Chapter 1593 - Heavenly Law Auction

MGA: Chapter 1593 - Heavenly Law Auction

“Thank you, senior, for your kind intentions. This junior understands.” Chu Feng did not try to be modest. After he sat back down, he immediately began to eat with large mouthfuls.

While all of the people on the Immortal Island were all very proud, this old man in charge of receiving him was somewhat different. Not only was this old man very kind toward him, he even gave thoughts for his sake.

Chu Feng ate very fast. In merely a short moment, he had finished eating his dinner. Furthermore, Chu Feng had quite a stomach; he actually managed to eat all of the dishes on the table.

Actually, it wasn’t that Chu Feng was a savage when it came to eating food, it was merely that he did not wish for this kind-hearted senior to stand there and wait on him the entire time.

After Chu Feng finished his dinner, he followed that kind-hearted senior and walked around many places in the Immortal Island before finally reaching the Immortal Cultivation Lake.

The Immortal Cultivation Lake was actually not very large. It was different from the other lakes in the Holy Land of Martialism. Although those were known to be lakes, they covered such an enormous area that they were simply akin to the sea, the ocean. Those lakes would have overflowing waves, unfathomable depths, and many hidden beasts.

As for this Immortal Cultivation Lake, it was about as large as the lakes in the Nine Provinces Continent. While it appeared very vast, one could see the edge of the lake on the other side.

Unfortunately, other than the size of the lake, Chu Feng was unable to see anything else. That was because there was a layer of white mist lingering on top of the lake. That white mist had completely covered up the true appearance of the Immortal Cultivation Lake.

Not to mention that one would not be able to see anything using one’s naked eyes, one would not even be able to sense anything with spirit power. That was because this was no ordinary mist. Rather, it was a spirit formation, a spirit formation set up by a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. This was something that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal had created.

The kind-hearted senior called Chu Feng’s attention to the mist. “Little friend Chu Feng, when the time arrives, that seal will automatically undo itself. At that time, you will be able to enter the lake and begin training.”

“Thank you, senior, for all your troubles,” Chu Feng expressed his thanks.

“You don’t have to be this courteous, I am merely doing as Lord Weaponry Refinement Immortal ordered. He told me to properly receive little friend Chu Feng. Thus, I will naturally not dare to be negligent in my hospitality,” After that senior finished saying these words, he turned and left.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally realized why this senior who was completely unrelated to him would provide him with such special treatment. It turned out that it was actually the Weaponry Refinement Immortal that was looking after him.

After that senior left, Chu Feng sat down. He was the first person to arrive. Thus, after that senior left, there was no one else here other than Chu Feng.

As Chu Feng casually sat on the grass, he was unable to hear any bit of noise. The only thing that he could hear from his surroundings was the sound of the cool breeze brushing by the grasses. It was a sensation of nature. This caused Chu Feng to feel very relaxed.

“Chu Feng,” Suddenly, a sweet-sounding voice sounded. Chu Feng had not heard any footsteps. However, someone had already arrived.

Turning his head around, Chu Feng discovered that it was Tantai Xue. Tantai Xue was walking toward Chu Feng. She had not come here alone. Merely, the senior who had led her here had already left after bringing her here.

“Have a seat,” Chu Feng patted the grass beside him and indicated to Tantai Xue to sit.

Tantai Xue, however, did not sit next to him. Instead, she stood beside him and asked, “You met the Weaponry Refinement Immortal? Did he mention what sort of weapon he was going to refine for you?”

“I have met him. The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said that he will refine a weapon that is especially made for me. However, he did not mention what sort of weapon it would be. What about you?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’ve also met him. The result was about the same as you. Even though he said that he’ll make a tailor-made weapon for me, he did not mention what sort of weapon it would be, or what the weapon’s abilities would be,” Tantai Xue said.

“Say, with the abilities of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, would he be able to refine an actual Incomplete Imperial Armament for us?” Chu Feng asked.

“If it were other Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, I doubt they would be able to create Incomplete Imperial Armaments for the five of us. However, it should be possible for the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. After all, he is publicly recognized to be the number one individual in weaponry refinement techniques in the Holy Land of Martialism,” Tantai Xue said.

“What sort of weapon do you want?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m not sure. However, I don’t really have much of a desire for offensive weapon. After all, I already have the Talismanic Soul Stealing Flute. I think it would be better if I could obtain a weapon with defensive abilities,” Tantai Xue said.

“So, you want a defensive artifact?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

Tantai Xue gave Chu Feng a side eye. It was as if she were feeling displeased to have Chu Feng see through her. However, in the end, she did not say anything. She nodded and lightly uttered, “Mn.”

Suddenly, Tantai Xue asked, “Oh, that’s right, did the Weaponry Refinement Immortal tell you about the whereabouts of Zi Ling and Su Rou?” She was very intelligent, and had managed to guess that Chu Feng must’ve asked the Weaponry Refinement Immortal about Zi Ling and Su Rou.

“This is a secret. While I can tell you about it, you must not tell others…” Chu Feng did not hide it from Tantai Xue, and told her about the true purpose behind Zi Ling and Su Rou coming to the Immortal Island through voice transmission.

“Rest assured, my lips are sealed. Furthermore, this is something regarding you. Thus, I will definitely keep it a secret,” Tantai Xue said.

“Why must you maintain secrecy even more tightly because it’s something regarding me?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“Because you’re my friend,” Tantai Xue said with a serious expression.

“Friend, indeed.” Thinking about it, Chu Feng smiled. To be able to be considered a friend by a girl like Tantai Xue was something to be happy about.

Suddenly, Nangong Ya’s voice was heard. “Brother Chu Feng, Miss Tantai Xue, never would I have thought that you all would come so early too.”

“Big brother Chu Feng, big sister Xue, Moli is here.”

“Moli, how many times must your big sister tell you that you must not fly in the air in the Immortal Island. Doing that is being disrespectful toward the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Quickly, get down and walk on the ground.”

“Aiyo, Moli understands. Big sister, don’t grab me.”

Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli had also rushed over. Likely, the three siblings lived very close to one another.

Chu Feng also managed to guess that they most likely had come here because of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s arrangement. Likely, it was because the five of them had passed the trials.

Even though this was only Chu Feng’s speculation, he was able to be certain of one thing. That was, after Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli arrived, this quiet lakeside would no longer be quiet.

“Brother Nangong, do you know where one could obtain Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones in the Overlord Domain?” Chu Feng asked.

“Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones? Those are extremely precious. They are treasures that one cannot obtain even if one possessed the wealth. Brother Chu Feng, why might you need Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones?” Nangong Ya asked.

“I need Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones in order to set up a spirit formation,” Chu Feng said.

“Roughly how many do you need? If it’s not a lot, I can try to help you obtain them,” Nangong Ya said.

“I need roughly a hundred Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones of this size,” Chu Feng extended his hand. What he meant was that he still needed a hundred palm-sized Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

“This…” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Nangong Ya started to frown. Evidently, this was not a small number. Even he was shocked to find out how many Chu Feng wanted. However, he did not refuse Chu Feng. Instead, he said, “No problem. I can help you think of ways to obtain them.”

“There’s really a way to obtain them?” Chu Feng asked.

“There is. In the Overlord Domain, there’s the Heavenly Law Auction.”

“The Heavenly Law Auction is controlled by the Heavenly Law Palace. It could be said to be the largest and most famous auction in the entire Holy Land of Martialism.”

“All kinds of rare treasures are present there. That is the most optimal place for people in the Holy Land of Martialism to purchase and sell things.”

“Furthermore, I’ve heard that Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones will frequently appear in that auction. However, Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones are endlessly in demand by world spiritists. If you need a hundred of them, I think it would be hard to obtain.”

“However, Brother Chu Feng, if you really need them, you would have no choice but to go there and try your luck,” Nangong Ya said.