Chapter 2010 - Releasing Tigers, Pulling Out Teeth

Chapter 2010 - Releasing Tigers, Pulling Out Teeth

After Chu Feng sealed the two Supreme Secret Skills with his world spirit formations, he spoke to the two Palace Masters with a beaming smile, “Seems like you two are still capable of complying with your promises.”

However, the two Palace Masters had no heart to answer Chu Feng. At that moment, they were still feeling enormous pain, as if their hearts were bleeding.

Especially when they saw Chu Feng’s beaming smile. They truly wanted to use their own hands to tear Chu Feng’s face apart. The reason for that was because they felt that Chu Feng was a truly vile and low person.

“Oh, that’s right. I have something else to tell you,” Chu Feng said again.

“What is it?” The two Palace Masters asked.

“I actually did not have the means to determine whether or not you two possessed secret skills. Thus, if you were to refuse to acknowledge that you had the secret skills, there would have been nothing that I could do about it,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, the two Palace Master's’ eyes were wide open with rage. Their faces started to distort. It was as if their hearts, livers, lungs and spleens were about to explode.

“Let’s go,” In the end, the two Palace Masters angrily shouted toward the sky. Then, they led their respective armies and left.

When they had arrived, they had been overwhelmingly imposing. However, when they left, they were completely spiritless.

Not long after the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace left, when they were still not far into the distance, Chu Feng spoke with a loud voice. “Everyone, the curtain has dropped on this battle. However, there is no need to leave this urgently.”

“Our Cyanwood Mountain wishes to invite everyone to a feast,”

“Very well!!!” Hearing those words, the crowd was overjoyed. One by one, they started to cheer frantically.

The crowd present had all attained a great experience. Not only did they find out that Chu Feng was overwhelmingly heaven-defying, they also found out that he possessed the backing of the Ancient Era’s Elves, an unparalleled matter.

As such, they all wished for an opportunity to befriend Chu Feng. And now, Chu Feng had actually invited them to a feast. Naturally, they would be overjoyed.

However, when this sort of cheering sound reached the ears of the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace, it was undoubtedly an enormous attack at them.

“Puu!!!” The Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master coughed up a mouthful of blood again.

If his previous vomiting of blood could be excused with the severance of his connection with his Imperial Armament, then his current vomiting of blood was completely because of being enraged by Chu Feng.

“Humph,” Chu Feng was observing the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace’s with his Heaven’s Eyes. When he saw the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master vomiting blood, there was not the slightest trace of sympathy in his eyes. Instead, the coldness in his eyes increased.

The hatred he had towards the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master was something that he would remember for the rest of his life.

Even though he had obtained complete victory today, it remained that their Cyanwood Mountain, the Underworld Palace, the King Monstrous Dragon Race, and the Four Great Imperial Clans had all suffered casualties.

It was a bitter battle. However, this battle was one that did not have to happen.

However, because the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace felt that Chu Feng was a threat, they decided to create all kinds of difficulties for him. In fact, they even found an excuse to kill him.

Today, if it wasn’t for the assistance from various powers, the Cyanwood Mountain would definitely have been razed to the ground. Regardless of whether it was the experts that had lived for close to ten thousand years, or the kids that had just embarked upon the path of martial cultivation, those who were related to Chu Feng would all have been killed by the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace’s armies.

This was the cruelty of war. The victor was king and the loser was the thief. The victor would forever not sympathize with the loser.

In fact, if possible, even if he didn’t eradicate the entire Heavenly law Palace and Mortal King Palace, Chu Feng would eliminate all of their elites.

The seed of resentment had already been sown. This was something that would be very difficult to remove. The result of cutting down weeds, but not pulling out their roots, would be facing retaliation in the future.

This was just like how the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace had been suppressed by the Ancient Era’s Elves for so long. On the surface, they appeared submissive and did not dare to disrespect the Ancient Era’s Elves.

However, once the opportunity presented itself, such as now, they immediately started to attack Lord Lianghua. This was their ambition. From that, it could be seen that the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace were most definitely not trustworthy powers.

Thus, if it wasn’t for the fact the Ancient Era’s Elves had promised Qing Xuantian that they would not extinguish human powers that had existed for tens of thousands of years, Chu Feng would definitely not have spared the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace.

In fact, Chu Feng did not agree with Qing Xuantian. So what if it was an old power that had existed for tens of thousands of years? If its existence would only bring harm to the world, why let it continue to exist?

Without being ruthless, one would not be able to stand steadily. This was especially true for the world of martial cultivators. If one did not try to kill others, they would instead become the fish on the chopping block for others to kill.

However, it remained that Qing Xuantian was a senior. When even the Ancient Era’s Elves decided to comply with that promise, Chu Feng should also show respect for Qing Xuantian and spare the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace.

However, if Chu feng were to just let the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace go like this, he felt that they would one day return for retaliation.

That was why Chu Feng had seized their Imperial Armaments and Incomplete Imperial Armaments. Furthermore, by using the excuse of taking away their secret skills, Chu Feng had heavily damaged the two Palace Masters so that they would not be able to recover in a short period of time.

Furthermore, with what he had done, the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace would find it very difficult to regain their former strength unless they were given assistance by some sort of grand expert.

Perhaps what Chu Feng had done might appear to be despicable in the eyes of some people. However, Chu Feng must avenge those who were killed. At the same time, he must also consider those who were still alive.

At this moment, Lord Lianghua walked over to Chu Feng. “Little friend Chu Feng, your talent in martial cultivation has already left me speechless. However, your conduct today has truly made this old man gain a whole new level of respect for you yet again.”

“Lord Lianghua, what do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

“In the past, Duanmu Feiyu and Xun Fengyang were both extremely respectful towards me. This caused me to think that they truly respected me with sincerity, that they truly respected us, the Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“However, what happened today came like a club to my head. I was beaten awake by it.”

“It turned out that they both possessed ambitions. They were unwilling to be suppressed by my Ancient Era’s Elves forever.”

“Truth be told, I am very worried that they will join hands with the Dark Hall. In fact, I am unable to ascertain whether or not they have come here today under the directions of the Dark Hall.”

“Today, we have done an extremely frightening thing -- we have released two fierce tigers back into the mountain, tigers that dream of biting us to death.”

“Fortunately, you have taken care of things beautifully. You have pulled out several of the two fierce tigers’ sharpest teeth. Like this, even if they were to bite us again in the future, it would not hurt that much,” Lord Lianghua said. He was feeling admiration for Chu Feng from the bottom of his heart.

“Chu Feng, what Lord Lianghua said is correct. You have taken care of this beautifully,” Lord Luokong also walked over.

“Indeed. Although it is said to only be compensation, you have managed to rattle the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace’s foundation. Like this, even if they were to attack us again in the future, they will not be as fierce as they were today,” The Underworld Palace’s Palace Master also nodded his head repeatedly.

Although what Chu Feng had done today might be seen as excessive for some people, to these wise men, Chu Feng had done everything perfectly.

With the situation today, they must release the people from the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace alive even though they had killed a lot of innocent people.

However, Chu Feng had not left them leave in peace. Even if they were to be allowed to leave, Chu Feng made sure that they would pay the consequences for their actions. He had made sure that he would make up for the deaths of those innocents.

Two Supreme Secret Skills, thirteen Imperial Armaments and two hundred and forty Incomplete Imperial Armaments.

Although this compensation appeared to be a great amount, it was merely a small amount to them.

For certain people, Imperial Armaments surpassed everything. For a single treasure, they were willing to kill millions and millions of people. In this world of martial cultivation, this was what the great majority of people thought. Before one’s own interest, people’s lives were akin to grass.

However, to others, people’s lives were the most important. If one’s close kin were to be killed, so what if one possessed countless treasures?

Why Chu Feng wanted all those Imperial Armaments and Incomplete Imperial Armaments today was not because of greed. He didn’t really care about compensation. Like Lord Lianghua had said, he merely did not want to release the tigers back into the mountain like that. He was merely pulling out their sharp teeth before releasing them back into the mountain.

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