Chapter 1905 - Shifting Heaven And Earth

Chapter 1905 - Shifting Heaven And Earth

“Big sister, what’s wrong? Is that spirit formation really that difficult to break through?” Seeing her own big sister acting in such a manner, Xian Miaomiao became even more worried.

“It’s difficult, extremely difficult.”

“Although I am nowhere as proficient with world spirit techniques as Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, I am able to tell how powerful that spirit formation is. Not to mention an hour, even if one was given twenty hours, one would not be able to break through it with world spirit techniques. That is simply an unbreakable spirit formation,” Princess Lingyue said.

“Ah? Big sister, what do we do then? Think of a way,” Hearing those words, Xian Miaomiao immediately became extremely worried. The competition this time around was different from the one last night. If Chu Feng were to be defeated, he would have to die.

“This spirit formation is impossible to be broken through. It is simply impossible for Chu Feng to win against the Avaricious Immortal. The only thing that he can do is to set up a spirit formation that the Avaricious Immortal cannot break through and force a draw,” Princess Lingyue said.

“Can Chu Feng do that?” At that moment, Xian Miaomiao looked to Chu Feng. Although she was extremely confident in Chu Feng’s battle power, she did not know how strong his world spirit techniques were.

“With Chu Feng’s strength, that should be possible. Merely, I fear that after this matter ends in a draw, the Avaricious Immortal will not be willing to leave it at that, and will continue to insist on competing again,” Princess Lingyue said.

“I will not give him the opportunity to do so. If this match ends in a tie, I will immediately drive that Avaricious Immortal from our Elf Kingdom,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“Mn,” Princess Lingyue nodded. That was also what she was thinking.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you should quickly get to work. After all, you only have one hour to break that formation,” At that moment, seeing that Chu Feng was standing there motionlessly, an Elf Kingdom’s Protector was unable to contain himself and called out to Chu Feng.

It was only at that moment that the crowd noticed that the Avaricious Immortal had already begun to measure the time. Why was Chu Feng still not attempting to break the formation?

“Haha…” At that moment, the Avaricious Immortal laughed lightly. He said mockingly, “Did you give up because you know you cannot break the formation?”

“Wrong,” However, Chu Feng shook his head. He slowly walked over to the Avaricious Immortal and said, “This spirit formation of yours is something that I can break through in a split second. As such, why should I be impatient to break it?”

“What did you say? You… you are simply boasting shamelessly!” Hearing those words, the Avaricious Immortal was deeply enraged.

He possessed absolute confidence in his spirit formation. Not to mention Chu Feng, he would not fear even if he were to compete against his senior brother with this formation.

Yet, Chu Feng actually said such a thing. Chu Feng was simply insulting him. As such, how could he not be enraged?

In fact, it was not only the Avaricious Immortal. Even Xian Miaomiao and the others were stunned by Chu Feng’s words.

At such a time, how could Chu Feng be this calm and boast to the Avaricious Immortal instead of hurriedly attempting to break the formation? This was not the time to boast.

“Boast shamelessly? Haha…” Chu Feng smiled again. He said, “I shall let you see whether or not I am boasting.”


Once Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, he suddenly raised his hand. Then, a golden light flew out from Chu Feng’s palm. Like a sharp sword, it was shot directly into that vast spirit formation.


Once that golden light pierced into the spirit formation, that vast, seemingly indestructible spirit formation instantly crumbled into countless dazzling golden lights that dissipated into the air.

“Heavens, exactly what happened?! Exactly what is going on here?!”

At that moment, not to mention the Avaricious Immortal, Xian Yuyin and his father, even Xian Miaomiao and the others were stunned.

“Interesting,” At that moment, the only person that was still able to remain calm and collected was the Elf King. However, he had revealed a rare surprised expression in his eyes.

“Chu Feng, you’ve broken through that spirit formation! But, that spirit formation was clearly extremely difficult to break through. How did you manage to do so?” Xian Miaomiao arrived before Chu Feng and asked with incomparable curiosity. She was extremely excited, for Chu Feng had surpassed her imagination.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, how did you manage to do that? That is simply too unbelievable,” Princess Lingyue also ran over.

In fact, the gazes of practically everyone were cast onto Chu Feng. They all wished to know the answer to that question.

Originally, they all felt that the situation was extremely bad for Chu Feng, that even the best ending would be a tie. They had truly never expected for Chu Feng to be able to so effortlessly break through the Avaricious Immortal’s spirit formation. This truly caused them to be enormously taken aback.

Chu Feng did not immediately answer them. Instead, he looked to the Avaricious Immortal. It was only then that he discovered...

...that the Avaricious Immortal’s complexion had become paper pale, like a corpse. Furthermore, he was shaking his head nonstop and muttering to himself, “Impossible, this is impossible, impossible.”

The crowd looked in the direction of Chu Feng’s gaze, and saw the current expression of the Avaricious Immortal. At that time, they involuntarily revealed cold smiles on their faces.

The reason for that was because the Avaricious Immortal’s current reaction was simply a heaven and earth difference from his previous proud and arrogant behavior. The crowd was able to take pleasure in this clear contrast.

“The spirit formation that the Avaricious Immortal set up earlier was from the Ancient Era. It is called the Spirit Techniques Blocking Chain Formation.”

“As its name implies, the usage of that spirit formation is not to defend against attacks from martial power. Instead, it is especially used to protect against world spirit techniques. In other words, it is extremely difficult to use world spirit techniques to break that spirit formation.”

“Furthermore, when the Avaricious Immortal was setting up the spirit formation, he used many pieces of Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones to increase the defensive ability of his spirit formation. This made that spirit formation even harder, nearly impossible, to break apart,” Chu Feng said.

“If it was that hard, how did you manage to break it?” Xian MIaomiao asked curiously.

“Allow me to explain this,” At that moment, the Elf King actually interrupted.

Hearing those words, the crowd all turned their gazes to the Elf King.

“Although the Avaricious Immortal’s spirit formation is extremely rare, little friend Chu Feng managed to see through it with a single glance. Thus, when the Avaricious Immortal was wracking his brains to set up the spirit formation, little friend Chu Feng was already setting up the spirit formation to break through his spirit formation.”

“Furthermore, little friend Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques are truly amazing. Before the Avaricious Immortal had even finished setting up his spirit formation, little friend Chu Feng had already quietly finished setting up his own spirit formation and concealed it within his palm.”

“That is why the scene earlier happened,” The Elf King said.

“So that’s what happened. That’s truly unimaginable,” The crowd came to a sudden realization after hearing what the Elf King said.

Earlier, they had been focused on the Avaricious Immortal setting up his spirit formation the entire time, and simply had not paid attention to what Chu Feng was doing. No one ever imagined that the Avaricious Immortal was already destined to be defeated the moment he started setting up his spirit formation.

“But, the spirit formation that the Avaricious Immortal set up was so grand and vast. How could the spirit formation that Chu Feng set up break through his spirit formation while being low profile?” Xian Miaomiao asked in a confused manner.

“Mn, what Miaomiao said is correct. With such a powerful formation, even if one wished to break through it, one should be using a very vast and grand spirit formation. How did little friend Chu Feng manage to stealthily conceal his formation in his palm?” Once Xian Miaomiao asked that question, the others also grew curious.

“That’s why I said little friend Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques are truly amazing,” When the Elf King said those words, he looked to Chu Feng and smiled.

Chu Feng returned the smile. He had set up his spirit formation extremely ingeniously. If one did not observe him carefully, one would not be able to discover him setting it up. Yet, the Elf King had discovered it. This meant that the Elf King had been paying close attention to him the entire time.

“Impossible! This spirit formation of mine originated from the Ancient Era. It is something that I obtained from an Ancient Era’s Remnant. Even my senior brother might not necessarily be able to break apart my spirit formation. How could you possibly accomplish that?!” At that moment, the Avaricious Immortal shook his head repeatedly. He was unable to accept this fact.

“I also believe that there are not a lot of people that know of that spirit formation. However, it is truly an unfortunate coincidence for you; I just so happen to be one of the few who do know of that spirit formation. Furthermore, I just so happen to know the method of breaking through it that even you do not know,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“How could that be?! You, with your young age, how could you possibly know that much? How could you possibly grasp such a powerful spirit formation?” The Avaricious Immortal had a dejected expression. He was deeply stunned. It took him an entire hundred years of training in order to grasp the spirit formation that he had set up. He had done so all for the sake of putting it to good use when competing against other world spiritists.

It was also because of that spirit formation that he had been so confident. The reason for that was because he only knew about how to set up that spirit formation, and not how to break through it. Thus, he had thought that it was unbreakable.

Thus, how could Chu Feng, a young man only in his twenties, possibly know about his spirit formation, and even the spirit formation to break through his spirit formation that would be even more difficult to master?