Chapter 1890 - You’re Not Afraid Of Me?

Chapter 1890 - You’re Not Afraid Of Me?


Right at that moment, Xian Yushi suddenly uttered a ‘burr.’ It was as if he were about to vomit the Black Lotus Goo in his mouth.

“Do not vomit. Swallow it down. If you are to vomit, you must eat it again,” Princess Lingyue shouted angrily.

In that sort of situation, Xian Yushi hurriedly used both of his hands to cover his mouth to prevent himself from vomiting the Black Lotus Goo.

While the Black Lotus Goo which Chu Feng had vomited was clean, if he were to vomit it again, it would no longer be clean. If he were to be forced to eat that, how could he possibly endure it?


However, after struggling with it, Xian Yushi was still unable to contain himself and ended up vomiting the Black Lotus Goo.

“Aiyah, so disgusting!” At that moment, the crowd were all showing expressions of disgust and covering their noses. They were all extremely disgusted by Xian Yushi.

As for Princess Lingyue, her long, shapely eyebrows narrowed. She only revealed an angry expression again because Xian Yushi had gone against her instructions.

“Big sis Lingyue, this Black Lotus Goo is truly too disgusting to eat. Please spare me. Its smell is simply too disgusting,” Xian Yushi said with a begging expression.

“Smell? What smell? Why do we not smell anything?’ Princess Lingyue felt that Xian Yushi was deceiving her. The reason for that was because she simply didn’t smell anything.

“I’m really telling the truth here. One cannot smell it. One will only be able to detect it after it has entered one’s mouth,” Xian Yushi said.

The woman that had asked Chu Feng a question earlier said, “Young Master Yushi, I am not finding fault with you. But, even if you cannot eat it, you shouldn’t find such an excuse. Back when I was a playful kid, I had tried a bit of the Black Lotus Goo. Although I was unable to swallow it, it was only because the Black Lotus Goo was too sticky, and not because of any special smell.”

“That’s right. I also tried to eat the Black Lotus Goo before too. Although it was extremely sticky, it was indeed not smelly,” Many people echoed in succession.

“Xian Yushi, what else do you have to say?” At that moment, Princess Lingyue became even angrier.

“It’s true. I am not lying. It might be that you all have only attempted to eat a small amount that you did not smell it. But this Black Lotus Goo here really does possess that smell. If you don’t trust me, you can give it a try yourself,” Xian Yushi said as he pointed to the Black Lotus Goo on the ground that he had just vomited.

“Xian Yushi, you actually want me to eat what you’ve vomited?! You are simply insulting me!” Princess Lingyue was truly angered. She loudly shouted, “Men, take this Xian Yushi to the Spirit Beasts Room. He is to clean the feces from the Spirit Beasts Room for thirty days. He is not allowed to use any special techniques or tools. He must use his hands to clean up the feces.”

“Yes,” After Princess Lingyue’s command was given, an aged figure appeared out of thin air and descended beside Xian Yushi.

Chu Feng’s eyes shone upon seeing this man. Wasn’t this the same old man that was standing at the front of the warship yesterday?

Rank five Martial Emperor. It turned out that this old man was actually a rank five Martial Emperor. He was an expert of the same level as Zhang Tianyi’s father Zhang Ming and Duan Jidao.

With how powerful he was, it was no wonder that he would act so proud and haughty. However… an expert this powerful was actually complying to Princess Lingyue’s command like an attendant.

“Big sis Lingyue, I was wrong. Please spare me, please spare me.”

At that moment, Xian Yushi was begging for forgiveness nonstop. However, that old man simply ignored him. He grabbed him and then soared into the sky. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared. The only thing that remained was the echo of Xian Yushi’s begging voice.

Unfortunately, his begging was unable to move anything.

At that moment, Chu Feng was sneering in his heart. Indeed, ordinary Black Lotus Goo did not have any smell. However, the one that Xian Yushi was eating earlier did possess a disgusting smell. As for the reason why, it was naturally because of Chu Feng. Chu Feng had altered the Black Lotus Goo.

“Xian Yushi was truly spoiled by his older brother. He actually wanted Princess Lingyue to…!!!” After Xian Yushi was taken away, the crowd that didn’t know the truth sighed, then stepped forward and began to talk about it.

Even though it looked as if they were speaking the truth, Chu Feng was able to tell that they were adding details to their story. From this, it could be seen that Xian Yushi seemed to not have a good relationship with others.

“I have already given him the appropriate punishment. There is no need to mention this matter again,” Princess Lingyue waved her hand. At that moment, she no longer had an angry expression on her face.

‘This Princess Lingyue is quite remarkable,’ Chu Feng thought to himself. Earlier, Princess Lingyue was clearly so enraged that her complexion turned deep red and she was emitting an ominous glint. At that time, she was truly terrifying.

However, in merely the blink of an eye, her complexion turned rosy, and she had become as undisturbed as before. It was as if nothing had happened. This meant that she was merely pretending to be angry earlier.

Princess Lingyue turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Chu Feng, you wish to obtain Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flowers?”

“Yes,” Chu Feng nodded.

“How many?” Princess Lingyue asked.

“A single one would suffice,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, follow me,” As Princess Lingyue spoke, she soared into the sky. Chu Feng hurriedly followed her.

Princess Lingyue brought Chu Feng to Xian Miaomiao’s palace. Upon seeing that extraordinary palace, even Chu Feng’s gaze started to shine with astonishment.

“Chu Feng, it is not up to me to decide whether or not you can obtain a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower. Instead, it will be decided by the person in that place,” Princess Lingyue smiled brilliantly at Chu Feng. Then, she turned around and left.

Chu Feng understood Princess Lingyue’s intentions. Thus, he arrived before the palace and knocked lightly on the gate. He said, “I am Chu Feng. I have come with a request.”

“Come on in,” An alluring female’s voice entered Chu Feng’s ears. This voice was truly enticing. Hearing that voice, Chu Feng started to have goose bumps. This caused Chu Feng to feel that the situation might be bad.

However, for the sake of the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower, Chu Feng opened the entrance and entered the palace hall.

Right after Chu Feng entered the palace hall, the door closed by itself.

At the moment when the entrance closed, a fragrance assailed Chu Feng’s nose. All this pointed to something being amiss.

However, Chu Feng still turned his gaze toward the depths of the palace hall. The reason for that was because there was a crystal curtain at that place. Although the crystal curtain was able to obstruct one’s line of sight, Chu Feng knew that there was someone there.

Chu Feng clasp his fist and said, “I am Chu Feng. I have come here for the sake of requesting a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower.”


Right at that moment, that crystal curtain suddenly opened. In the moment when that crystal curtain opened, Chu Feng’s eyes immediately shone.

An Ancient Era’s Elf appeared before Chu Feng. It was a female. A beauty, an extremely beautiful woman. She was someone with beauty on par with Princess Lingyue. Her sexy body and beautiful face were extremely alluring.

Especially her blonde hair, blue eyes, pointed ears and that special air which she emitted. She was completely different from humans, and that made her all the more enchanting.

Most importantly, this beautiful Ancient Era’s Elf was actually naked. She was not wearing anything at all. She had completely exposed her sexy curves and fair skin to Chu Feng.

With such a beautiful woman before him, even Chu Feng was unable to stop his heartbeat from accelerating and his blood vessels from expanding. It was only because Chu Feng’s tolerance was good. If it was any other man, they would have already spurted blood from their nose and lost control.

“Woah! What sort of situation is this?” At this moment, even Eggy was unable to contain herself from crying out in alarm.

“You’re not afraid of me?” Seeing that Chu Feng’s gaze did not shift from her, and was instead earnestly sizing up her body, the Ancient Era’s Elf revealed an expression of surprise. She did not expect that Chu Feng would be this daring.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Chu Feng’s lips lifted into a nefarious smile. Then, he gathered his courage and began to walk toward that Ancient Era’s Elf.

Seeing Chu Feng walking toward her, that Ancient Era’s Elf that was clearly enticing Chu Feng actually started to cower. As her eyes flickered, she turned around. It was as if she was trying to escape.


However, Chu Feng did not give her the opportunity to escape. He leapt, arrived before her and grabbed her fragrant shoulders.

At that moment, that Ancient Era’s Elf’s body shivered. She was staring at Chu Feng with her blue eyes. Once again, she asked, “You’re really not afraid of me?”