Chapter 1931 - Interrogating YinYang

Chapter 1931 - Interrogating YinYang

“These injuries are too serious. No choice but to use this then,” After carefully inspecting Chu Feng’s injuries, Xian Miaomiao removed her necklace and opened the pendant on it. After the pendant was opened, there was actually a fingernail-sized pearl within it.

“Wow, wow, wow, what is that?” Lil Red’s eyes began to shine with light the moment it saw the pearl. Attracted by it, Lil Red immediately ran over to Xian Miaomiao.

It was not that Lil Red was unsophisticated and ignorant. Rather, that pearl was truly too special. Although the pearl was very small, about the size of a fingernail, it was flickering with light and sparkles. If one were to look carefully at the pearl, one would discover that it was as if the magnificent starry sky was contained within the pearl.

Most importantly, within that pearl were nine motes of light that emitted different colors. They were extremely dazzling.

Upon seeing those nine motes of light, even if one did not use any special perceptive power, one would still feel astonished and excited by the pearl.

“Shh, don’t talk,” Xian Miaomiao said to Lil Red.

She then placed the pearl onto Chu Feng’s dantian. Suddenly, the pearl started to blossom with light. At the same time, Xian Miaomiao’s eyes became the same as that pearl.

Then, one of the nine motes of light from within the pearl flew out of the pearl and entered Chu Feng’s dantian.


Shortly after, Xian Miaomiao’s complexion turned pale and she started sweating profusely.

“Beauty, what happened to you?” Lil Red asked worriedly.

“I’m fine,” Even though it was clear that Xian Miaomiao was not fine, she had a very joyous expression on her face. She wiped away the cold sweat on her forehead in an unconcerned manner. Then, she looked to Lil Red, “Your great sir’s life is saved. Merely, I do not know how long it will take for him to regain consciousness.”

“Then, let’s bring great sir somewhere safe first. I know of a place that’s very hidden and safe,” Lil Red said.

“That would definitely be for the best. Let’s go,” As Xian Miaomiao spoke, she carried Chu Feng on her back.

Even though Xian Miaomiao was very powerful, her stature was very petite. Thus, one would feel that it was very strenuous to have a girl like her carry a grown man like Chu Feng on her back.

That said, if this scene were to be seen by others, they would definitely feel endless envy for Chu Feng.

At that moment, Xian Miaomiao looked to Chu Feng’s right hand again. Even though Chu Feng was unconscious, he was still holding on tightly to the Evil God Sword. Seeing that, Xian Miaomiao started to frown. She sighed and said, “That sword, it’s truly nefarious.”


Chu Feng was unconscious for a very long time. During the time when Chu Feng was unconscious, Chu Feng’s awareness entered that place with a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Even though this was not the first time that he had been here, Chu Feng still felt as if his blood was running cold and his hair was standing on end. He was trembling with fear.

Chu Feng was in enormous pain and suffering. It was extremely difficult for him to endure that pain. However, suddenly, an energy arrived from his dantian. That energy lessened the pain and suffering that he was feeling by a lot.

However, even with that being the case, with his consciousness in this world, it was still like a nightmare to him. As such, Chu Feng began to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Finally, Chu Feng regained consciousness. Right after he woke up, he immediately saw Xian Miaomiao and Lil Red.

“Chu Feng, you’re finally awake again. I thought that you would continue to sleep for an entire year,” After seeing that Chu Feng had awoken, Xian Miaomiao finally heaved a sigh of relief and began to joke with him.

“Great sir, I thought you were dead,” As for Lil Red, it started to cry emotionally. However, there were only crying sounds and no tears. The little fellow was exaggerating.

“Miaomiao, you reached a breakthrough? Furthermore, you actually directly broke through to rank five Martial Emperor? Girl, you are truly extraordinary,” After waking up, Chu Feng was worried about Xian Miaomiao and Lil Red’s safety the most. Seeing that the two of them were both fine, Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief. After he discovered Xian Miaomiao’s current cultivation, he was overjoyed.

Xian Miaomiao had succeeded. In that case, the pain and suffering that he had endured was all worth it.

“I was only able to break through to rank five Martial Emperor because of your assistance. However, next time, do not try to show off by yourself. If I had come out of my closed-door training just a moment later, you would have been killed by that scoundrel old man,” Xian Miaomiao pointed to a nearby location.

“YinYang Immortal?” Chu Feng looked to the direction Xian Miaomiao was pointing to. Right away, overflowing killing intent filled his eyes. The reason for that was because Xian Miaomiao was pointing at the YinYang Immortal.

Even though the YinYang Immortal was bound by Xian Miaomiao’s martial technique, Chu Feng was still able to tell with a single glance that the person trapped in that web was none other than the YinYang Immortal.

“Heh. Chu Feng, it would seem that even though your Evil God Sword is very powerful, it possesses an enormous side effect too. If it wasn’t for Xian Miaomiao, even if you managed to survive, you would be unconscious for a long time. It would have been impossible for you to be able to regain consciousness this quickly,” The YinYang Immortal said with a beaming smile. Seemingly knowing that he would definitely be killed, he did not show any fear. Instead, he started to mock Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, go ahead and kill him. I’ve only kept him alive this long so that you can settle things with him personally,” Xian Miaomiao said.


Chu Feng stood up. While carrying the Evil God Sword in his right hand, he began to walk toward the YinYang Immortal.

The Evil God Sword possessed a demonic nature. It would give a backlash to its user. However, if Chu Feng didn’t use its strength, it would not give him any backlash.

It was similar to the Heavenly Immortal Sword. The Heavenly Immortal Sword possessed an overwhelming righteous aura. Only by having that overwhelming righteous aura would Chu Feng be able to unleash the Heavenly Immortal Sword Techniques.

As for the Evil God Sword, its power was much more frightening than that of the Heavenly Immortal Sword. However, as long as Chu Feng didn’t use its power, it would only be an ordinary weapon that would not cause him any harm.

It was because Chu Feng knew about that that he dared to hold the Evil God Sword again right after suffering from its backlash.

Truth be told, if one did not use the power of the Evil God Sword, the Evil God Sword was actually not frightening at all. Against the YinYang Immortal, the normal Evil God Sword would not be any threat.

However, Chu Feng was able to tell that the YinYang Immortal’s power was sealed off, and his movements were restricted by Xian Miaomiao’s ability. Not to mention the Evil God Sword, even if Chu Feng were to pick up a random scrap metal, he would still be able to, with his strength, easily behead the YinYang Immortal.

However, Chu Feng did not immediately kill the YinYang Immortal.

Instead, he pointed his Evil God Sword at the YinYang Immortal’s dantian. Then, he asked, “Where did you bring Duan Jidao and Yin Gongfu to? Exactly what is the aim of your Dark Hall?”

“What? They were captured?” Hearing those words, the YinYang Immortal revealed a surprised expression.

“Don’t play dumb with me. That was clearly the doing of your your Dark Hall,” Chu Feng aimed his Evil God Sword at the YinYang Immortal.

“The Dark Hall is enormous. We possess countless people working at once. Even if it was done by our Dark Hall, I would not necessarily know about it.”

“Chu Feng, you shouldn’t bother to threaten me with death. If I were truly afraid of death, I would not have joined the Dark Hall. Ever since I stepped onto the Dark Hall’s ship, I knew that what awaited me would be two paths; life or death.”

“I have only lived till this long because I was waiting for you to wake up. I have something that I wish to tell you,” The YinYang Immortal said.

“Speak away,” Chu Feng decided to not continue to ask anymore. He was also able to tell that the YinYang Immortal had already accepted death. Faced with someone like him, he would not be able to obtain any information through interrogation.

He could only hope that the YinYang Immortal would find his conscience and voluntarily give him useful information.