Chapter 2004 - Angrily Fighting Three Evildoers

Chapter 2004 - Angrily Fighting Three Evildoers

“That guy!!!”

At that moment, the crowd whose gazes were focused on Lord Lianghua and the three Palace Masters’ battle all turned their gaze to Chu Feng.

Those four rank eight Martial Emperors were truly too powerful. As such, the crowd were simply unable to see their battle clearly. At the very most, they could only enjoy the excitement of the battle. However, Chu Feng was different. They were able to clearly see a portion of his attacks and movements.

“Chu Feng, isn’t he too ferocious? Those Martial Emperor-level experts are actually being sliced apart like watermelons. They simply have no way to fight back.”

Seeing Chu Feng’s massacre with their very own eyes, the crowd started to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng, let us assist you too.”

In this sort of situation, there were actually people among the bystanders joining the battlefield unceasingly. They joined to assist Chu Feng and the others in their battle against the people from the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace.

Some of these people were those whom Chu Feng had met in the Moonlight Maze. Others were strangers who had never met Chu Feng before.

However, regardless of whom they might be, it remained that their decision to join the battle on Chu Feng’s side meant that they stood with Chu Feng.

Regardless of what sort of intentions these people might have, the fact that they were willing to fight with him and create a threat to the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace meant Chu Feng would welcome them.

Of course, since there were people that chose to assist Chu Feng, there were also people that chose to assist the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace. Merely, the ones that chose to assist Chu Feng greatly outnumbered the ones that chose to assist the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace.

Right at that moment, a shout sounded from afar, “Chu Feng, do you dare to fight against us?”

Turning towards the direction of that shout, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. In that direction were three fiendish-looking old men. Not only did those three old men possess cultivations of rank six Martial Emperors, they were each holding an Imperial Armament and wantonly killing the people from the Cyanwood Mountain.

Most importantly, those three old men all reeked very strongly of blood. This meant that they had killed countless people, that they were true fiends.

Suddenly, someone shouted from the crowd, “It’s them, the Holy Land of Martialism’s Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong!”

Furthermore, upon seeing those three old men, many people began to express overwhelming anger. They were itching to kill those three old men themselves.

After all, the Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong were people who had done all sorts of malicious deeds. Many people possessed deep hatred and grudges towards them. They were the most notorious existences in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“This is strange, how did they become this powerful? Even the strongest of the three, Evildoer Jin, was only a rank four Martial Emperor before. How did the three of them suddenly become rank six Martial Emperors?”

“Furthermore, they are all holding an Imperial Armament. None of them had an Imperial Armament before. Exactly where did they obtain their Imperial Armaments?”

At that moment, some of the people that knew about the Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong began to express confusion. They had disappeared for some time. Their reappearance with their new strength shocked the crowd.

“Come, let me, Snow Blade, take on you three Evildoers.”

Right at that moment, the Snow Blade Mad Demon charged toward Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong. With each slash of his Snow Blade, cold rays would radiate all around, and snowflakes would dance in the air.

With each slash, a slaughter within snowflakes.

The Snow Blade Mad Demon’s reputation was well-justified. Among the rank six Martial Emperors, he could be considered to be a mid-to-upper ranked expert.

The reason why he dared to fight against the three Evildoers by himself was because he despised the Three Great Evildoers from the bottom of his heart.

He knew that the current cultivations of Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong were not obtained by themselves through martial cultivation. Else, it would be impossible for their cultivations to increase this quickly. Snow Blade Mad Demon was planning to personally experience exactly what shenanigans the three Evildoers’ cultivations possessed.

He wished to see whether or not they had obtained some treasures or used some special method to gain their current cultivations.



However, not long after the Snow Blade Mad Demon began to battle against Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong, his arm was hacked off.

One against three, he was absolutely no match for Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong.

“Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong are actually this powerful? The old Senior Snow Blade Mad Demon is actually no match for them?” Personally seeing the Snow Blade Mad Demon’s arm hacked off by the three Evildoers in a blink of an eye, the crowd were all astonished.

Even though the crowd all felt that the Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong had obtained their cultivations unnaturally, and that there was something strange with their Imperial Armaments too, it remained that they had shown the crowd that they possessed the strength of rank six Martial Emperors with their skills, and had completely unleashed the strength of their Imperial Armaments.

“Snow Blade Mad Demon, what did you think you were? You actually dared to bring your lousy blade to fight against the three of us, who possess Imperial Armaments? Today, we’ll send you to your death,” The Three Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong seemed to be furious from the contempt that the Snow Blade Mad Demon had shown for them. At that moment, after having obtained absolute dominance over the Snow Blade Mad Demon, they were planning to kill him.

After alternating their attacks at the Snow Blade Mad Demon, Evildoer Jin raised his enormous Imperial Armament blade and swept it at the Snow Blade Mad Demon. If that attack were to land, the Snow Blade Mad Demon would be cut in half on the spot. Most importantly, the Snow Blade Mad Demon was unable to dodge the incoming attack.


However, at the moment of imminent peril, a silvery light suddenly flashed through. As sparks formed from the collision, the silvery light knocked back Evildoer Jin’s Imperial Armament.

Following that, two more silvery lights shot forth and knocked back both Evildoer Yin and Evildoer Tong.

It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng had promptly arrived to save the Snow Blade Mad Demon.

“Chu Feng!!!” Upon seeing Chu Feng, Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong all revealed overflowing hatred in their eyes. At that moment, one could even hear the sound of them grinding their teeth in anger.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, three of the Underworld Palace’s management elders all left their own locations and flew to Chu Feng’s side. It was Elder Huang Guang and the others.

“Little friend Chu Feng, leave those three to our Underworld Palace,” Elder Huang Guang said.

“Senior Huang Guan, there are already grudges between me and those three Evildoers. Allow me to settle this grudge today. I will take care of them myself,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well,” Elder Huang Guan knew very well how powerful Chu Feng was. Thus, he did not hesitate, and led the two other Underworld Palace’s management elders to return to the battlefield to kill the people from the Heavenly Law Palace and the Mortal King Palace.

“Chu Feng, you have killed our disciples. Today, we shall have our vengeance,” Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong all brandished their respective Imperial Armaments and charged toward Chu Feng.

“Ever since the day I killed those three, I knew that such a day would come. Merely, aren’t the three of you far too cowardly? I’ve waited for you three for so long,” Chu Feng had a smile on his face as he effortlessly received his enemies while mocking them.

“Where’s Zhan Cangtian? That so-called leader of the Five Great Evildoers? I have also killed his disciple, Zhan Qiankun. Why did he not come to take revenge against me here?”

“Heh, a bullshit leader of the Five Great Evildoers. Turns out that he’s a coward too,” Not only was Chu Feng insulting the three Evildoers, he was also insulting Zhan Cangtian, the leader of the Five Great Evildoers.

Truth be told, if it was back then, if these notorious Evildoers were to come create trouble for Chu Feng back then, Chu Feng would have been afraid of them. However, now, he simply did not place them in his eyes anymore.

Not to mention Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong, Chu Feng wouldn’t even fear their leader, the person with strength that surpassed these three Evildoers, Zhan Cangtian.

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