Chapter 1955 - Moonlight Maze

Chapter 1955 - Moonlight Maze

“Ancestor, you really do not have to worry. Don’t forget, I have this,” Chu Feng took out the Qilin Arrow.

“In that case, you can go ahead. You do not have to worry about the Cyanwood Mountain. With Lord Lianghua watching over us, we will definitely be fine,” Upon seeing that Qilin Arrow, Baili Xuankong felt a lot more at ease. After all… that arrow was capable of killing rank seven Martial Emperors.

“Chu Feng, this is what the Compass Immortal had me hand to you before he left. I do not know what it is. However, I feel this item to be extraordinary,” Baili Xuankong handed a scroll to Chu Feng.

Upon seeing that scroll, Chu Feng’s eyes shone.

Wasn’t that the scroll that the Snow-haired Immortal had him safekeep, the scroll which had then ended up being swindled away by the Compass Immortal?

Upon opening the scroll, Chu Feng was immediately overjoyed. He did not expect that what that scroll recorded was actually information regarding the Moonlight Maze.

It… was a treasure map. Not only did it record the shortcut to a treasure deposit, the map itself was also a key that could be used to open a gate.

“The heavens are truly helping me,” Chu Feng put the scroll away.

“Chu Feng, what is on that scroll?” Baili Xuankong asked.

“It is a map relating to the Moonlight Maze,” Chu Feng said.

“That is truly a coincidence. A map left behind by the Compass Immortal is most definitely of considerable value,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng nodded in agreement. He did not doubt the authenticity of the map at all. After all, if the map was a fake, the Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal would not have fought over it like so.

“Chu Feng, in that case, do you still need the map of the Moonlight Maze that is being spread throughout the Holy Land of Martialism?” Baili Xuankong took out another map. It was the map of the Moonlight Maze that was being spread around.

Chu Feng received the map and inspected it. However, he was unable to tell anything from the map. After all, he had never been to the Moonlight Maze before. As such, how could he know whether the map was real or fake? Thus… Chu Feng decided to put that map away too. He said, “I’ll keep it with me. Perhaps it might be of use.”

“Very well,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Ancestor, as far as I’m concerned, this is of no use to me. Thus, you should safekeep it.”

“If you are to find suitable candidates, you can have them learn it. In the future, it will be our Cyanwood Mountain’s Sect Protection Martial Skill,” Chu Feng handed the Heaven Taboo: Void Splitting Blade’s book to Baili Xuankong.

“Chu Feng, you absolutely cannot do this. After all, this is a treasure that Long Lin gave you,” Baili Xuankong hurriedly refused.

“Ancestor, I have already grasped this Heaven Taboo: Void Splitting Blade. Even if I were to keep it, it would be useless to me.”

“Furthermore, I am a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. My possessions are the possessions of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Thus, please do not refuse it. Even if senior Long Lin were to know about this, I believe that he would not disallow it. After all, he has already given it to me. As such, I am the one who possesses the ability to decide what to do with it,” Chu Feng said.

“I am truly unable to win against you. Very well, I will accept it,” After Baili Xuankong accepted the Heaven Taboo: Void Splitting Blade, he was unable to contain his happiness, and began to grin from ear to ear.

How precious were Heaven Taboo Martial Skills? Their Cyanwood Mountain had been in existence for a very long time. Yet, they did not possess a single Heaven Taboo Martial Skill. And now, they had obtained one. As such, how could Baili Xuankong not be filled with joy?

Even though that Heaven Taboo Martial Skill could only reveal its true strength with Imperial Armaments, it remained that it was a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill. Furthermore, it was a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill created by an expert from the Outer World.

The value of the Heaven Taboo: Void Splitting Blade was likely above every one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Heaven Taboo Martial Skills. As for this, it was all thanks to Chu Feng.

Afterward, Chu Feng told Baili Xuankong the method to learning that Heaven Taboo: Void Splitting Blade. This made the already joyous Baili Xuankong even more overjoyed.

After Baili Xuankong memorized the method to learn the Heaven Taboo: Void Splitting Blade, Chu Feng set off to journey to the Moonlight Maze.


The Moonlight Maze was the second strongest Forbidden Area in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, the Moonlight Maze was different from the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.

The reason why the Moonlight Maze was called that was because it possessed two distinctive characteristics.

First, it was a maze. The majority of the people who entered it would not be able to come back out, and would end up dying in there. Furthermore, the majority of them would die without leaving corpses or even skeletal remains behind.

It was said that even Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists would not dare to trespass into the Moonlight Maze.

Secondly, above the Moonlight Maze was an enormous bright moon. That bright moon flickered with silvery light, and remained in the sky in both daytime and nighttime.

It was extremely beautiful, extremely magnificent.

Thus, the Moonlight Maze was said to be one of the most peculiar scenic spots in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Due to its famous reputation, there were people who came to the Moonlight Maze to watch the scenery all year round. Over time, cities were formed surrounding the Moonlight Maze to provide the tourists with food, drink and a resting place.

However, those cities were not cities that anyone could build. The cities surrounding the Moonlight Maze were controlled by three powers. As for them, they were the Heavenly Law Palace, the Underworld Palace and the Mortal King Palace.

The Three Palaces all took control of several cities. Together, they guarded the area surrounding the Moonlight Maze. However, it was only limited to the area outside the Moonlight Maze. The reason for that was because they were unable to interfere with the things that happened within the Moonlight Maze.

It was not that the Three Palaces were not selfish, and did not have intentions to seize the Moonlight Maze for themselves. Rather, it was that the Ancient Era’s Elves refused to allow them to do so.

As for right now, the already lively Moonlight Maze reached an unprecedented height of liveliness.

With the influx of countless people, the cities controlled by the Three Palaces were all overcrowded. As such, many people were only able to stay outside of the cities.

However, in terms of liveliness, it would have to be the northwestern city, which went by the name of Heavenly Law First City, that was the liveliest.

This city gathered the most people. Why were there so many people here? It was because this was the place where Xian Yuyin had challenged Chu Feng to fight.

At that moment, Xian Yuyin was standing outside of the Heavenly Law First City’s city gate. Holding an Imperial Armament in his hand, he stood there motionlessly.

He had already been standing there for a total of thirteen days. He had stood there ever since he had arrived at the city. As he waited for Chu Feng’s arrival, he had now clearly become a part of the scenery.

“Wow, so handsome. As expected of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ number one genius.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Everyone knows that the Ancient Era’s Elves’ number one genius is the Little Elf Princess.”

“The Little Elf Princess is a female, whereas Xian Yuyin is a male. Xian Yuyin is the number one genius among the Ancient Era’s Elves’ men. Am I wrong?”


Xian Yuyin had a very handsome appearance, and his cultivation was very strong. Even though he was only a member of the younger generation, he possessed the cultivation of a rank three Martial Emperor. Furthermore, the long green sword that he held was not only very exquisite and refined, it was also an Imperial Armament. Holding that Imperial Armament, he appeared to be very awe-inspiring.

At this point, Xian Yuyin had already become the prince charming of countless females. A large group of love-struck females were staring at him. They had stared at him for thirteen days straight.

“Will Chu Feng be coming?”

“He definitely will. Has there ever been anyone who Chu Feng was afraid of? Look at the Four Great Imperial Clans. They wanted to kill Chu Feng that badly. Yet, in the end, weren’t they all forced to reconcile with Chu Feng? Don’t forget that Chu Feng is a member of the younger generation who fought against the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs by himself, and even killed the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief. Among the current younger generation, who could possibly accomplish that? Who could possibly be a match for Chu Feng?”

“That’s not a certainty. No matter how strong Chu Feng might be, his strength will only count amongst the humans. As for that Xian Yuyin, he is an Ancient Era’s Elf. Furthermore, it is said that he possesses the cultivation of a rank three Martial Emperor, and possesses an Imperial Armament on top of that. His overall strength, no matter how one looks at it, would not be something that the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs could match, no?”

“While Chu Feng was able to defeat the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs, he might not necessarily be able to defeat Xian Yuyin.”

“That’s true, that’s true.”



At that moment when a bunch of love-struck women surrounded Xian Yuyin, the majority of the crowd were more concerned with whether or not Chu Feng would come.

That said, regardless of whether they were part of the group that felt that Chu Feng would come or part of the group that felt that Chu Feng would not come, they all wished for Chu Feng to come.

The reason for that was because they all wished to witness a confrontation between two of the strongest individuals among the younger generation. Compared to the competition held on the Gong Ba Plains, this showdown was even more worth seeing.

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