Chapter 1824 - Digging One’s Own Grave

MGA: Chapter 1824 - Digging One’s Own Grave

As a result, Yaojiao Xueran did not take a different position from Chu Feng. Instead, he tried his best to go along with Chu Feng, “Right, right, right. Lil sis Tingyu, Brother Chu Feng is our guest. When even our guest has made a request, you should stop refusing.”

“This… okay then,” After a moment of hesitation, Yaojiao Tingyu finally agreed to it reluctantly.

Thus, Chu Feng and the others entered the left path and the side palace hall while being led by Yaojiao Xueran.

The side palace hall was splendorous and majestic. This was especially true for the walls. They gave off a sense of brilliance from a single glance. It was as if there were valuable treasures hidden inside. It was extremely captivating.

How could this possibly be a simple side palace? It was simply a treasury.

However, Chu Feng was already able to tell that the walls that seemed to contain treasures were actually bait. It should be a mechanism. As long as someone touched the wall, they would definitely be met with a great catastrophe.

Chu Feng felt that should the mechanism be triggered, there would definitely be poisonous insects released. Thus, after he entered this place, he stood by the entrance with a smile on his face as he looked to Yaojiao Xueran and the others walking deeper into the palace hall. He did not say anything.

When Yaojiao Tingyu saw how gorgeous the palace hall was, but also saw that there were no sculptures of the Lord Dragon King, she also felt that something was amiss. Along with that Peace Faction’s Martial Emperor, she stood by the entrance beside Chu Feng and did not enter deeper into the palace hall.

“Yaojiao Xueren, there are simply no sculptures of Lord Dragon King here. I think your father was mistaken. Let’s return,” Yaojiao Tingyu said. The tone that she spoke with contained a trace of anger. She knew that she had been deceived.

“I might be mistaken. However, these walls are truly gorgeous,” Upon saying those words, Yaojiao Xueran’s eyes revealed an ominous glint. Then, he suddenly shot a palm strike forward. His martial power formed a golden-bright and dazzling giant fist. With a ‘boom,’ that fist landed on the wall.


The walls crumbled instantly. Then, a magma-like substance began to erupt from the walls on all sides. In an instant, they submerged Chu Feng and the others.

“Yaojiao Xueran, what are you doing?” At this moment, Yaojiao Tingyu started to panic. She had discovered that the red substance was not magma. Rather, it was made up of densely-packed red insects.

Those insects were very small. However, a very frightening power was contained in their blazing bodies.

“Haha, what am I doing? I’m going to take your lives,” Yaojiao Xueran burst into loud laughter. At this time, he was no longer concealing anything, and had revealed his fangs.

“What? You want to take our lives? You’ve done this deliberately! You are deliberately trying to harm us!” Yaojiao Tingyu revealed an expression of shock. The Martial Emperor from the Peace Faction beside her had the same expression as her.

The two of them both knew that Yaojiao Xueran was a dishonorable person. However, they had never expected for him to want to kill them. To kill a fellow clansman was an enormous taboo to their King Monstrous Dragon Race.

“That’s right, you are correct. I am planning to kill you all. But, so what if you all are to know about it? Soon, you will be burned to ashes by the Underworld Fire Bugs. You will be utterly killed. Hahaha,” Yaojiao Xueran revealed a malevolent expression and began to laugh frantically.

“Are you sure you’re not joking? These bugs are capable of killing us? They are simply not a threat at all, no?” As Chu Feng spoke, he extended his hand and grabbed a bunch of Underworld Fire Bugs. Not only was he playing around with the bugs, he was even pinching them.

In fact, some of the bugs were crushed by Chu Feng’s pinching and turned into liquid flames that roamed around Chu Feng’s hand. However, they were not able to harm Chu Feng in the slightest.

“How could this be?!” Yaojiao Xueran was dumbstruck by this scene.

Not only were the legendary extremely ferocious Underworld Fire Bugs not attacking Chu Feng, they were also allowing him to trample upon them. Exactly what sort of situation was this?

Could it be that the vicious reputation of the Underworld Fire bugs was fake?

“Why would it be like this? Could it be that these Underworld Fire Bugs are fake?” A rank one Martial Emperor from the War Faction also raised his hand and grabbed a bunch of Underworld Fire Bugs and began to pinch them like Chu Feng.


Once he started to pinch the bugs, they began to explode in succession. In an instant, the exploding Underworld Fire Bugs turned into scalding liquid flames that spurted everywhere. In an instant, that rank one Martial Emperor was engulfed by the liquid flames.


His screams began to resonate through the palace. As his screams were so heart-tearing and lung-splittingly loud, it caused even the other Underworld Fire Bugs in the surrounding to emit ear-piercing sounds. They had been agitated, and were now emitting overflowing killing intent.

“Are you a fool or what? Why did you pinch them?” At this moment, that rank two Martial Emperor was enraged. As he shouted at that rank one Martial Emperor covered with flames, he moved in front of Yaojiao Xueran to protect him.

That rank one Martial Emperor did not scream for long. Soon, he turned into magma-like liquid flames and was dissolved among the numerous Underworld Fire Bugs.

“He’s not the fool. Rather, you all are the fools. Trying to plot against me, Chu Feng? You should determine whether you have the ability to do so first,” At this moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded again.

“So it’s you!” At this moment, Yaojiao Xueran discovered that Chu Feng, Yaojiao Tingyu and that Peace Faction’s Martial Emperor had escaped the encirclement of the Underworld Fire Bugs amidst the chaos.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was smiling and looking at them with a gaze filled with contempt. His appearance was as if he were looking at a bunch of fools.

“Senior, kill him! Kill them!” After the sudden realization, Yaojiao Xueran shouted in anger.

“Haah!!!” That rank two Martial Emperor did not hesitate. With a thought, boundless martial power began to surge toward Chu Feng and the others.

Although his martial power was formless, it remained that he was a rank two Martial Emperor. Thus, the strength of his martial power was extremely terrifying.

“Bang, bang~~~”

However, right after his martial power surged forth, two explosions sounded from beside him. After the explosions sounded, an invisible power started to spread.

“Ji, ji, ji, ji, ji~~”

The very next moment, it was as if the Underworld Fire Bugs had received a command. Fiery columns of flame not only blocked that rank two Martial Emperor’s attack, they were also shooting toward Yaojiao Xueran and the two War Faction’s Martial Emperors to kill them.

“Ahhh!!! Save me, save me!!!”

The other War Faction’s rank one Martial Emperor was caught off guard and hit by many columns of flame. Like the rank one Martial Emperor before him, the locations on his body that were hit began to turn into magma-like liquid flames that spread through his entire body. With his body and his source energy being destroyed, that rank one Martial Emperor began to scream in miserable pain.

“Chu Feng, what did you do? Exactly what did you do?!” Yaojiao Xueran was shocked, afraid and angry as he shouted at Chu Feng.

“What did I do? I merely undid the Insect Avoidance Talismans on your bodies. You wish to plot against me? You all were simply digging your own graves,” Chu Feng said.

“What? You knew? You knew all about it?” Hearing those words, Yaojiao Xueran stood there stunned.

Originally, he had thought that Chu Feng was extremely stupid. It was only now that he discovered that Chu Feng had already seen through everything, and also found a way to take care of them.

It turned out that Chu Feng was not the fool. Rather, it was them. They were the actual fools. They were so foolish that they had been toyed around with in Chu Feng’s palm the entire time and didn’t even know about it.

“Chu Feng, I will tear your skin and flesh off while you’re still alive! I will pull out your tendons and drink your blood!!!” After that rank two Martial Emperor realized that he had been fooled, he began to shout angrily.

His voice was extremely ear-piercing. It surpassed the sound of ten thousand bears. That was simply not the voice of a human. Rather, it was the roar of a King Monstrous Dragon Beast.

“You wish to kill me? You’ll have to kill all these bugs first. However, are you able to kill all of them?” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he turned to Yaojiao Tingyu and said, “These bugs have already been agitated. Likely, our Insect Avoidance Talismans will soon be useless too. Let’s get far away from here so that we do not get involved with them.”

“Mn,” Yaojiao Tingyu nodded. Then, she turned around and began to lead Chu Feng out of that place. After experiencing this matter, she took Chu Feng’s words to heart even more.