Chapter 1858 - The Situation Turning Bad

MGA: Chapter 1858 - The Situation Turning Bad

Even though the issue with Jiang Wushang’s body was solved, the bloodline inheritance process was still not something to be looked down upon. It still had to be done slowly.

In the blink of an eye, an entire month passed. In this period of one month, Jiang Wushang’s cultivation had increased from rank one Half Martial Emperor to rank seven Half Martial Emperor. He was only a single rank below Chu Feng now.

For him to obtain such an enormous change in the period of a single mouth, this truly could be said to be miraculous.

However, while Jiang Wushang had obtained such enormous gains, Duan Jidao was left in a tragic situation.

In merely the period of a single month, he had become so skinny that he was akin to only skin and bones. He had become so aged that over half of his hair had shedded. Countless wrinkles filled his skin, and his complexion had turned deathly pale like paper without the slightest trace of rosiness. His appearance resembled that of a dead man.

Not only that, his cultivation had also decreased from rank seven Martial Emperor to rank six Martial Emperor. Furthermore, his current health was extremely weak.

All of this was caused by him passing on the power of his bloodline. In other words, what Jiang Wushang was obtaining was what Duan Jidao was losing.

“Huu…” Finally, Duan Jidao stopped. It was not because Jiang Wushang was unable to accept any more of his power, but rather it was because his own physical strength was insufficient to continue, and he had to rest for a period of time before being able to continue. Else, he would die before he could finish the inheritance process,.

“Lord Duan, are you alright?” At that moment, Yin Gongfu hurriedly stepped forth and lent Duan Jidao an arm to support him. Worry filled his entire face. The reason for that was because the current Duan Jidao was truly too weak.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Even though his body was extremely weak, Duan Jidao was very happy. He looked to Chu Feng and said, “Little friend Chu Feng, it is truly all thanks to your assistance. Else, it would be impossible for me to be able to pass on all of my bloodline’s power to Wushang at once.”

“The way it looks, I will only need to do it two more times before I will be able to completely pass on all of Lord Emperor Huang’s bloodline power to Wushang.”

“After I finish this mission given to me by Lord Emperor Huang, I will be able to go and accompany Qirou in ease,” When Duan Jidao said those words, the gaze with which he looked to Chu Feng was filled with gratefulness. It was all because of Chu Feng’s assistance that he was able to complete his mission ahead of time.

“Senior Duan, you’re flattering me. This junior has only done what he should do,” Even though Chu Feng knew that Duan Jidao would die sooner or later, it was still very uncomfortable for him to see Duan Jidao with such an appearance.

Even though he had not known Duan Jidao for long, he knew that Duan Jidao was a good, loyal and true man. His sense of responsibility was extremely strong. Else, he would not have persisted in living like a zombie even though he had wanted to die for so long. He had done all this so that he could find a suitable successor for Emperor Huang’s power.

“Lord Duan, this junior is unworthy of you,” Jiang Wushang walked out of the formation and then knelt onto the ground with a ‘putt.’ Tears were flowing from his eyes. At this moment, he felt extremely ashamed and guilty. After all, it was because of him that Duan Jidao had been left in such a state.

“Wushang, quickly, get up. There’s no need for you to feel guilty. What you’ve done is to help me obtain my aim, complete my cherished desire,” Duan Jidao lent an arm to help Jiang Wushang stand up.

“Thank you, Milord, for your great affection. Your enormous grace and kindness is something that Wushang will never forget,” Jiang Wushang was still tearing up.

“You don’t have to thank me. If you want to thank someone, you should be thanking your brother Chu Feng. If it wasn’t for him, then this senile old man would have passed Lord Emperor Huang’s incomparably precious bloodline to Song Yuheng,” When mentioning this matter, Duan Jidao began to smile bitterly. He felt extremely ashamed of himself.

At that moment, both Jiang Wushang and Yin Gongfu turned their gazes to Chu Feng. It was not only Jiang Wushang, even Yin Gongfu felt extremely grateful to Chu Feng. If it wasn't for Chu Feng, the consequences would have been too horrible to contemplate.



Right at this moment, rumbles sounded from outside.

Yin Gongfu and the others were all startled upon hearing the rumbles. It was evident that someone was attacking this place.

“It’s the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts?” Using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was able to see the situation outside.

Chu Feng never would’ve imagined that Yaojiao Guang would lead the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts’ army here. Not only that, even the two elders from the War Faction were present.

Other than the few grand characters from the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, there was also an army of several hundred thousand King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, all with helmets and armor.

The weakest among them were Martial Kings, peak Martial Kings on top of that. The majority of them were Half Martial Emperors.

While the great majority of them were standing in orderly rows with human forms, there was also a small portion of them who were in their true King Monstrous Dragon Beast form that ranged from hundreds of meters to several hundreds of meters in length.

Looking at them, one would feel incomparable fear from the overflowing might they were displaying.

“It’s actually the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts? Why would they come to stir up trouble now?”

Yin Gongfu also possessed a special sort of method that allowed him to see the scene outside.

If the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were to have arrived here before, he would definitely persuade them kindly and try to resolve the matter without fighting. However, today, he was uncharacteristically angry.

After all, Duan Jidao was currently extremely weak. This caused Yin Gongfu’s mood to be extremely bad. For the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts to come stir up trouble now caused him to be extremely angry.

Thus, Yin Gongfu did not bother to speak to them kindly. Instead, he gathered all of the experts in the World’s Hidden Valley and rushed out of the World’s Hidden Valley with the intention to meet the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts head-on.

Although the troops from the World’s Hidden Valley were of a completely different level when compared to that of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, they possessed the resolution to fight till the death.

Chu Feng naturally did not wish for the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts and the people from the World’s Hidden Valley to fight to the death. Thus, he followed Yin Gongfu out with the intention to mediate the situation. Seeing that Chu Feng had followed them out, Hong Qiang also followed Chu Feng out.

After Yin Gongfu appeared, he immediately shouted angrily, “Yaojiao Guang, what is the intention of this? Didn’t we come to an agreement that you all will not come to seek trouble here again? Why are you all going back on your word?” There was no trace of friendliness that he displayed that other day.

“Yin Gongfu, what sort of nonsense are you talking about? I’ve come here to find little friend Chu Feng. Merely, you all refused to let me enter. That is why I ended up attacking your defensive barrier so that you all will come out,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“What? Find Chu Feng?” Yin Gongfu was at a loss upon hearing those words. It turned out, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts had not gathered such a large force for the sake of trying to take back their lost territory. Instead, they had come to find Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng arrived before Yaojiao Guang and asked, “Senior Yaojiao Guang, could it be that something has happened?”

“Little friend Chu Feng, it’s great that you’re here. Indeed, a major event happened. To you, there will be two pieces of extremely bad news,” Yaojiao Guang said emotionally.

Chu Feng realized that the situation was bad. Thus, he asked again, “Senior Yaojiao Guang, exactly what happened?”

“Baili Xuankong was captured by the Four Great Imperial Clans,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“You said my Ancestor has been captured? Is this for real?” Hearing those words, even Chu Feng started to panic.

“Absolutely true. Right now, many people in the Holy Land of Martialism know about this matter. It is already no longer a secret,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“But, why would Ancestor be captured?” Chu Feng was confused.

“Even I do not know exactly how he was captured. Regardless, Baili Xuankong has been captured, as well as your Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, most of the elders and a lot of the disciples. Reportedly, they were all people that possessed decent relationships with you.”

“Right now, the Four Great Imperial Clans have let out news. They want you to reach the Ximen Imperial Clan within a month’s time. Else, Baili Xuankong and the others will all be killed,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“Damn it!” Hearing those words, Chu Feng tightly clenched his fists. Why would they be captured all of a sudden? How did the Four Great Imperial Clans know of the relationship he possessed with those people?

This would only mean one possibility -- a traitor had appeared in their Cyanwood Mountain. Someone must’ve sold them out. That was why Baili Xuankong and the others had been captured.

Furthermore, the one that sold them out must be a person with a very high status in the Cyanwood Mountain. At the very least, that person should be someone from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly. Else, it would be impossible for them to know of Baili Xuankong’s existence.