Chapter 1952 - Spatial Crack

Chapter 1952 - Spatial Crack

“Chu Feng, you must not follow me. With your current cultivation, you are unable to withstand the pressure here. If you follow after me, you will undoubtedly die.”

“Remember, if you wish to enter the Outer World, you will have to find another method,” Long Lin said to Chu Feng.


As he said those words, he soared into the sky and over the horizon on that path to heaven established by the golden palace.

Even though Long Lin had left, the golden palace’s path to heaven still remained for quite some time before finally dissipating.

However… even after the path to heaven completely disappeared and the sky returned to normal, everybody in the crowd present was incapable of remaining calm.

“Outer World. There are indeed martial cultivators in the Outer World. That Long Lin was a cultivator from the Outer World,” Lord Lianghua said in amazement. At that moment, he who was always calm was actually so emotional that his aged palms were shaking.

“Lord Lianghua, you’re saying… that there are cultivators in the vast starry sky?” Baili Xuankong asked in a very shocked manner. The reason for that was because this matter was extremely important, extremely significant.

“Mn, of course there are. Didn’t you all see that Long Lin entering the Outer World just now? He was a martial cultivator from the Outer World.”

“Martial Cultivators are not limited to our Holy Land of Martialism. There are more martial cultivators in the vast starry sky.” It could be seen that Lord Lianghua was extremely emotional. Even his tone was extremely emotional.

“In that case, Chu Feng, he…” At that moment, everyone turned their gazes to Chu Feng. They seemed to want to learn more about things pertaining to the Outer World from Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because regardless of how high they stood in the Holy Land of Martialism, they still felt the sensation of being frogs at the bottom of a well the moment Long Lin opened the path to heaven, the path to the Outer World.

Even though they were unable to see anything through that path to heaven, they were all able to see the boundless sky and the vast amount of stars. They knew how magnificent that vast world above them was.

“Seniors, I am indeed from the Outer World. However, I do not know anything regarding the Outer World at all. Ever since I was able to form memories, the only thing I remember is this world. As for my childhood, it was spent entirely in the Eastern Sea Region,” Chu Feng said.

“So that’s the case,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Nangong Longjian and the others no longer tried to question him. However, to a greater or lesser degree, they all revealed disappointed expressions. They deeply wished to be able to know more about the Outer World.

Suddenly, Lord Lianghua said, “Chu Feng is from the Outer World; in that case, wouldn’t it mean the Dark Hall’s Hall Master is also a martial cultivator from the Outer World?”

After hearing that, everyone other than Chu Feng grew silent. At that moment, they all realized how powerful the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was.

“Forget about it. We must still consider this matter regarding the Dark Hall at length. For now, Yao’er has been successfully saved. As such, it is a happy occasion.”

“I feel that we should hold a celebration. Moreover, Lord Lianghua has come over from far away, and our Cyanwood Mountain has yet to show the hospitality of a host,” Baili Xuankong said.

“My, there’s no need for such extravagance,” Lord Lianghua shook his head with a smile. However, it could be seen that he was very happy to be valued this highly by the Cyanwood Mountain.

“What Ancestor said is correct. No matter what, Lord Lianghua has traveled very far to get here. As such, we must hold a welcoming dinner to wash away the dirt of the journey for Lord Lianghua,” Chu Feng said in agreement. Then, the others also began to express their endorsement.

Being showered by this great hospitality, it was unsuitable for Lord Lianghua to decline. Furthermore, he did not plan to actually decline their good intentions either.

Chu Feng then looked to Yao’er. He discovered that Yao’er had a somewhat lonely expression on her face after Long Lin left.

This was understandable. Even though Long Lin had held her captive for a long while, he had treated her very well. This could be seen by how Yao’er’s cultivation had increased.

“Yao’er,” Suddenly, Chu Feng grabbed Yao’er’s hand.

Upon sensing the warmth of Chu Feng’s palm, Yao’er was startled. Then, in a slightly embarrassed manner, she looked to Chu Feng.

“Come, let’s go home,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn,” Hearing those words, Yao’er revealed a brilliant smile on her face.

Afterward, Baili Xuankong gave a personal order to hold a grand feast. From head to toe, everyone in the Cyanwood Mountain was celebrating.

However, the reason given for this celebration was Chu Feng’s return.

The reason given for this celebration was to show how important Chu Feng was to the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, the most important reason was because Lord Lianghua’s protection over the Cyanwood Mountain was something that they had to keep secret from the Dark Hall.

During the celebration feast, Chu Feng suddenly asked, “Seniors, do you all know of a way to return to the Eastern Sea Region from the Holy Land of Martialism?”

This was a question Chu Feng had wished to know the answer to for a very long time.

He had to return to the Eastern Sea Region. Firstly, he missed his family and friends in the Eastern Sea Region. Secondly, it was because Qing Xuantian’s Emperor’s Tomb was located in the Nine Provinces Continent.

Chu Feng had yet to completely open Qing Xuantian’s Emperor’s Tomb. At the very least, that Imperial Armament was still there. Chu Feng felt that it was about time for him to return to that Emperor’s Tomb. After all, he was currently a Martial Emperor. If he were to return to that Emperor’s Tomb, he would have at least a fifty percent chance of successfully obtaining the Imperial Armament there.

Furthermore, as he was now faced with the great enemy of the Dark Hall, Chu Feng felt that he had to quickly increase his strength.

That said, Chu Feng knew that the Heavenly Roads were only one-way. One could only enter the Holy Land of Martialism from the Four Sea Regions, and not go from the Holy Land of Martialism to the Four Sea Regions.

Actually, that was understandable. Else, if the people from the Holy Land of Martialism were able to enter the Four Sea Regions at will, those Four Sea Regions would be in complete chaos. After all, the average strength of the individuals in the Holy Land of Martialism greatly surpassed that of the Four Sea Regions.

That said, the problem remained that Chu Feng must return to the Eastern Sea Region.

For that, Chu Feng had especially asked Tantai Xue about how she, along with those disciples from the Cursed Soil Sect, had managed to reach the Eastern Sea Region.

However, the answer he had obtained from her was that she didn’t know how she had managed to reach the Eastern Sea Region.

All she told Chu Feng was that she was being chased by the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples, and came across a spatial crack when she was forced to a dead end. As such, she jumped into that spatial crack.

To her surprise, when she exited that spatial crack, she was in the Eastern Sea Region. If she wished to return to the Holy Land of Martialism, she could only do so through the Heavenly Road.

As for that spatial crack, she had tried searching for it again. However, she was unable to find it.

Thus, Chu Feng knew that it would not be simple for him to return to the Eastern Sea Region. As the people present were all grand experts in the Holy Land of Martialism, people that possessed a great amount of experience and knowledge, Chu Feng decided to ask them whether there was a way for him to return to the Eastern Sea Region.

“As far as I know, the Heavenly Roads are one-way. Only the people from the Four Sea Regions can enter the Holy Land of Martialism, and not the other way around.”

“The Heavenly Roads are very powerful spirit formations. They greatly resemble the Boundary Energy that separated the Holy Land of Martialism before. They are things that we cannot oppose with our strength.”

“However, as long as it’s a spirit formation, there will definitely be a flaw, a gap. As the Boundary Energy possessed flaws that we could take advantage of, the Heavenly Roads most definitely possess flaws too.”

“Merely, the flaws of the Boundary Energy were something that one could cut open as long as one possessed sufficient strength. It was rather simple.”

“As for the Heavenly Roads, their flaws are innate. One can only search for them, and not create them,” The Compass Immortal said.

“Senior Compass, are the flaws that you mentioned spatial cracks?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. The flaws of the Heavenly Roads are their spatial cracks. For example, if you wished to enter the Eastern Sea Region, you would have to find a spatial crack at the exit of the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road. As long as you find a spatial crack, you would be able to reach the Eastern Sea Region upon entering it,” the Compass Immortal said.

“Merely, spatial cracks are things that one can only encounter, and cannot be sought after. It is very difficult to find them,” The Compass Immortal said.