Chapter 1561 - Bad Example

MGA: Chapter 1561 - Bad Example

The ages of that man and woman were about the same as Chu Feng and Tantai Xue, being only in their early twenties. Other than that little girl, they could be considered the youngest among the people of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

As for the other so-called members of the younger generation, they were either approaching thirty or already in their thirties. There were even some who were in their forties.

However, this could not be helped. In a place like the Holy Land of Martialism, one could easily live for several hundred, or even several thousand, years. Strictly speaking, anyone younger than fifty years old would be considered to be of the younger generation.

Both the man and the woman had outstanding appearances. They were charming, elegant, had a lot of class, and possessed very high charisma.

While cultivators were capable of changing their appearances, they were unable to change the impression of their innate aura. Thus, sometimes, one’s aura, one’s charisma, would be more important than one’s appearance.

Furthermore, this man and woman were both very powerful. Especially that man, he was actually even stronger than Tantai Xue and was a rank three Half Martial Emperor.

To have this sort of cultivation at his age, he was simply comparable to that genius from the Dongfang Imperial Clan, Dongfang Zexuan. Likely, this man was also a genius who possessed a high status in the Nangong Imperial Clan.

As for that woman, her cultivation was relatively weaker, she was only a rank one Half Martial Emperor. However, it was only when compared with that man that she appeared to be weak. Otherwise, her cultivation could also be seen to be extremely frightening; she could be considered to be a rare genius, a genius who would never be found in the Nine Powers.

To have this many geniuses appear all of a sudden, this made Chu Feng’s cultivation of a rank eight Martial King appear extremely insignificant and unworthy of comparison.

However, Chu Feng did not feel the slightest bit inferior. In fact, he did not even feel any threat from them. Chu Feng knew very well that although his current cultivation was inferior to theirs, that did not mean that it would forever be inferior to theirs.

Who were they? They were the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan. As long as they were able to reveal a bit of talent as a child, they would be able to obtain boundless cultivation resources. It would instead be strange if their cultivation didn’t become strong.

However, what about Chu Feng? Even though he possessed exceptional talent, he had only managed to obtain his current standing by going through challenge after challenge on his own. He was someone who came from a place with extremely weak martial cultivation talent and extremely few cultivation resources, the Nine Provinces Continent.

Thus, even if they possessed stronger cultivations than Chu Feng, he had most definitely endured a greater amount of trials than them. Their comprehension for martial cultivation would definitely be inferior to Chu Feng’s. In the future, it would be impossible for their progress to surpass Chu Feng’s.

To the current Chu Feng, he hardly ever encountered any bottlenecks. The only thing that he lacked was cultivation resources. If he possessed sufficient cultivation resources, his cultivation would be able to instantly reach a frightening level.

In truth, Chu Feng’s progress was already extremely frightening. From the time he arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism, entered the Southern Cyanwood Forest and then the Cyanwood Mountain, experienced a series of things in the Cyanwood Mountain and then left to wander about, while all of that appeared to be extremely time intensive, he had actually used less than two years.

Yet, in this period of less than two years, Chu Feng’s cultivation had gone from rank eight Martial Lord to rank eight Martial King. This sort of speed was truly frightening.

Even for the so-called geniuses of the Nangong Imperial Clan, it would also be impossible for them to accomplish at such a frightening speed. Furthermore, Chu Feng had relied on himself and managed to attain progress while encountering all sorts of dangers.

Chu Feng was fully confident that he would be able to surpass these people in a short period of time. When facing a bunch of people that he was going to surpass soon, why would Chu Feng feel inferior?

“Big brother, big sister, c’mon, look over there. That big brother is really only a rank eight Martial King,” Seeing that her big brother and big sister had ignored her, that little girl began to shout even louder. At this moment, practically everyone heard her shout.

The man was quite courteous. When he discovered that Chu Feng was looking at them, he actually nodded at Chu Feng with a smile on his face. He did not have the arrogance of a genius or someone from an Imperial Clan at all. His attitude was very amiable.

“Humph~~~” However, compared to the man, the woman’s attitude was much worse. Not only did she take a disdainful gaze at Chu Feng, she even coldly snorted with contempt.

Furthermore, she grabbed the little girl, pointed at Chu Feng and said, “Lil sis, remember. That guy over there is a bad example.”

“Is this place a place that anyone can come as they wish? Those who are below Half Martial Emperor are simply overestimating their capabilities by coming here.”

“Did he really think that he would be able to safely set foot onto the Immortal Island because there’s a peak Half Martial Emperor protecting him? He’s indulging in fantasy. He will soon know that he was mistaken. In this place, a peak Half Martial Emperor will not be able to protect him. He must rely on himself.”

“You must learn from his example and properly train on the path of martial cultivation. You must not think that you are talented and start to slack. Or else, you might not even be able to become a Half Martial Emperor even at his age. In fact, you might even become inferior to him.”

After hearing what that woman said, Chu Feng felt as if he were about to vomit blood. What sort of situation was this?! He was deemed to be an exceptional genius in the Nine Powers. Yet, how did he become a bad example in her eyes?

“Fuck! The hell is that bitch talking about? The hell’s with not being able to become a Half Martial Emperor at my age? What, must one become a Half Martial Emperor after reaching my age?”

“If people my age must become Half Martial Emperors, then why is it that that bunch of uncle-aged fellows beside her are still only rank one Half Martial Emperors?”

“Don’t tell me that one must become a Half Martial Emperor in one’s early twenties, only to remain a rank one Half Martial Emperor in one’s thirties and one’s forties? Isn’t that sort of talent a bit too weird?” Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng began to complain to Tantai Xue through voice transmission.


After hearing what Chu Feng said, the habitually cold and detached Tantai Xue was actually unable to contain herself and burst out laughing.

Chu Feng’s Heaven Eyes were very powerful now. Thus, he was able to see through Tantai Xue’s veil and see her appearance.

At this moment, Tantai Xue was laughing. Her smile was exceptionally beautiful. It was as if a snow lotus flower was blooming in a desolate desert. That sort of beauty was so pleasurable to enjoy that it could lift one’s spirit and mood.

Tantai Xue seemed to notice that her smile was seen by Chu Feng. Furthermore, Chu Feng’s eyes were fixed on her. Thus, she became embarrassed and hurriedly turned around.

“Lil sis, you understand what I said right? You must work hard so as to not become someone like that bad example, got it?” Right at this moment, that woman’s voice sounded again. She was actually still using Chu Feng as a bad example to frighten that little girl without caring about Chu Feng’s feelings at all.

“Oh, Moli understands.” The little girl nodded her head obediently. However, at the moment she nodded her head, she winked at Chu Feng. It was as if she were telling him not to be angered by the words spoken by her big sister. She was truly adorable.

[1. Moli → Jasmine]

At this moment, Chu Feng also smiled at the little girl. He was smiling not only because that little girl was adorable. Rather, because he was not really angry to begin with.

Having journeyed so far, Chu Feng had experienced countless trials and challenges, seen countless arrogant and willful young misses and young masters. Those people, they were all extremely arrogant and viewed everyone to be beneath them. If Chu Feng were to be angered by every one of them saying those sorts of words about him, he would’ve died of anger long ago.

Thus, Chu Feng had already mastered the ability to not get angry. Naturally, he would not be angered by the words spoken by the young miss of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

As for the words Chu Feng had said to Tantai Xue earlier, he had actually done that deliberately. He was deliberately trying to make Tantai Xue laugh so that he could seize the opportunity to see whether her smile was beautiful or not and compare it with Bai Ruochen’s smile.

Chu Feng felt that Tantai Xue and Bai Ruochen were the same sort of girl. Merely, Tantai Xue seemed to be a bit colder than Bai Ruochen.

From the smile Tantai Xue revealed earlier, Chu Feng had gotten his answer. Even though Bai Ruochen’s smile was very beautiful, Tantai Xue’s smile was even more beautiful. Her smile was not the sweet-to-the-heart kind. Rather, it was the warm-to-the-heart kind.


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