Chapter 1989 - Sealing The Moon Demon

Chapter 1989 - Sealing The Moon Demon

“An eighth Stellar Key? How could that be? According to the records, the Moonlight Maze should only have seven Stellar Keys,” Upon seeing Chu Feng’s eighth Stellar Key, Luan Jie spoke in utter disbelief.

What Luan Jie had just said was actually also what the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the Elf Protector wanted to say.

After all, according to rumors, there were only seven Stellar Keys to the Moonlight Maze. As such, how did Chu Feng obtain an eighth Stellar Key?

Most importantly, the Stellar Key in Chu Feng’s hand appeared to be real. It was clearly not a fake.

As for Chu Feng, he had a smile on his face as he faced the crowd’s astonished gazes. He did not immediately answer them. Instead, he put a strand of his aura into his Stellar Key and then shot it toward the Moon Demon in the sky.

Chu Feng knew very well that the Moon Demon was the most important thing to take care of right at that moment.


When the eighth Stellar Key entered the Moon Demon’s body, the Moon Demon immediately let out an incomparably mournful scream. She looked to Chu Feng with a gaze filled with anger and resentment. Her gaze caused Chu Feng to feel his hair stand on end.

However, everyone was able to sense that the Moon Demon’s power had greatly decreased at the exact moment the eighth Stellar Key had pinned her body. Her frightening aura was gradually dissipating.

“Lil’ Rou, Lil’ Mei, does the Moon Immortal have any instructions?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng was currently capable of subduing the Moon Demon. However, he was still unable to control the Moon Demon. In fact, if Chu Feng wanted to control the Moon Demon right now, he would have no way to do so.

Merely, Chu Feng felt that he would only be able to temporarily seal the Moon Demon with the power of the eight Stellar Keys. If the power of the Stellar Keys were to decrease one day, the seal on the Moon Demon would be lifted. At that time, the person that the Moon Demon would want to kill the most would be Chu Feng.

Furthermore, it would not only be Chu Feng who would suffer a calamity. Likely, at that time, all those who were with Chu Feng would end up suffering a calamity.

That would be too dangerous. Thus, considering the long term, Chu Feng still wished for help from the Moon Immortal. The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that the Moon Immortal who was originally one with the Moon Demon must have a way to subdue the Moon Demon.

After all, she had said those sort of words earlier.

“Chu Feng, the Moon Immortal said that she will teach you a spirit formation. With that spirit formation, you will be able to increase the power of the Stellar Keys to the maximum and completely seal away the demonic nature of the Moon Demon.”

“Then, you must use spirit formations to separate the sealed Moon Demon’s power into two parts, and instill them respectively into my and Lil Mei’s Fire and Ice Pearls. At that time, she will have a way to take care of the Moon Demon,” Su Rou said. After she finished saying those words, she placed her mouth beside Chu Feng’s ear and began to tell him how to set up that spirit formation.

Su Rou was simply unable to understand what was so amazing about that spirit formation. She was merely passing on the words from the Moon Immortal. However, the more Chu Feng listened, the more astonished he became. Before he even began to set up the spirit formation, he already knew that this spirit formation would be extremely powerful. Likely, it was from the Ancient Era.

After Su Rou finished telling Chu Feng what the Moon Immortal wanted her to say, she asked Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, did… you understand all of that?”

At that moment, Su Mei was also looking at Chu Feng with the same sort of expression. While the Moon Immortal was telling Su Rou how to set up the spirit formation, Su Mei was also able to hear her.

It was precisely because they knew what she said that Su Rou and Su Mei felt worried for Chu Feng. The reason for that was because what the Moon Immortal told Chu Feng simply did not seem like a spirit formation at all.

Even though their world spirit techniques were greatly inferior to Chu Feng’s, it remained that the two of them were world spiritists. It shouldn’t be that they were unable to make sense of what they heard at all.

When the two of them were unable to make sense of the method of setting up that spirit formation, was Chu Feng… really able to make sense of it?

Chu Feng thought that it was the Moon Immortal that was asking him Su Rou’s question. Thus, he said confidently, “Tell the Moon Immortal to rest assured. I am capable of setting up that spirit formation,”

“Wow! Big brother Chu Feng, you are truly too amazing!” Seeing that Chu Feng was actually able to understand how to set up the spirit formation, Su Mei opened her little mouth wide in shock. As for Su Rou, she had the same sort of reaction. The two of them truly did not expect that the disparity between them and Chu Feng would be this enormous.

At the same time, the two beauties revealed joyous smiles on their faces. They were truly happy. After all, Chu Feng was their man. When their own man was that powerful, who wouldn’t be happy?

“Lil Rou, help me ask the Moon Immortal a question,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it?” Su Rou asked.

“Why does she want to help us?” Chu Feng said.

“She said… it is fate,” Su Rou said.

“Understood,” Chu Feng did not ask anymore questions. After saying those words, Chu Feng began to set up the spirit formation according to the Moon Immortal’s instructions.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew that it would be useless even if he were to ask further. As such, he could only choose to believe in the Moon Immortal.

“Lil Rou, Lil Mei, exactly what is going on? What exactly did you all talk about?” Suddenly, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal walked over with confusion written all over his face. The Elf Protector was acting the same as him.

They had heard the conversation between Chu Feng, Su Rou and Su Mei, and discovered that the contents of their conversation were very fishy. Chu Feng was clearly speaking with Su Rou. Yet, it seemed like he was speaking to someone else. The two of them were very confused by it.

In response, Su Rou and Su Mei did not try to conceal anything. Instead, they told the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and that Elf Protector the truth.

After all, the two of them possessed a very good relationship with the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Furthermore, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was equivalent to being their master. Even though this sort of thing was inconvenient to talk about, it was also unsuitable for them to conceal it.

After learning of what happened, even the experienced Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the Elf Protector opened their mouths wide in shock. They both sucked in a mouthful of cold air before asking again, “Is that true?”

“Seniors, this is all absolutely true,” Su Rou and Su Mei said together.

“A great fortune! This is truly a great and fortune-changing opportunity! Little friend Chu Feng is truly outstanding!” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal spoke in a very excited manner. As for the Elf Protector, even though he did not say anything, he also had an extremely excited expression on his face.

The Moon Immortal, the legendary Moon Immortal was actually willing to help them. This was much better than controlling the Moon Demon.

However, as for that Luan Jie, he was completely stunned. Exactly what had happened here? Weren’t the Moon Immortal and the Moon Demon the same existence? Why would there be another Moon Immortal in those two girls’ bodies?

Furthermore, that Moon Immortal was helping Chu Feng and the others subdue the Moon Demon? Furthermore, she was going to pass on her power to those two girls? Exactly what was going on here? How could there be such a wonderful thing in this world?

While extremely astonished, Luan Jie was also extremely skeptical.

Thus, he began to fix his gaze onto Chu Feng. He planned to see exactly what sort of spirit formation Chu Feng was going to set up.

One must know that Luan Jie had actually come prepared to subdue the Moon Demon. Not only did he possess the seven Stellar Keys, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had also personally taught him a powerful spirit formation, a taboo demonic formation.

Although that formation was evil, it was indeed capable of controlling the Moon Demon.

When Luan Jie saw that spirit formation for the first time, he was unable to help himself from exclaiming in astonishment. He had never expected such a spirit formation to exist in this world. Furthermore, he spent a total of half a year in order to master that spirit formation.

With his attainments in world spirit techniques, to spend half a year to learn a single spirit formation could be said to be an extremely long time.

And now, Chu Feng was actually going to use a spirit formation to completely control that Moon Demon. Thus, he wished to see whether or not Chu Feng’s spirit formation would be as amazing as the one that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had taught him.

Furthermore, if what they said was true, Luan Jie was also skeptical as to how Chu Feng could possibly grasp a spirit formation that he had just been taught. Luan Jie was truly skeptical.

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