Chapter 1874 - You Are The Traitor

 MGA: Chapter 1874 - You Are The Traitor

“Great grandfather!”


Seeing Ximen Baiyuan in such a state, Ximen Feixue and the various elders were all deeply frightened. They hurriedly stepped forward and supported Ximen Baiyuan. However, the closer they approached, the more worried they became.

At that moment, Ximen Baiyuan’s body was extremely weak. In fact, even his breathing had stopped, and his body had turned ice-cold. It was as if he had already died.

The only things keeping Ximen Baiyuan alive right now were his source energy, dantian and cultivation.

“I have nearly exhausted all of my vitality this time around. I will not be able to live for long. Likely, I will not survive past today,” Ximen Baiyuan said.

“No, this can’t be. Great grandfather, you won’t die,” Hearing those words, Ximen Feixue began to grieve with tears.

“Feixue, remember this. Do not avenge your father. You are unable to win against that Chu Feng. Our entire Ximen Imperial Clan is unable to win against that Chu Feng.”

“It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive. That holds especially true for Chu Feng. It is best that you do not provoke him again,” Ximen Baiyuan’s voice became exceptionally weak. However, even at such a time, he was still earnestly advising Ximen Feixue. What he had told Ximen Feixue was what he really thought in his heart.

Although he had only met Chu Feng for the first time today, he was able to tell that Chu Feng was stronger than all of their Ximen Imperial Clan’s younger generation. Even his grandson Ximen Feixue was inferior to Chu Feng in all aspects. Although he hated Chu Feng to the bones, he had unwittingly acknowledged Chu Feng.

“No, I must take revenge. I must definitely take revenge.”

“I can go and ask the Dark Hall for their assistance. Great grandfather, isn’t the Dark Hall our ally? I can ask them to kill Chu Feng for me,” Ximen Feixue said.

“Dark Hall? Haha…” Ximen Baiyuan smiled bitterly. Then, he said, “Feixue, remember this. You absolutely must not get involved with the Dark Hall. They are a bunch that is even more dangerous than Chu Feng.”

“They were only helping us before because they wanted something from us. Now that they’ve obtained what they wanted, they will definitely not help us again.”

“Furthermore, do not forget that if Chu Feng had agreed to the Dark Hall’s invitation today, the ones that would have been extinguished today would have been our Four Great Imperial Clans.”

“The Dark Hall is a group that will only want people that they can exploit. As for our Ximen Imperial Clan, we no longer possess any value for them to exploit.”


After saying those words, Ximen Baiyuan vomited out a mouthful of blood again. Then, his aura grew weaker and weaker. Even his gaze started to become blank and his body began to stiffen.

“Great grandfather, are you okay? Are you okay?” Ximen Feixue was so frightened that his complexion turned pale. As his father had died, Ximen Baiyuan was the last person that he could rely on.

“Remember, you ab, absolutely must, must, must not, not make Chu Feng, your enemy again…”

After saying those words, Ximen Baiyuan’s neck leaned to the side, and his hands spread open. He had died.

“Great grandfather, don’t die, don’t die!!!”

At that moment, Ximen Feixue cried even louder. His cries were heart-tearing and lungs-splitting. He was overcome with grief.

He knew that if it wasn’t because of him, Ximen Baiyuan would not have forcibly left his closed-door training. If Ximen Baiyuan hadn’t forcibly left his closed-door training, his vitality would not have suffered enormous damage, and he would not have died this soon.

With the death of Ximen Baiyuan, the people from the Ximen Imperial Clan were all thrown into despair and grief. It was as if their final protector was gone.

“Do not cry anymore. The dead cannot be revived,” Right at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in the palace hall.

Upon seeing that person, the people from the Ximen Imperial Clan were all startled. Even the Supreme Elders turned deeply pale.

The person that had appeared before them was that leader of the Dark Hall’s group of people, that rank six Martial Emperor that was driven back by Nangong Longjian today.

“Sir, why… why have you come?” An Supreme Elder asked with a trembling voice.

“I came to retrieve my possession,” That Dark Hall’s man said. As he spoke, he arrived before Ximen Baiyuan’s corpse and removed Ximen Baiyuan’s Cosmos Sack. Then, he took out Ximen Baiyuan’s Imperial Armament, that Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade.

Seeing this scene, the people from the Ximen Imperial Clan were all extremely enraged. However, none of them dared to say anything.

“That is clearly my great grandfather’s possession, since when did it become yours?” At that moment, it was Ximen Feixue who actually dared to question that man from the Dark Hall.

“Heh, it used to be his. However, it’s mine now,” That man put the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade away. As he spoke, he began to walk toward the exit.

“You are simply a bandit!” Ximen Feixue shouted.

“Bandit?” Hearing that word, that Dark Hall’s man suddenly stopped and turned around, “Little friend, you can’t be saying it like that. Else, the lives of the people from your Ximen Imperial Clan might be lost at any moment.”

“Hahaha…” After he finished saying those words, the man burst into a crazed laughter. As he laughed, he floated into the air and left the Ximen Imperial Clan.

At that moment, Ximen Feixue finally realized why Ximen Baiyuan had told him that the Dark Hall could not be trusted.

That said, even though that man from the Dark Hall did such a thing, the people from the Ximen Imperial Clan did not dare to make this matter public. The reason for that was because the words spoken by that man from the Dark Hall before he left were filled with threatening intentions. They, the Ximen Imperial Clan, truly feared having their clan exterminated by him.

After all, the Dark Hall was different from the Three Palaces. Although they were all very powerful existences, the Three Palaces would not try to exterminate the Four Clans.

However, the Dark Hall was a power that would use any means to obtain their goal. This caused the Ximen Imperial Clan to be extremely afraid of the Dark Hall.

Even though Ximen Baiyuan’s Imperial Armament was snatched from them, they could only endure the humiliation and anger.


As for Chu Feng’s group of people, after they left the Ximen Imperial Clan, Zhang Ming and Zhang Tianyi, the father and son pair, chose to leave. Then, as Duan Jidao was seriously injured, he was brought back to the World’s Hidden Valley by Yin Gongfu, Jiang Wushang and the others.

At this moment, only the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, the Compass Immortal, Nangong Longjian, Hong Qiang and the people from the Cyanwood Mountain remained.

At that moment, they were journeying while riding atop an enormous dragon formed by the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ army.

During their journey, Chu Feng had been working on removing the bindings on Baili Xuankong and the others the entire time. With great effort, Chu Feng finally managed to remove the bindings and gave the people from the Cyanwood Mountain their cultivations back.

“Chu Feng, you have truly not disappointed me,” Baili Xuankong looked to Chu Feng with a gaze filled with pride.

The current Chu Feng was capable of suppressing the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs by himself, and had even managed to kill the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief.

Chu Feng’s strength had already surpassed his own. This meant that Baili Xuankong was not mistaken; he had not thought so highly of Chu Feng, not disregarded everything to nurture Chu Feng, in vain.

He had finally managed to receive reciprocations for all the things that he had done before. All that he had invested into Chu Feng had not gone to waste.

“Chu Feng, you are truly the pride of our Cyanwood Mountain,” At that moment, the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly’s Assembly Master, Yin Chengkong, walked over.

“Lord Assembly Master, while I do not know whether I am our Cyanwood Mountain’s pride or not, I do know that you are our Cyanwood Mountain’s disgrace,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, what are you talking about? How could you speak to Lord Assembly Master like that?” Hearing those words, the expressions of Dugu Xingfeng and the others from the Cyanwood Mountain all changed.

Even though Chu Feng possessed heaven-defying strength, it remained that Yin Chengkong was their Cyanwood Scared Assembly’s Assembly Master. He was the person with the greatest authority in the Cyanwood Mountain other than Baili Xuankong. His seniority and status greatly surpassed that of Chu Feng. As such, Chu Feng should not speak to Yin Chengkong in such a manner.

“Chu Feng, what you said is very true. Indeed, you’ve scolded me correctly. As the Assembly Master of the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, I am truly ashamed to have failed to protect the Cyanwood Mountain,” Yin Chengkong was not angered. Instead, he started to blame himself.

“Haha…” However, to the pretentious Yin Chengkong, Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then, he said, “Go ahead, continue to pretend. I shall see how long you can continue pretending.”

“Chu Feng, exactly what are you saying? What’s going on?” Baili Xuankong asked. At that time, Dugu Xingfeng and the others also turned to Chu Feng with serious expressions on their faces. They were all able to tell that Chu Feng didn’t seem to be insulting Yin Chengkong without reason or cause, that there was some hidden implication behind Chu Feng’s words.

“Yin Chengkong, our Cyanwood Sacred Assembly’s Assembly Master, is the person who sold you all off, the traitor that caused you all to be captured by the Four Great Imperial Clans,” Chu Feng said.