Chapter 1876 - Guest Elders

MGA: Chapter 1876 - Guest Elders

“What?” Hearing those words, not to mention Yin Chengkong, even Baili Xuankong and the others were extremely shocked.

At that moment, Yin Chengkong was dumbstruck. His appearance was so ugly that it seemed like he had just been fed a hundred catties worth of canine excrement.

He never expected that he would’ve actually been tricked by Chu Feng. Chu Feng simply never had any definitive evidence, and was merely trying to frighten him.

Yet… he was actually frightened into exposing himself and admitted to everything. He had suffered a crushing defeat at Chu Feng’s hand.

“Chu Feng, you treacherous bastard, even if I am to die, I will make you accompany me in death!!!” In a violent rage, Yin Chengkong pounced at Chu Feng. He was trying to kill Chu Feng.


However, before he could even approach Chu Feng, his body exploded. Only the Incomplete Imperial Armament that he had previously held in his hand remained and fell to the ground. As for Yin Chengkong, he was completely dead.

It was not Chu Feng who had killed him. Rather, it was Baili Xuankong who had killed him.

Originally, Baili Xuankong had been reluctant to kill Yin Chengkong. However, seeing that Yin Chengkong had actually attacked Chu Feng, Baili Xuankong was unable to tolerate him anymore.

“That traitor’s death is well deserved. Merely, Chu Feng, how did you know that it was him?” Baili Xuankong asked Chu Feng.

At that moment, it was not only the people from the Cyanwood Mountain that were looking at Chu Feng, even Nangong Longjian, the Compass Immortal as well as the various King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were all looking at Chu Feng. They all wished to know how Chu Feng knew that Yin Chengkong was the traitor.

“I had been paying attention to the reactions from the seniors of our Cyanwood Mountain the entire time. From that, I came to determine that the traitor was most likely Yin Chengkong. That is why I forged that note, lied and gambled. Never would I have expected that my gamble was actually right on the spot,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Oh you boy, those words are said too effortlessly, no? A mere gamble? If it was only a mere gamble, how could you be this prepared? You already had that plan in mind the moment you publicly asked Ximen Baiyuan who the traitor was, right?” At that moment, the Compass Immortal who had been silent for a very long time spoke with a beaming smile. He began to think even more highly of Chu Feng now.

Chu Feng smiled slightly at what the Compass Immortal said. Although Chu Feng did not admit to it, the crowd were all able to tell from his behavior that what the Compass Immortal said was correct, that Chu Feng had planned this from the very beginning.

When thinking about how Chu Feng was actually able to think of such a stratagem at such a time, even Baili Xuankong, Nangong Longjian and the other experts all felt admiration for Chu Feng. At the very least, none of them had thought of the things Chu Feng had.

When even all these grand characters were acting like this, Jiang Furong, Bai Yunxiao and the others of the same younger generation as Chu Feng were feeling extremely complicated. Back then, they stood at places above Chu Feng. Yet now, the only ones who were qualified to talk to Chu Feng face to face were Baili Xuankong, Nangong Longjian, the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s Clan Chief and others of that status. As for them… they had already lost the qualifications to speak.

This feeling of enormous disparity caused them to become aware of how frightening Chu Feng’s speed of progress was. At the same time, it also allowed them to realize the disparity between them and Chu Feng.

Those who were Chu Feng’s friends the entire time were relatively fine. However, the others, like Bai Yunxiao, who used to be Chu Feng’s enemies were unable to help themselves from smiling bitterly in their hearts. They ridiculed the ignorance that they had back then.

“Chu Feng, take this,” Baili Xuankong tossed the Cosmos Sack with the rewards for Chu Feng’s capture to Chu Feng.

“Ancestor, you should keep this. Our Cyanwood Mountain must still be developed in the future. These are useful for that,” Chu Feng did not accept the Cosmos Sack. While it was true that the cultivation resources in the Cosmos Sack would provide him some assistance, they were truly too insignificant to Chu Feng, and simply incapable of helping him obtain an increase in his cultivation.

However, those cultivation resources and treasures would be extremely significant to the others of the Cyanwood Mountain. There was truly a great amount of wealth in that Cosmos sack.

Rather than Chu Feng keeping them for himself, it was better that he let Baili Xuankong use them to further develop the Cyanwood Mountain. Chu Feng knew that, after today, the Cyanwood Mountain would enter a period of rapid development.

“Very well then,” In the end, Baili Xuankong nodded.

“Senior Yaojiao Guang, may I trouble you all with bringing my Ancestor and the others back to the Cyanwood Mountain?” Chu Feng said. He was still very worried for Baili Xuankong and the others.

“Chu Feng, you’re not going to return with us?” Baili Xuankong asked.

“I wish to go and see my friend,” Chu Feng looked to Nangong Longjian as he said those words.

At that moment, Dugu Xingfeng and the many Cyanwood Mountain’s elders all felt a thump in their hearts.

At that moment, they recalled that it was not only Chu Feng, this heaven-defying disciple, who had appeared in the Cyanwood Mountain. There was actually another extraordinary disciple.

Although that disciple’s own strength was incomparable to Chu Feng’s, she possessed an extraordinary father. As for that disciple, she was Bai Ruochen.

Back then, when Bai Suyan had caused havoc throughout the Cyanwood Mountain and declared that Bai Ruochen’s father was Nangong Longjian, the people from the Cyanwood Mountain were all skeptical of it. In fact, the great majority of them had not believed it. However, now, they all believed it.

It turned out that Bai Ruochen was really Nangong Longjian’s daughter. When the elders of the Cyanwood Mountain recalled how, when Bai Ruochen was still training in the Cyanwood Mountain, they had failed to recognize Mount Tai, they felt extremely foolish.

“That’s good too. However, we do not need to trouble the King Monstrous Dragon Race to see us off. We are able to return by ourselves,” Baili Xuankong said.

“But Ancestor,” Chu Feng was still worried. After all, they had just encountered such a crisis. As such, Chu Feng was worried that the Cyanwood Mountain would encounter another great calamity.

“Chu Feng, what should happen will happen. The numerous people of our Cyanwood Mountain can’t possibly continue to be protected by you the entire time.”

“What is fortune is not a calamity. What is a calamity cannot be avoided. If we are unable to even endure these bits of trials and hardships, even if our Cyanwood Mountain were to be extinguished, it would not be a pity,” After Baili Xuankong finished saying those words, he planned to leave.

“Brother Baili, if you do not mind, our King Monstrous Dragon Race is willing to become allies with your Cyanwood Mountain,” Yaojiao Guang suddenly said.

“Truly?” Hearing those words, Baili Xuankong was immediately overjoyed. The King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were a race of monstrous beasts with strength on par with the Four Great Imperial Clans. For them to be willing to become allies with the Cyanwood Mountain was something that he had never dared to think about.

To speak of it unpleasantly, an alliance between the Cyanwood Mountain and the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts would be the Cyanwood Mountain claiming connections with those of a higher status.

“If you’re willing, I will immediately announce this to the world after my return,” Yaojiao Guang said with a smile.

“Good, this old man is naturally willing,” Baili Xuankong was extremely emotional as he nodded his head repeatedly.

“Actually, this old man also has a presumptuous request,” At that moment, the Compass Immortal also spoke to Baili Xuankong.

“Immortal, please speak. As long as it’s something within the capabilities of this old man, I will definitely do my best to help you out,” Baili Xuankong said immediately. He did not dare to neglect this grand individual.

“I wish to become your Cyanwood Mountain’s guest elder. Might that be possible?” The Compass Immortal asked with a beaming smile.

“Heavens!!!” Hearing those words, not only Baili Xuankong and the others, even Chu Feng was shocked.

“Willing, of course we’re willing. It is our Cyanwood Mountain’s blessing to have Compass Immortal become our guest elder,” Overjoyed, Baili Xuankong nodded repeatedly.

“It’s decided then,” The Compass Immortal said with a smile.

“Haha, happy occasions truly come in double today,” Baili Xuankong and the others were grinning from ear to ear, unable to contain their happiness. To have the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts as their allies and the Compass Immortal as their guest elder, if this matter were to spread out, it would definitely be explosive news.

Furthermore, with the support of the grand power of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts and the Compass Immortal, if anyone dared to think about doing anything to the Cyanwood Mountain, they would have to carefully consider the consequences.

However, while they were extremely happy, the crowd from the Cyanwood Mountain all knew very well that, regardless of whether it was the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts or the Compass Immortal, they were only willing to become related with their Cyanwood Mountain because of Chu Feng. All of this was due to Chu Feng’s contribution.

Right at that moment, Nangong Longjian spoke. “I, Nangong Longjian, am unable to represent the Nangong Imperial Clan. However, I can represent myself. Since I am unable to enter an alliance, I shall request to do the same as the Compass Immortal and become a guest elder of the Cyanwood Mountain as well.”