Chapter 1827 - Obtained The Inheritance

MGA: Chapter 1827 - Obtained The Inheritance

After being swallowed by the Black Dragon King, the scene before Chu Feng became fuzzy.

When his line of sight became clear again, Chu Feng discovered that he had returned to the Inheritance Pond.

Merely, the King Monstrous Dragon Beast image within the Inheritance Pond was currently shrinking in size. To be exact, it was shrinking in size while being centered around Yaojiao Tingyu. The King Monstrous Dragon Beast image that contained an extremely powerful Monstrous Dragon Bloodline was currently being assimilating into Yaojiao Tingyu’s body.

“It would seem that we’ve succeeded,” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng started to smile and heaved a sigh of relief.

Originally, he had thought that the Black Dragon King was planning to pass on his power to him. At that time, Chu Feng had been deeply shocked.

If the Black Dragon King were to really pass on his power to him, it would mean that he would have snatched away the power that should have belonged to Yaojiao Tingyu. In other words, Chu Feng would have become a disloyal and unrighteous individual.

However, at this time, the change to Yaojiao Tingyu was extremely evident. Even her aura was rapidly growing stronger. From her original cultivation of rank five Half Martial Emperor, she had already become a rank seven Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, her aura was still growing stronger.

“Strange,” At this moment, Chu Feng was startled. While it was clear that Yaojiao Tingyu had received the inheritance, as her cultivation was increasing right before him, Chu Feng’s own aura was also growing stronger. He too had reached a breakthrough. He was no longer a rank seven Half Martial Emperor, instead becoming a rank eight Half Martial Emperor.

Not only that, Chu Feng was able to feel that his spirit power had also grown many times stronger. With a thought, he unleashed some world spirit power from his world spirit space. It was no longer Snake Mark-level spirit power. Instead, it had become Dragon Mark-level spirit power.

“I’ve also reached a breakthrough? Could it be that I’ve obtained the inheritance too?” Chu Feng exclaimed in astonishment. His cultivation of rank eight Half Martial Emperor and his Dragon Mark spirit power was already set in place. Although he did not feel any possibility of them increasing in strength again, it remained that they were his current level of power.

“Chu Feng, quickly, come in and look,” At this moment, Eggy spoke in excitement.

“What happened?” Hearing the tone of Eggy’s voice, it seemed that she had something urgent to show him. Thus, Chu Feng immediately cast his awareness into his world spirit space.

“Heavens! How did this happen?” Upon reaching his world spirit space, the generally-calm Chu Feng was unable to remain calm anymore.

In addition to the extraordinary beautiful Queen, there were actually three additional items in his world spirit space. They were floating in midair.

Those three items were… a map, a title plate and a key.

The map appeared both illusory and real. It was as if was changing between illusion and reality. It was extremely mystical.

That title plate appeared to have been constructed from ordinary stone. It possessed a very crude appearance. In fact, it could even be said that it was somewhat ugly. However, Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that it was an extraordinary item that contained a special sort of power.

As for that key, it was even more peculiar. That key was made of light. That light was made up of countless smaller substances of light. It was as if all of the stars in the sky had gathered together to form a key.

That’s right. Looking at it, the key looked like a key of stars.

In amazement, Chu Feng extended his hand and grabbed toward the three items. He wanted to carefully inspect them.


However, right when Chu Feng’s hand touched the key of stars, that key exploded into countless rays of light and disappeared.



Immediately following it, the title plate and the map also exploded and disappeared.

“Why would it be like this?” Seeing this scene, Eggy was deeply shocked. The way she saw it, those three items were all treasures. If they were to disappear, it would truly be a pity.

“No, they’re already on me,” Chu Feng said.

“What?” Eggy was confused.

Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he cast his awareness back into his body. He opened his hands, and the stone title plate and the key of stars were in both of his hands.

“They actually shifted from the world spirit space to your body,” Eggy was extremely surprised. However, she immediately asked, “But the map’s still missing.”

“The map’s in my head,” Chu Feng pointed at his head. Although the map was gone, the contents of the map were in his head.

“Yoh, that’s not bad. It would seem that Black Dragon King really does have some skills. He was actually capable of accomplishing this sort of feat,” Eggy nodded in admiration. A sweet smile was present on her exceptionally beautiful face. She was truly charming. Looking at her, one would feel as if their heart was going to melt.

“What’s recorded on that map? What is its relationship with that title plate and key?” In joy, Eggy asked curiously.

“Moonlight Maze. This is the map of the Moonlight Maze. The key and title plate are also related to the Moonlight Maze,” Chu Feng said.

“One of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Three Great Forbidden Areas?” Eggy asked.

“Mn, the Three Great Forbidden Areas, the Moonlight Maze, the Blood Devouring Killing Formation and the Ancient Era’s Cemetery. These three items left behind by the Black Dragon King were all related to the Moonlight Maze,” Chu Feng said.

“Is it a treasure deposit?” Eggy asked.

“Yes. It leads to the treasures left behind by the Black Dragon King. All of the wealth that he had accumulated throughout his life is there. There might even be Imperial Armaments,” Chu Feng said.

“Woah! In that case, he really has passed on his inheritance to you?” Eggy became even more excited.

“Although he has passed on his strength to Yaojiao Tingyu, he has passed on his treasures to me,” Chu Feng said.

“Great! This trip has truly not been made in vain,” Eggy became even more joyous.

“No, this belongs to the King Monstrous Dragon Race. I cannot take them,” Chu Feng said.

“You couldn’t be possibly thinking about returning them to Yaojiao Tingyu, right?” Eggy asked.

“Of course,” Chu Feng said.

“Fool! Stupid! Idiot! You are simply wasting the kind intentions and laborious effort of the Black Dragon King,” Eggy was angered.

“These do not belong to me to begin with,” Chu Feng forced a smile. Even if Eggy was angered, he would still not appropriate these things for himself.


Right at this moment, the image of the King Monstrous Dragon Beast was all gone. It had completely entered Yaojiao Tingyu’s body.

At this moment, Yaojiao Tingyu’s cultivation had reached that of a rank eight Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, it was still increasing.

In the end, her cultivation stopped at the peak of rank eight Half Martial Emperor level. She had not managed to break through to rank nine Half Martial Emperor.

However, Chu Feng knew that she would be making a breakthrough very soon. The reason for that was because the power of the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s image was simply too strong. At this moment, its power was perfectly fusing with Yaojiao Tingyu in her body. She had already obtained the Black Dragon King’s inheritance.

The inheritance she had obtained was different from Emperor Gong’s inheritance that Zhang Tianyi had obtained. Yaojiao Tingyu had completely received the Black Dragon King’s power.

She was destined to obtain extraordinary achievements in the future. It would not be impossible for her to surpass even the Black Dragon King.

“I’ve succeeded! I’ve succeeded!” Yaojiao Tingyu opened her eyes. She was in incomparable joy. She actually threw herself into Chu Feng’s bosom and hugged him tightly.

“Congratulations,” Chu Feng had a smile on his face. He was feeling joy for Yaojiao Tingyu and the King Monstrous Dragon Race from the bottom of his heart.

“Thank you. I truly do not know how to thank you for this. How about, I devote my life to you?” Yaojiao Tingyu said as she looked to Chu Feng.

“Eh…” Chu Feng was at a loss as to how to respond. While it was true that Yaojiao Tingyu was extremely sexy and charming, he did not have any special feelings for her, and had only considered her to be a friend.

“Haha, look at how shocked you’ve become. I’m merely playing with you. We from the King Monstrous Dragon Race are only able to bind with the opposite sex of our same race. It is impossible for us to be together with humans,” Yaojiao Tingyu said.

“Oh you girl,” Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

“Eh, Chu Feng, your cultivation also increased?” Yaojiao Tingyu sensed that Chu Feng’s aura was also that of a rank eight Half Martial Emperor.