Chapter 1912 - Blood Devouring Killing Formation

Chapter 1912 - Blood Devouring Killing Formation

Nangong Longjian sensed that something in Chu Feng’s mental state seemed to be amiss. Thus, he asked, “Little friend Chu Feng, do you have something on your mind?”

“Chu Feng, senior Duan Jidao and senior Yin Gongfu will not be that easily rescued. You must still consider this matter at length. Thus, it’s best to not be overly impatient and hurt your health,” Bai Ruochen thought that Chu Feng was worrying about Duan Jidao and Yin Gongfu.

However, Chu Feng shook his head. He said, “Senior Duan Jidao and senior Yin Gongfu must naturally be saved. Merely, right now, I am more worried about the safety of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

At that moment, Nangong Longjian and the others came to a sudden realization. It turned out that Chu Feng was worried about the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, upon thinking about it, they felt that it was right for Chu Feng to be worried. When even Duan Jidao and the others had been ambushed, it was very hard to say that the people from the Cyanwood Mountain would not suffer the same fate.

At this moment, Nangong Longjian revealed an expression of self-blame. He knew that Chu Feng, with his temperament, must’ve already thought about this.

However, he had not directly proceeded to the Cyanwood Mountain, and instead stayed here for many days. Nangong Longjian knew that Chu Feng had done so because he was worried about his illness.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I, Nangong Longjian, will go and check the Cyanwood Mountain out right away. If the Cyanwood Mountain is to suffer an unexpected calamity too, even if I am to dig three feet underground, I will still search out that Dark Hall and make them pay with blood,” Nangong Longjian said with an expression filled with seriousness.

Hearing what Nangong Longjian said, Chu Feng’s heart was moved. Immediately, his previously-tense mind felt a lot more at ease. It was as if an enormous stone weighing down on his heart had finally fallen to the ground.

Actually, Chu Feng had been able to immediately proceed for the Cyanwood Mountain after he finished curing Nangong Longjian’s illness. However, Chu Feng had not proceeded to the Cyanwood Mountain because his appointed date with Xian Miaomiao was approaching.

As he had said that he would help, he must be loyal to that promise. Furthermore, most importantly, the Blood Devouring Armors possessed a time limit during which they could be used. After that time limit, the insects would die. Once the insects died, the Blood Devouring Armors would also lose their effectiveness.

If Chu Feng were to proceed for the Cyanwood Mountain, it would take time for him to travel there and back. Although the time spent would not be enough to make the Blood Devouring Armors lose their effectiveness, there was no way to say that they would be able to journey into the Blood Devouring Killing Formation smoothly.

If they ended up having to stay in there for some time, and the Blood Devouring Armors ended up losing their effectiveness during their stay inside, then Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao would definitely end up dying in the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. Thus, Chu Feng did not wish to waste the limited time the Blood Devouring Armors had.

However, he was also worried about the safety of the Cyanwood Mountain. And now, with Nangong Longjian declaring that he would proceed for the Cyanwood Mountain on his behalf, Chu Feng felt relieved. After all, Nangong Longjian was a rank six Martial Emperor, someone who was much more powerful than himself.

“Thank you senior Longjian,” Chu Feng clasped his fist courteously. He was expressing his thanks from the bottom of his heart.

“Little friend Chu Feng, do not say it like that. If it wasn’t for you, I would soon be dead.”

“It is all because of you that I am able to obtain a new lease on life.”

“It is all because of you that I am able to continue with my martial cultivation.”

“It is also thanks to you that I am able to reunite with my family.”

“Thus, this life of mine could be said to be given to me by you. The grace that you’ve shown me is something that I cannot repay in my entire life,” Nangong Longjian said.

“Senior, you are being too serious. Not only has senior saved me, even if you hadn’t saved me, merely through the relationship that I have with Ruochen, I ought to give my all to help cure your illness,” Chu Feng said.

“Enough, stop stirring up emotions. The top priority right now is to determine whether or not the Cyanwood Mountain is safe.”

“As little friend Chu Feng still has things he must do, you needn’t proceed to the Cyanwood Mountain. Just leave this matter in the hands of Nangong Longjian and I,” The Compass Immortal said. Furthermore, as he spoke, he took out an item and said, “Little friend Chu Feng, leave an imprint on this. If the Cyanwood Mountain is fine, I will inform you of it.”

Chu Feng looked to the item before him, and his eyes immediately shone. In surprise, he said, “Golden Flash Bird?” The reason for his surprise was because what the Compass Immortal had handed to Chu Feng was the nearly extinct Golden Flash Bird.

“Indeed. That thing is something that I used a lot of treasures to purchase,” Seeing how shocked Chu Feng was, the Compass Immortal nodded in a very complacent manner.

Then, Nangong Longjian and the Compass Immortal left for the Cyanwood Mountain. They were planning to see whether or not the people from the Cyanwood Mountain had managed to return to the Cyanwood Mountain safely.

As for Bai Ruochen, Bai Suyan and Jiang Wushang, they continued to stay in the Purple Flames Blackmountain. Although the Purple Flames Blackmountain possessed an enormous pressure, the cave that they were in possessed a special spirit formation that nullified that pressure.

On top of that, this place was a place that practically no one bothered to visit. As such, it was a rather safe location. That said, in order to protect against the unexpected, Chu Feng set up spirit formations outside to hide the cave completely.

After he finished doing all that, Chu Feng directly proceeded for his appointed meeting with Xian Miaomiao.

One of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Three Great Forbidden Areas, the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.

The Blood Devouring Killing Formation was a very vast spirit formation that originated from the Ancient Era. When looking at it from the outside, it looked like an enormous mountain covered with mist. It did not appear to be strange at all.

That said, in such a famous place, there was actually no sign of human habitation. In fact, not a single tree or blade of grass could be seen outside the mountain. As such, there was no need to mention buildings or living creatures.

Other than the whistling sound of the wind, this place was so deathly silent that it was frightening.

Standing here, Chu Feng felt a trace of chilliness. This place was truly qualified to be known as a Forbidden Area.


Right at that moment, a pair of hands suddenly extended out from behind Chu Feng and covered his eyes.

At the same time, an incomparably soft and gentle voice sounded beside Chu Feng’s ears, “Good sir, would you like a massage?”

“Sure, where do you want to start massaging from?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. The reason for that was because he had managed to guess that it was that girl Xian Miaomiao the moment that pair of soft little hands appeared.

“Aiya, you’re such a rogue,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Xian Miaomiao immediately removed her hands and started pouting her little mouth. She was looking at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with disdain.

“How am I a rogue? It’s you who asked me whether or not I wanted a massage.”

“I journeyed all the way here and really do feel a bit tired. As such, so what if I want a massage?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. For some unknown reason, even though he was feeling extremely bad, his mood improved a lot after seeing Xian Miaomiao.

“I said you’re a rogue, so you’re a rogue. Why the heck are you asking all these questions?” Xian Miaomiao said with an unyielding yet lovable appearance.

“Oh you, you’re truly unreasonable,” Chu Feng felt helpless with Xian Miaomiao. Thus, he ended up taking out the Blood Devouring Armors and tossing one to her, “Here, put in on. Let’s go in.”

Due to the fact that the Blood Devouring Armors were special, one did not have to change one’s clothes to wear them. Thus, Xian Miaomiao directly donned the Blood Devouring Armor Chu Feng had handed her.

“Wow, it’s actually this well-fitting?” After donning the Blood Devouring Armor, Xian Miaomiao cried out in surprise. She felt so happy that she began to spin around nonstop.

After Chu Feng’s amendment of the Blood Devouring Armors, not only did they become very well-fitting, their appearances also became much more beautiful.

“I fixed it just for you. Thus, it will naturally be well-fitting,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he also donned his suit of Blood Devouring Armor.

“Amazing. As expected of this Princess’s attendant,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“Since when did I become your attendant?” Chu Feng revealed an expression of confusion.

“You weren’t before, but you are now. Come, this Princess shall bring you along to experience the world and brave the dangers of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.”

“Wha!!!!” Xian Miaomiao began to run erratically into the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. She had charged into the boundless mist that covered the mountain.

Seeing Xian Miaomiao acting like this, Chu Feng shook his head helplessly. Then, without any hesitation, he chased after her.

Although Xian Miaomiao possessed very powerful strength, it remained that she was not a world spiritist. As such, Chu Feng was worried that an accident might happen to her.