Chapter 1959 - Moon Immortal, Moon Demon

Chapter 1959 - Moon Immortal, Moon Demon

Afterwards, under the guidance of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Chu Feng and the others arrived at an uninhabited and remote location. Although this place was uninhabited, a world spirit gate was opened with a point of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s finger.

After passing through the world spirit gate, Chu Feng immediately revealed an overjoyed expression.

Sure enough, the Ancient Era’s Elves had dispatched their elites this time around. Although they were disguised as humans, Chu Feng was still able to recognize them. This was especially true for that Lord Luokong.

However, that was not what gave him the pleasant surprise. What he was pleasantly surprised by was the fact that Su Rou and Su Mei, the two sisters, were actually also here.

“Big brother Chu Feng,” Upon seeing Chu Feng, Su Mei directly threw herself into Chu Feng’s bosom.

As for Su Rou, even though she did not act like Su Mei, she was also smiling. Her smile was truly enchanting. From her smile, it could be seen how enormously happy she was to see Chu Feng again.

“Hey, hey, hey. I am also here, shouldn’t you all at least greet me?” Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi spoke with a disapproving expression.

“Senior brother Zhang,” In response, Su Rou and Su Mei greeted Zhang Tianyi.

Zhang Tianyi sighed. “Forget about it. You two girls simply value your lover more than your friends. Upon seeing my junior brother Chu Feng, you no longer have me, this senior brother, in your eyes at all,” Zhang Tianyi said jokingly.

“That’s right. After I saw big brother Chu Feng, I no longer had anyone else in my eyes. Even though he used to be very stupid, foolish and slow,” Su Mei said with a beaming smile.

Even now, Su Mei was unwilling to let go of Chu Feng, and continued to hug him tightly with no regard for the various seniors’ gazes. Even though this girl was no longer a young girl, she still had the same temperament of a young girl.

“Very stupid, foolish and slow? I used to be like that?” Chu Feng had a questioning expression.

“Eh? When I didn’t know you, that was what I saw you as,” Su Mei said.

“After knowing him, your heart was completely captured by him. Right now, you will immediately call him ‘big brother Chu Feng, big brother Chu Feng’ whenever you see him. You’ve become even more intimate with him than with me, your own older sister,” Su Ruo rolled her eyes.

“I am already big brother Chu Feng’s woman. If I don’t call him big brother Chu Feng, am I to call him husband instead? That will have to wait until he marries me,” Su Mei said sweetly.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt a tart sensation in his heart. Indeed, both Su Rou and Su Mei were already his women.

Merely, Chu Feng had yet to take them as his wives. Actually, Chu Feng had his own plans. To marry Su Rou and Su Mei was something that he would do sooner or later.

However, he wanted his parents to be present during that wedding ceremony.

“Cough, cough…” At that moment, Lord Luokong, who had been ignored the entire time, coughed.

“Enough, you all can continue to flirt later. Right now, we must talk business,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

“Lord Luokong, do you know of the Dark Hall’s scheme this time around?” Chu Feng took the initiative to ask.

“I do. The Dark Hall is planning to release the Moon Demon,” Lord Luokong said.

“Moon Demon? What is the Moon Demon?” Not only did Chu Feng reveal a curious expression, even Zhang Ming revealed a curious expression.

“Everyone knows that the Moonlight Maze contains a lot of treasures. However, very few people know that there is also a Moon Demon in the Moonlight Maze.”

“Actually, our Ancient Era’s Elves did not know of that Moon Demon before either. It was Qing Xuantian who told us about it,” Lord Luokong said.

“Senior Qing Xuantian?” Chu Feng was surprised. He did not expect for this matter to be related to Qing Xuantian.

“Since ancient times, only a single person, Qing Xuantian, has managed to reach the deepest region of the Moonlight Maze. It was there that he discovered the Moon Demon.”

“In other words, Qing Xuantian was the one who undid the Moon Demon’s seal and released it,” Lord Luokong said.

Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng asked, “A demon released by senior Qing Xuantian? Exactly what happened?”

Afterward, Lord Luokong began to explain what had happened to Chu Feng. As such, Chu Feng came to possess a rough understanding of what had happened.

The Moon Demon was indeed released by Qing Xuantian. Furthermore, he had deliberately released it.

When the Moon Demon was released, it was not released in a complete form. However, it was still extremely strong. Furthermore, it possessed an overflowing vicious nature and was incomparably ruthless. If it were to achieve its complete form, not even Qing Xuantian would be a match for it.

After the Moon Demon was released, it began to condense its body. Reportedly, the Fire and Ice Pearls were crucial to it forming its body.

Qing Xuantian had destroyed the spirit formation that it was using to condense its body and snatched away the two pearls. With that, he prevented the Moon Demon from achieving its complete form.

However, Qing Xuantian did not seize the opportunity to eliminate the Moon Demon. Instead, using world spirit formations, he dissolved the Moon Demon’s vicious nature.

The reason why Qing Xuantian did such a thing was because he knew that the Moon Demon’s nature was not evil. On the contrary… the Moon Demon’s original form was that of an Immortal.

Originally, Qing Xuantian had wanted to release the Moon Immortal. However, to his surprise, he had released the Moon Demon instead.

As for the reason why the Moon Immortal had ended up becoming the Moon Demon, it was because, since ancient times, there had been too many people who had tried to charge into the Moonlight Maze only to die in there. With their dense bloody aura and lingering evil tendencies, they had altered the Moon Immortal and turned it into the Moon Demon.

Qing Xuantian had left a very powerful spirit formation on the Moon Demon’s body, making it so that it would not be affected by the bloody aura or the lingering evil tendencies of the Moonlight Maze, and making the evil tendencies that were already gathered in the Moon Demon disappear.

Qing Xuantian said that the Moon Demon would turn into the Moon Immortal should the Fire and Ice Pearls be returned to it after ten thousand years.

Originally, Qing Xuantian had wanted to hand the Fire and Ice Pearls to the Ancient Era’s Elves and have them keep them safe. However, he suddenly changed his mind and took the two pearls away with him.

“Fire and Ice Pearls, could they be?!!!” At this moment, Chu Feng looked to Su Rou and Su Mei. His gaze was slightly complicated.

He finally realized that it was no coincidence that Su Rou and Su Mei were here. They had come for the Moonlight Maze.

It would seem that Su Rou and Su Mei had already mentioned their possession of the Fire and Ice Pearls to the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. As for the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, he should have mentioned it to the Ancient Era’s Elves. It was already no longer a secret.

The Fire and Ice Pearls in Su Rou and Su Mei’s body were crucial to the Moon Immortal obtaining his complete form.

“Big brother Chu Feng, the Fire and Ice Pearls in big sister and my body were discovered in Lord Qing Xuantian’s Emperor’s Tomb. We felt that the pearls in our bodies should be the Fire and Ice Pearls needed to turn that Moon Demon into the Moon Immortal,” Su Mei said.

“But, if the two pearls are to be removed from your bodies, your cultivation will suffer. Even your bodies themselves…” Chu Feng said.

Actually, with Chu Feng’s current world spirit techniques, he was actually capable of removing the Fire and Ice Pearls from Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies. However, the Fire and Ice Pearls were already assimilated by the two of them. If they were to be removed, it would not be beneficial at all. Instead, it would cause their cultivations to suffer damage, and might even cause permanent injuries to their bodies.

“Little friend Chu Feng, Qing Xuantian especially stated to us that even though the bloody auras and evil tendencies of the Moonlight Maze will no longer be able to affect the Moon Demon, if the bloody auras and evil tendencies were to increase to a frightening level, they would still end up affecting the Moon Demon.”

“For example, the current situation of so many people gathered at the Moonlight Maze is simply unprecedented. If they were to all die in the Moonlight Maze, the bloody auras and evil tendencies they would leave in the Moonlight Maze would be unimaginable.”

“Furthermore, ten thousand years have already passed. It is now the crucial moment for the Moon Demon to become the Moon Immortal.”

“For the Dark Hall to spread the Moonlight Maze’s map at such a time, it’s obvious that they want to lure people in and then have them die inside the Moonlight Maze.”

“As for their true purpose, it would be to use those innocent lives to return the Moon Demon to its demonic nature. They’re planning to take control of the Moon Demon,” Lord Luokong said.

“Wouldn’t that be easily solved? We can stop people from entering the Moonlight Maze before it is opened, no?”

“As long as there are not that many people dying in there, even the Dark Hall would not be able to do anything, no?” Chu Feng asked.

The Moonlight Maze opened once every month. However, it would only open on a special day. Other than those special days, no one could enter the Moonlight Maze.

That was also the reason why there were so many people gathered outside the Moonlight Maze right now. Thus, if they wanted to prevent the crowd from entering, it was completely possible to accomplish this with the current strength of the Ancient Era’s Elves.

In the end, unless there was no other choice, Chu Feng did not wish to bring harm to Su Rou and Su Mei.

[1. The ‘Immortal’ used in ‘Moon Immortal’ has a different meaning from the Immortal used in the title of the Ten Immortals (including Chu Feng’s new title). Moon Immortal’s Immortal only contains the character Immortal. i.e., he/she would be an actual celestial Immortal. As for Chu Feng and the other Ten Immortals, their titles are literally ‘Immortal Person.’ This gives the sensation that they are still mortals. For example, when Chu Feng was called ‘God’ by the people in the Poison Demon’s Valley, he was addressed as ‘God Person.’ Thus, still a mortal. It’s hard to describe, I hope you all can understand…]

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