Chapter 1995 - The Public’s Will

Chapter 1995 - The Public’s Will

After being advised by the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Chu Feng did not continue chasing after Su Rou and Su Mei. However, at the same time, he had also not said anything.

Chu Feng’s current frame of mind was extremely unstable. After all, they were his beloved women, Su Rou and Su Mei.

Most importantly, he was the one who had personally instilled that Moon Demon into Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies. Thus, Chu Feng blamed himself enormously. He felt that he was the one who had brought this upon Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Chu Feng, let’s go,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal continued to urge.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng had rushed out, he had not conceal himself within the void. Furthermore, as they were outside of the Moonlight Maze, the two of them were noticed by countless individuals. At that moment, the bystanders were spiritedly discussing the two of them. In fact, there were even people that were waving to them with smiles on their faces. Those were people that were trying to worm their way into befriending Chu Feng and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

After all, regardless of whether it was the Weaponry Refinement Immortal or Chu Feng, they were both truly grand individuals in the Holy Land of Martialism.

The Weaponry Refinement Immortal was urging Chu Feng to leave not because he was afraid of the bystanders. Rather, it was because he was worried for Chu Feng.

He had never seen Chu Feng’s mind this unstable, and did not know what sort of effect this would have. Thus, in order to prevent against anything unexpected happening, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal felt that it was better to distance themselves from places with a lot of people.

“Chu Feng, I’ve finally found you.”

Right at that moment, an angry, thunder-like shout exploded from within the crowd.

Following that, a group of people majestically walked through the crowd and arrived before Chu Feng and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. They had actually surrounded Chu Feng and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

They were people from the Heavenly Law Palace. A portion of them were people that Chu Feng was familiar with. They were people that had entered the Moonlight Maze together with Chu Feng and the others.

However, there was also a portion of people that Chu Feng had never met before. They were most likely reinforcements from the Heavenly Law Palace. The reason for that was because the person leading them right now was a black-faced old man with long sideburns.

That old man had a fiendish appearance. Furthermore, his cultivation was that of a rank six Martial Emperor. He was also a Heavenly Law Palace’s management elder. His name was Kuang Kui.

As for this Kuang Kui, he had possessed an exceptionally good relationship with Elder Yue Ling. Rumor had it that the two men started in the Heavenly Law Palace as disciples together. Furthermore, it was said that they were sworn brothers.

Thus, at this moment, Kuang Kui had an extremely furious expression on his face. He seemed to want to stare Chu Feng to death with his furious gaze. Evidently, he had come to know that Elder Yue Ling had been hounded to death, and he had come to cause trouble for Chu Feng.

The Weaponry Refinement Immortal discovered that Kuang Kui’s behavior was abnormal. Thus, he said coldly, “Kuang Kui, I’d urge you to not cause trouble.”

Furthermore, he not only spoke with words, he also emitted very strong coldness as he spoke. He had an attitude of attacking the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace should Kuang Kui continue to tangle with them.

It was not only Chu Feng who was in an extremely bad mood right now. In fact, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was also in an extremely bad mood. After all, Su Rou and Su Mei had stayed in his place for quite some time. As such, he possessed affection for them.

And now, Su Rou and Su Mei’s physical bodies had been seized; it was impossible for him to not be worried.


Upon hearing those words spoken by the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, that Elder Kuang Kui started to frown. However, he did not cower. After all, if he were to cower, he would not only shame himself, he would also shame the Heavenly Law Palace, and would be punished upon his return.

Thus, not only did he brace himself, he even pretended to be powerful as he said to the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, “Weaponry Refinement Immortal, I respect you as an Immortal. However, this matter is between Chu Feng and our Heavenly Law Palace. I hope that you will not interfere.”

“Little friend Chu Feng’s business is my business,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said, unyielding.

“You!!!” Elder Kuang Kui did not expect the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to be this stubborn. Evidently, he was planning to stand up for Chu Feng regardless of what the situation might be.

“Weaponry Refinement Immortal, not only did that Chu Feng indirectly cause the death of our Heavenly Law Palace’s Elder Zhao Yu, he also hounded our Heavenly Law Palace’s Elder Yue Ling to death. Are you certain you wish to interfere in this matter?” Elder Kuang Kui knew that they were no match for the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Thus, he could only bring up the Heavenly Law Palace to scare the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

“What? Chu Feng caused the death of Elder Zhao Yu and hounded Elder Yue Ling to death? Aren’t those two elders both rank six Martial Emperors? How could their deaths both be related to Chu Feng? Exactly what happened in the Moonlight Maze?” At that moment, the people who didn’t know what had happened were all confused.

Right at that moment, a loud shout was heard from the crowd. “Heavenly Law Palace, do not lie through your teeth. Back in the Moonlight Palace, little friend Chu Feng wanted to bring us away the moment he discovered that there were dangers. It was that Elder Yue Ling who insisted on saying that little friend Chu Feng was deceiving us because he coveted the treasures in the Moonlight Palace all for himself. He was the one who insisted that we stay.”

“Later on, he swore that if he had wrongly accused Chu Feng, he would publicly kill himself.”

“After that, a killing formation appeared in the Moonlight Maze. It was little friend Chu Feng who saved our lives. As for Elder Yue Ling, he found it difficult to go back on his word and committed suicide.”

“As for that Zhao Yu, he was overcome by greed for the Moonlight Maze’s Immortality Peaches and rendered little friend Chu Feng unconscious with poison. If it were not for the fact that we came promptly, it would likely be little friend Chu Feng who would have encountered mishaps.”

“As for Zhao Yu’s death, he died from poison from eating over a thousand Immortality Peaches by himself. His death is not related to anyone.”

“Heavenly Law Palace, you all proclaim yourself to be righteous people who uphold the heavenly law, but in the Moonlight Maze, you all performed absolutely no righteous deeds whatsoever.”

“Not only did you all not do anything righteous, you all instead did malicious deeds, and nearly caused the deaths of all the people there. Yet now, you all actually want to frame little friend Chu Feng, who saved us? How much more shameless can you get?!”

Turning toward the source of the voice, the crowd saw that it was not a human who had shouted those words. Rather, it was a lizard-like monstrous beast. Although he only possessed a cultivation of peak Half Martial Emperor, he dared to refute the Heavenly Law Palace. Evidently, he was someone who was in the Moonlight Maze earlier, and experienced what had happened in there.

“You dare frame our Heavenly Law Palace? Lizard Monstrous Race, are you trying to go against our Heavenly Law Palace?!” Elder Kuang Kui narrowed his sword-like eyebrows and shouted angrily.

Once those words were spoken, the sky started to change. The coldness of his aura caused all those below rank six Martial Emperor to shiver. This was especially true for that lizard monstrous beast. At that moment, he was pushed back repeatedly by that oppressive might.

Evidently, this Elder Kuang Kui was planning to use the strength of their Heavenly Law Palace to suppress the crowd. He was planning to forcibly invert right and wrong.

At that moment, that lizard monstrous beast who spoke out against the Heavenly Law Palace earlier started to hesitate. While he was not afraid of death, he could not disregard the fate of his Lizard Monstrous Race.

Suddenly, a thick-browed and large eyed burly man shouted among the crowd. “Facts speak louder than words. What happened in the Moonlight Maze earlier was seen and experienced by countless people. It is not something that your Heavenly Law Palace can forcibly change.”

“Brothers who were saved by little friend Chu Feng in the Moonlight Maze earlier, we all owe little friend Chu Feng our lives! While little friend Chu Feng declared that he would not need us to pay him back, this Heavenly Law Palace is actually trying to invert right and wrong to wrongly accuse little friend Chu Feng. At this sort of time, we should speak out for little friend Chu Feng, no?!”

“If we are afraid of even speaking out for our benefactor, we would be people with no moral integrity at all! As such, it would have been better if we had died in that Moonlight Maze!”

He was also someone who was saved by Chu Feng in the Moonlight Maze. He had questioned Chu Feng’s intentions in the Moonlight Maze. However, Chu Feng did not blame him for that, and instead saved the lives of everyone in the Moonlight Maze.

Afterward, Chu Feng had called for the help of the crowd to fight against the Dark Hall. Due to the fact that he was not strong enough, the large burly man had been unable to join the crowd.

This caused him to feel enormous guilt toward Chu Feng.

And now, the Heavenly Law Palace was actually wrongly accusing Chu Feng. As such, he could not sit by and remain indifferent.

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