Immortality Peaches, he had simply allowed them to have a rebirth. That sort of sensation was something that only they understood.

“I, Chu Feng, shall offer a toast to the seniors present,” Chu Feng raised his wine cup.

“Cheers,” The crowd raised their wine cups to toast.

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