Chapter 1602 - Arrival Of Malice

MGA: Chapter 1602 - Arrival Of Malice

Not long after Su Rou and Zi Ling left, the old man returned with the King Monstrous Dragon Beast princess. Chu Feng had guessed correctly. This King Monstrous Dragon Beast princess was indeed the strongest among the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s younger generation. She was that very sexy woman. At the very least, that was the appearance that she had.

In the past, the impression she gave Chu Feng was of someone who was very cold and detached toward others. However, at this moment, she had a smile on her face. Her pair of eyes underneath her long eyelashes were narrowed into two crescents. Her rosy lips were smiling a very enchanting smile. Compared from before… she appeared like a completely different person.

However, her smile gave Chu Feng a pretty good sensation. Perhaps it might be because she was a monstrous beast. Even though she took the form of a human, she was not an expert in disguising her mood.

Thus, regardless of whether it was the coldness that she had displayed before or the enthusiastic smile she had on her face now, Chu Feng knew that they were all emotions that she had from the bottom of her heart, and were not fake. This meant that she truly wanted to see Chu Feng. Else, it would be impossible for her to be this happy. That was the reason why Chu Feng had a good impression of her. At the very least, his current impression of this King Monstrous Dragon Beast princess was pretty good.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, we have met before. However, I presume that you do not know my name. My name is Yaojiao Tingyu. I am the King Monstrous Dragon Race’s youngest princess.” The King Monstrous Dragon Beast princess arrived before Chu Feng and introduced herself with a smile.

[1. Her name literally reads, Monstrous Dragon, Listen Rain]

“Princess Tingyu, there’s no need for you to be this courteous. You can just address me as Chu Feng. Princess Tingyu, may I know the reason why you have sought this Chu Feng out?” Chu Feng got right to the point.

“Young Hero Chu Feng is truly an impatient individual. Since you’ve asked, I will also not try to be secretive. Actually, Tingyu has come to find Young Hero Chu Feng because she wishes to befriend Young Hero Chu Feng. At the same time, I also wish to invite Young Hero Chu Feng to our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s place as a guest.”

Yaojiao Tingyu did not address her race as the King Monstrous Dragon Beast. Rather, she addressed her race as the King Monstrous Dragon Race. From this, it could be seen that even though they were monstrous beasts, they seemed to not be fond of being seen as beasts by others. At the very least, they must think themselves to be a noble race.

“It is Chu Feng’s fortune to be able to befriend Princess Tingyu. As for being a guest, if possible, this Chu Feng truly does wish to have a look at your King Monstrous Dragon Race’s place. Merely, Chu Feng currently has some things he must do. Thus, I’m afraid I might have to pass on Princess Tingyu’s kind intentions for now,” Chu Feng kindly refused with a smile.

“Chu Feng, that is no issue. I did not mean to have you be a guest of our race right away. My intention is for you to come visit our King Monstrous Dragon Race when you have the time. To me, you are an important guest. Regardless of when, as long as you are able to, I will wish that you can come.”

“In the upcoming year, I will be entering closed-door training in our race. Thus, you can come and pay a visit at any time within the year. As long as I am there, you will definitely be met with hospitality,” As Yaojiao Tingyu spoke, she took out a title plate and handed it to Chu Feng, “If you are to come to our race with this, there will not be anyone who would dare to block your path.”

Chu Feng looked at the title plate. Right away, his eyes started to shine. That was because this title plate was very special. Even though it was only the size of his palm, Chu Feng was able to tell right away that it had been made from a scale. Furthermore, that title plate contained an aura identical to Yaojiao Tingyu’s. Likely, this title plate was made out of the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s scale.

“Princess Tingyu, this title plate, could it be…?” Chu Feng looked to Yaojiao Tingyu with a shocked expression.

“Young hero Chu Feng is truly intelligent. You have guessed correctly. This title plate was formed with my scale. However, please do not fear. This is a special rule of our King Monstrous Dragon Race. To invite a friend with a title plate formed from one’s scale is our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s most honorable invitation. It signifies how important the person being invited is,” Yaojiao Tingyu explained with a smile.

“So that’s the case,” Chu Feng accepted the title plate. From merely this title plate, Chu Feng could tell how sincere Yaojiao Tingyu was. Thus, he guaranteed, “Princess Tingyu, please rest assured. When Chu Feng is finished with what he must do, he will definitely go to the King Monstrous Dragon Race and pay princess a visit.”

“In that case, Tingyu shall wait for Young Hero Chu Feng’s arrival in the King Monstrous Dragon Race,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Yaojiao Tingyu smiled a very happy smile. It was very enchanting. She was feeling happy from the bottom of her heart at being able to successfully invite Chu Feng. It would seem that she really wanted to befriend Chu Feng.

Afterward, Yaojiao Tingyu left. After she left, Chu Feng also left the Immortal Island.

There was a teleportation formation in the Immortal Island, that teleportation formation was capable of teleporting Chu Feng and the others back to the safe sea.

When Chu Feng’s sight returned to normal, he discovered that there were people all around the sea. It was an extremely vast crowd. It was clear that many people had not managed to successfully reach the Immortal Island. In fact, many of them did not even have the courage to try to reach the Immortal Island. However, they had not left. Instead, they had all stayed here.

“Chu Feng, you’ve finally come out. I even thought that something might have happened to you,” Right after Chu Feng got back to the sea, a silhouette walked out from the crowd. It was Hong Qiang.

At this moment, Hong Qiang had a rosy complexion and an excited expression all over his face. It was as Chu Feng and the others had guessed. Even though Hong Qiang and the others had been unable to enter the Immortal Island, the storm had not injured them, and had only separated them.

At this moment, following behind Hong Qiang was Tantai Xue. She was just as calm as before. However, she was also as beautiful as before. She was like a flower blooming in the winter snow, and attracted the attention of countless people.

It was evident that not only had Tantai Xue returned before Chu Feng, she had also mentioned to Hong Qiang all that had happened to Chu Feng on the Immortal Island.

Furthermore, Chu Feng noticed with a single glance that even though Tantai Xue was still wearing a skirt that was pure white, whiter than winter snow, and appeared to be very similar to the one she had worn before, it was not the same skirt as before.

The skirt she was wearing was extremely incredible. Even though it was very well hidden, Chu Feng could tell that her skirt was giving off the same sort of aura as his boots.

It was the mark of something created by the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Likely, Tantai Xue’s skirt was the Incomplete Imperial Armament tailor-made for her by the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

Likely, her skirt was different from Chu Feng’s boots. It shouldn’t be used to increase her speed. Rather, it was there to protect her. Furthermore, it possessed a damage reflection ability, the same sort of effect as Chu Feng’s Invisible Damage Reflection Formation. However, the strength of the damage reflection on Tantai Xue’s skirt was even stronger than Chu Feng’s Invisible Damage Reflection Formation.

Chu Feng knew that this skirt, this sort of defensive weapon, was precisely what Tantai Xue wanted. He had truly never expected for the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to understand what they wanted so well, and be able to refine such well-fitting weapons for them.

“Chu Feng, based on what Miss Tantai said, you’ve shown your impressiveness on the Immortal Island, no?” At this moment, Hong Qiang approached Chu Feng. As he looked to Chu Feng, he had an expression of appreciation and gratification. He was extremely happy.

“Chu Feng? Could he be that Chu Feng?” After hearing what Hong Qiang said, the surrounding crowd immediately burst into an uproar. One by one, their eyes began to shine, and they began to size Chu Feng up nonstop. Their appearances were as if they wanted to eat Chu Feng alive with their gazes.

At this moment, Chu Feng heard the screams of many women, as well as the excited cheering of many men. Many kinds of passionate sounds were being heard from the crowd. There was admiration, adoration, excitement, and surprise.

Evidently, it was not only Hong Qiang who had heard of Chu Feng’s deeds on the Immortal Island. Even the people here knew about it. It turned out that these people had all gathered here for Chu Feng. They all wanted to see exactly what the genius whose name had spread through the entire Immortal Island was like.

“Chu Feng, I had thought that you would not dare to come out,” Right at this moment, a voice filled with malice sounded from the crowd. Following that, a very strong air of resentment arrived.